10 Pointers to New Medium Authors

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[The following is adapted from an email I sent to the talented Jupiter Grant. Though, in general, I really can’t stand posts on/about Medium, how to get rich on Medium, or advice columns, I figured, since I wrote it, I’d share it. It’s mostly aimed at the literotica/kink community, but it’s applicable to anyone writing on Medium.]

There are a lot of articles on Medium about how to succeed as a Medium author, how to make $X000000 dollars a month, etc. I read some of them and they don’t really tell me anything I don’t already know. I also don’t really believe the authors that they make as much as they say they do.

HH and I make about $100/month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s not a lot, but it is better than making nothing, right?

I’ll give you a few pointers for how to get more followers and make more money on Medium:

1. If you have three stores that are ready to publish, don’t publish them all at once. There are going to be times that you have nothing to publish. Put two of them in the spank bank for the dry spell.

2. Try to publish only about 2–3 times a week. Some authors say to publish every day, but I find that 2x a week is good enough to get people to read the first story before they are hit with the second story.

3. Try to stick to a certain genre. Obviously, HH and I post about our erotic adventures and that’s what our niche readers have come to expect of us. After you build up a loyal following for your genre, then you can wow them with something that’s novel or whatever is outside your usual fare.

4. Definitely submit an erotic story to Rose at MyErotica. She’s the best and those stories will get a lot of exposure!

5. Submit to other publications occasionally.

6. Give shout-outs to people you like to read. They will appreciate it and it helps to build the literotica community. We need more support and it doesn’t come from the “straight” folk. It comes from within, just like a good orgasm.

7. Never underestimate the power of an eye-catching image to accompany your story. (If you’re interested in using one of me, please let me know. Other authors have and those articles seem to do better than the others for some reason.)

8. Do not worry about what your readers will like or want to read. Write authentically. It’s the only way.

9. I try to break up HH’s long stories into two or three shorter ones because people will skip over the long stuff — TLDR. Medium tracks how long people spend reading your stories. They used to pay by “claps” but realized that people were gaming the system. Now they have an algorithm that weighs heavily on engagement time.

10. Comment on other people’s work, highlight it, and clap for it. Everyone loves to have a cheering section!

(Buy 10, get one free) — Make sure you have a title and use the edit button to tailor your subtitle to something helpful for the casual browser of your stories.

Pet peeve: Erotica authors — please, please, please use the verb “lay” properly. Almost no one does!!!!

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