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Hi, I’m Lola Down. I’d like to be clear up some confusion. A lot of people think I’m the author of I am not. I am the muse, star, and hotwife to the literary graphomaniac behind the words, HH.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, allow me to welcome you into our world. Here, HH has written a memoir of sorts — or what he pompously calls a ro·man à clef — about, well, you guessed it, his sex-life with me. He is in his 50s and I am in my 20s. We are madly in love with each…

The way I see it, nudes have always been considered fine art

Sorry, not allowed to show tits on Medium

“Lo, are you watching porn again?” I asked as I noticed her lying on the couch, legs spread, hand cupped in her thigh gap, her mind keenly absorbed in the screen of her phone.

“No,” she said defiantly.

“Then what are you doing in that provocative position?”

“I happen to be reading an article.”

“Oh yeah? What article?”

“It’s about the pandemic and relationships.”

“I’m curious. Tell me more.”

“Oh, it’s just about how some couples realized that their relationship was in shambles once they were deprived of all the other distractions in life.”

“Hmmm, sounds interesting. What’s it called?”

The Happy Couple

Yes, it is June, but that doesn’t mean that Masturbation Month is over. No! Masturbation is a year-round activity. For our “May is Masturbation Month” promotion, we sent a book to one of our favorite couples: Thumper-n-Daisy and, just in time for May, they did a live reading of it! Here are a couple of sexy photos from their event last weekend. Below you can find out more about them, as told by Daisy. Enjoy!

BIO, by Daisy.

Once upon a time Thumper found Daisy.

We were both a little bit broken when we met by chance on a dating…

I call it, “Desire”

The next morning, over coffee, while I was cooking up some eggs, Lo asked me completely out of nowhere, “You know what Meri told me when I asked her why the hell she is still with Scott, who has no penis to speak of?”

“No, Darling,” I said, “what?”

“Meri told me that she’s with him because, ‘He calls me: Daddy’s fat little babygirl.’ Can you believe that?”

“What’s not to believe?”
“What’s not to believe?!”

I flipped the eggs, looked at her, and raised my eyebrows in curiosity.

“I mean, well, she’s not fat.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“He’s fat…

Naughty girls grow to be Naughty Mommies.

“Hi, I’m here to use your bedroom,” said Meri as she stood in the doorway to my house.

I was well aware of the plan. Despite that, she seemed hangdog about showing up on my stoop and having to ring the bell to be let in by me in order to engage in a tryst. It was all the more awkward because the tryst was not with me, but with the two young brothers from across the street. Her curt sentence — to the point, devoid of pleasantries — told me all I needed to know. She was not proud…

Sexy Sushi

It was Labor Day weekend. The COVID numbers were down low. Lo Down’s libido was up high. She always wants summer to last forever, but this particular year she was fearing the worst about the fall and winter. Predictions were dire. After her relaxed restrictions with MILF Meri and the brothers, she was increasingly feeling like a cornered animal as the days grew shorter.

Though her camping trip with MILF Meri and her son was way more than she had anticipated and it resulted in a couple of weeks of added anxiety, it seemed that the whole matter had just…

Markus Apegren painting

“That’s one thick slick dick!” she said.

“Lo, I’m in my pajamas and I’m not even hard,” I replied.

“I wasn’t talking about you,” she said, not picking up on my sarcasm. “Look,” she said, holding her phone to my face so I could see the surprisingly serpentine appendage which had provoked her initial comment.

“An admirer?” I half stated, half asked.

“This whole COVID quarantine thing has been crappy, but it has also produced some unexpected yet pleasant surprises. I’ve never felt so connected to my fanbase as I do now.”

“Not connected enough, it seems,” I added, under…

Penny xox

“Penny for your thoughts,” I said to Lo.

“Actually, Penny is all for your thoughts.”


Penny xox — an OnlyFans content creator. She’s loving Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume V: Shorter Shorts.”

“How do you know?”

“Take a look for yourself.”

Lo showed me some of Penny’s sexy “May is Masturbation Month” promotional photos.

“Wow!” I said, “Photogenic.”

“You don’t mind if I have a little Masturbation Month time before May, do you Daddy?” asked Lo as she reached under her jeans and began sliding her fingers up and down her crotch.

“I’ll leave you and Penny to enjoy…

Mrs. Tastykakes goes for a stroll

She’s married. She’s a mom. She’s bi. She’s sexy. She’s a MILF and a hotwife. And she has an OnlyFans page that allows her to share all her kinky allure with the world.

Her name is Tastykakes and she recently reached out to us to be part of the “May is Masturbation Month” promotion.

She got her copy of Match, Cinder & Spark — Volume V: Shorter Shorts.

As she tells the story:

My hubby and I were at home the night it arrived. I had torn into the packaging eagerly and pulled out the book. I began reading on…

Lola Down

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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