Lola Down

Hi, I’m Lola Down. I’d like to be clear up some confusion. A lot of people think I’m the author of I am not. I am the muse, star, and hotwife to the literary graphomaniac behind the words, HH.

I’m old. We’ve established that. Back in my day I knew nothing of kink. I knew almost nothing of sex. My only exposure to the wonderful world of women was a few moldy Playboy and Penthouse magazines I managed to rummage out of my neighbor’s basement when he paid me to clean it out as he and his wife prepared to divorce and they were selling their house. I was a horny thirteen-year-old and I had no idea the fringe benefits I would reap from earning some extra cash. Back then those magazines didn’t show intercourse, penetration, or even a…

People seem obsessed with my name

I had just posted “I Need a Dirty Woman, I Need a Dirty Girl,” the story about our COVID “date” with Ron and Nicole, along with the nude photos of them, when Lo, looking over my shoulder, said, “Daddy, my breasts are still perky, right?”

My pleasure! What a delightful story!!!


We were into December. It had been almost a month since our last “drive-in” date with Ron and Nicole. In the meantime, they kept up an intense correspondence with us through email. Turns out that they have three kids, all under ten, and she has been dealing with some health issues that have impaired her energy and libido. He is an avid nudist and exhibitionist who loves to go to clothing optional beaches and bare it all! Although he doesn’t have that much to bare. Not to worry, Lo is always intrigued by different shapes and sizes.

Art of Lola Down by Sebastian Yost “SteamyDreamsArt”

We all know that a lot of this world is against us. We, the writers of literotica, have so much going against us. Twitter shadow bans us. Insta deletes us. Pinterest deletes us. Even the pandemic recovery assistance has rules against anyone earning money through sex work getting the help that any other American would get!

I am your fantasy girl. I am your dream. I am your nympho dressed in blue draping beauty. I am your fears tucked into faded blue dungarees. I am just out of reach in my tight torn shorts. I am burned into your brain, chained and buckled for your pleasure. I am all things feminine, including your dungeon demon dominatrix. I am your hidden longing that pulls at your balls during strolls with your wife on sunny days. I am the food you wish to eat when out to dinner with your girlfriend and she asks you “Why do you…

Lola, as drawn by A.L.

Why should poets have all the fun with prompts and challenges? Let us erotica writers have our own challenges and story prompts.

Lola by Sebastian Yost

Lola the legend. Lola the myth. Lola the superhero. I hear these sorts of comments all the time. Few, if any, can believe that a woman such as Lola — nymphomaniac, sex-addict, compulsive masturbator — exists in flesh-and-blood reality.

Lola Down

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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