Accidents Don’t Just Happen

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“LO!” I yelled out of frustration.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said meekly, closing her legs and rolling off the wet spot on the sheets she had made. “Don’t shame me.”

“I’m not shaming you. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but that’s the third set of sheets we’ve had to change today. No more using your Magic Wand.”


You would think that I told her that she had to give up breathing.

“That’s right. No more.”

“But, but, but. . . it’s my favorite! I squirt every time.”

“I know. That’s why no more.”

“You say you’re not shaming me, but I feel shamed.”

“Lo, it’s about practicality. We don’t have sheets enough for you.”

“What if I use a towel?”

“Compromise — you can use your Hitachi only when I’m home. I will get the bed ready for you and you can only cum with my explicit permission.”

She looked up at me with her sad puppy dog eyes. She thought a moment and then asked, “Can I use it when you’re not at home if I don’t cum?”

“No. Absolutely not.”

“Why not?”

“Because you don’t have the self-control for that.”

“I do to.”

“Do not.”

“Give me permission and I’ll prove it.”

“OK, permission granted — on a trial basis — for you to use it, but no cumming.”

Those were my last words, spoken as I laced the knot of my tie. I leaned over Lo and gave her a little kiss goodbye and added as I walked out the door, “Don’t forget to change the sheets!”

She threw a pillow at me, but missed.

I got to work, greeted Ms. Gale, and had a meeting with a client. During the meeting my phone began buzzing. I made the mistake of looking at it. A picture of Lo with her Hitachi between her legs. Did the client see? Boy, I hope not. Ignore it. Continue with the Q&A.

The phone buzzed again. A text this time. “Come home. Fuck me. I need your cock.”

So much to ignore. Distracted. Focus. Listen to his words. What is she doing? Is she cumming in the bed again? Stop thinking about her. Pay attention. Listen. To. The. Client.

The phone rang this time. I pressed the “IGNORE” button.

A few moments later it rang again. IGNORE.

Then it beeped, indicating a message.

“I’m sorry,” I say to the client. “It’s been a busy week. Can you excuse me for a moment?”

I walk out of the office and call Lo back.

“Hello?” I ask when I hear nothing on the other end of the line. “Hello?” I say again.

Then I listen closely. Breathing. Heavy breathing. Moaning.

“Lo? Lo! LO!!!”

“Oh, Daddy. Come home.”

“Lo, I gave you instructions not to cum.” I’m in the hallway of my office building. I just realize what I said aloud. Shit. “I said not to cum,” I repeat in a whisper.

“I’m trying, Daddy. That’s why I need you. I need to. I need to cum. I’m only aloud to cum with you.” Her voice trails off into mumbles and moans.


I hang up in frustration. I walk back in the office.

“Ms. Gale –”


“I have a little emergency. Can you go over this with the client?” I ask, handing her the file.

“Yes, I can. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, it’s just that Lo is coming. . . coming down with something. I’ve got to dash home and check on her.”

I fly out of the office and get home to find Lo screaming and squirting all over the bed. . . again.


“Oh, you made it. Fuck me.”

“You came.”

“I know, Daddy. It was an accident. Sometimes accidents happen.”

“Lo, accidents don’t just happen!!!”

“This one did.”

“It was no accident that you put that giant vibrator between your legs and fucked yourself until you gushed like a geyser again.”

“Maybe you’re right, but it was fun. Now fuck me.”

“Lo, I can’t just. . .”

She cut me off. “All work and no play, makes Daddy very hard all day.”

“Lo, I wasn’t at work for more than a half hour before. . .”

She cut me off again. “First funtime.”

“Lo, with you it’s ‘First fun, then play.’”

“No, it’s ‘First fun, then play, then fuck, then fun-fuck-play.’”

I dropped my trousers and dipped my stick deep in her wet hole. She came in waves instantly.

“Good?” I asked.

“Good, but not good enough.”

“Sweetie, I’ve got a client waiting for me in my office!”

“Just once more,” she begged.


“Once — quick. I just want to make you cum.”

“You want me to cum?”

She shook her head, yes.

“Turn over and give me that ass.”

“No, Daddy! No.”

“The ass or nothing.”

“Ravish my puss.”


When she refused, I stood up from the bed. Her eyes were fixed on my hard cock.

“Give your doggie the bone,” she pleaded.

“Doggie gets no bone if doggie doesn’t let me bury it in the backyard.”

She laughed.

As I got dressed I said, “You know, Lo, I can’t just say to my clients and employees, ‘I’ll be right back, I have to go for a booty call.’”

“Well what the hell good is being the boss if you’re not free to fuck whenever you fucking want to?”

Seeing that there was no talking sense to her, as I slid up my trousers, I said, “All day I’m going to smell like your cunt.”

“Daddy!” she exclaimed, “Watch your language!”

“You’d like to watch my language, wouldn’t you? Cause then you’d see your cunt.”

“Funny,” she said, her legs spread as she slowly rubbed her cunt with her fingers. “Come here,” she instructed.

I walked to her. She pulled down my trousers a bit and popped my cock out from in my boxers. She looked up at me. “If you’re going to smell like me all day, let me clean you off a bit,” she said as she took my entire member deep in her mouth, licking and sucking her juices off of it. When she was done, she licked her lips and said, “Better~” From the way she said it, I couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement.

Then she turned tail and put her ass in the air. From over her shoulder she said, “You can have it, Daddy. I was just teasing you. Fuck my ass.”

I dropped my trousers around my ankles and moved my erect cock closer to her. She licked the fingers of her right hand and moved them to her ass and slowly massaged her spot in slow circles before finger fucking herself there.

“I’m ready for you,” she said as I grabbed ahold of her hips and pulled her up and close to me.

“Slowly, Daddio!” she called out. “Work it slowly.”

“Oh no,” I said back, “You’re going to get all the cock you can handle. I’m punishing you.”

At the thought of being punished, she pushed back and I saw a small smile cross her lips in the mirror on the opposite wall.

I drove it home deep and she moaned as her fingers diddled her clit.

Within only a few minutes she was calling out, “Cum! Cum in my ass! Cum in my ass and make me your cream pie!”

She was dripping down her thighs and she began yelling, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming in my ass!” Her fingers were slapping her pussy lips and without anything to obstruct it, she began squirting all over again — this time missing the bed and getting my pants!

The sight of that was enough to infuriate and excite me and I came deep inside her.

She collapsed on the bad, leaving me hanging.

I picked up the phone. “Ms. Gale,” I said, “I’m going to be longer than expected.”

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