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“Daddio!” she called and her voice echoed down the hall to the living room where I sat on the couch drinking my coffee that morning.

“Daddio!!!” she called again. I got up and walked to the bedroom. As I walked in, the master bath door opened and a plume of steam billowed out and, as if in a dream. Slowly from in its midst Lo’s naked body materialized. She had a towel to her hair and I could see her lovely, soft, wet flesh slowly appear from head to toe like a goddess or nymph in the hidden grottos of Greece making an epiphany to me, a mere mortal.

I concealed my enthusiasm behind my curmudgeonly voice, “What, Lo?”

“I missed you,” she said looking at me with desire in her eyes.

“Did you jill it?”

“No, Daddio. There’s no time. I overslept. I have to be at work by eight.”

I looked at the clock. 7:32.

“What do you want?” She always wants something.

“I just want to suck your cock.”

“Lo, if you bend over the bed, I’ll make you cum in like thirty seconds.”

She knows that my favorite — my absolute favorite — activity is cunnilingus of the anal variety immediately following a hot shower. It’s her favorite too. Well, one of her favorites. Who am I kidding? — she loves it all. Everything’s her favorite.

“Daddy, you’re bad. But no, cause if you do that then I’ll just want to fuck you. And if I want to fuck you, I’ll want to fuck you two or three times and if I do that, then I’ll definitely be late!”

“Bend over the bed,” I commanded.

“Pull down your pants,” she commanded.

She hopped on the bed and got on all fours like a dog, but facing me, looking for her bone to lick and suck.

I pulled down my pants. I was rock hard. Mornings are my time.

“Oh, Daddy!”

She was all over that bone, burying it in the back of her throat.

Abruptly, she pushed me away and said, “That’s it. That’s all.”


“Cause, I’m getting too excited.”

“Lo, you know I can make you cum in three minutes or less.”

We both looked at the clock. It was 7:36 now.

She sprung to the middle of the bed, spread her legs and said, “Have me!”

I got between her legs and my shaft slid in like the proverbial hot knife into butter. She gushed all over me and was whispering into my ear, “I’m squirting. I feel like I’m peeing. Oh, God! I’m cumming.”

I was very tense and wound up like one of those paper airplanes with the rubber band propellers that kids wind so much that the band doubles up on itself. I could have sprung at any moment so, to avoid that, as soon as I felt her cum, I pulled my soaking shaft out. She looked up at me perplexed, her puss yearning for more.

“Why’d you do that?” she asked.

“You came. I’m done. You’re late.”

We both looked at the clock again. 7:38.

“Uhhg! This is how the cycles start. Now I just want it more than I did before. One more time. Please?”

I looked at her inviting legs spread on the bed, her perky breasts almost rising like bread to be felt, her lovely lips, parted in a perpetual little pout. I wanted to jump on her like a jaguar going in for the kill, but instead I said, “How’s it feel?”

“How’s what feel?”

“Being hard up?”

“Are you hard up, Daddio?”

My cock was pointed at the ceiling and throbbing.

“I’ll lick it. You can cum in my mouth. Please. Make me go to work with the taste of you in my mouth.”

“No, Lo. Off limits. Get ready for work.”

I slid on my pants and walked out of the room. From down the hall I heard her yell to me, “Zack will do me! Zach will cum in my mouth. Zach’s not afraid to spill his precious seed all over me!”

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