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“Come fuck me, Daddy,” she said as she silently slithered in the darkness. I was keen on sleeping. . . .

“Sleep, Lo. Sleep,” I said as I pulled her in close to me and stroked her back gently.

She nuzzled up to me, her right hand on my bare chest. But within moments that hand had slowly slid its way down my torso to my crotch. She fondled my flaccid cock for a few moments and then whispered, “Oh, Daddy! You know, I was just on the couch in the living room.”

“I know, Lo,” I said begrudgingly.

I was touching myself with the blinds open.”

“I’m sure you were, Lo,” I said in a monotone.

“People walking by could see me and I think they were looking in. One guy was walking back and forth.”

“Lo, you’re a little exhibitionist.”

“That’s right, Daddy. It got me so wet. I almost came. Let me suck your cock, Daddy. Please.”

“Lo, sleep.”

“Please, Daddy. Just for a little while.”

I grunted assent.

She disappeared under the covers. Her warm, hungry, wet mouth covering my cock completely, sucking down its shaft like a long popsicle to the base so the tip tickled the back of her throat. Again and again she did this movement till it grew and was no longer tickling her throat, but bulging up against it and descending down it.

She returned to her place next to my shoulder. “Did you like that Daddy?”

“Yes,” I mumbled through my slumbers.

“Come, fuck me, Daddy,” she said as turned on her back — her left hand fondling my erect cock, her right hand spanking her pussy. “I’m so wet for you,” she said.

“No, Lo. Sleep,” I grumbled.

“You’re so boring,” she complained as she got out her phone.

Between spurts and starts of sleep, I could feel the bed moving. I opened my eyes now and then and saw Lo looking at the cold blue light of her phone screen. She was texting.

“Lo, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, Daddy.”

I fell asleep again.

Sometime later, the same, only the bed was moving more vigorously to her left hand’s self-manipulation.

“Lo, what are you doing?”

“Just texting with a friend, Daddy-O. Go back to sleep.”

I did as she said, only to be startled awake a few moments later by her frantic screams of self-induced orgasm. “OH FUCK! Fuck yeah! Oh!” she cried out, dropping her phone and going at her pussy with both hands.

A few moments later, when all had calmed down, she reached over and felt that my cock was still rock hard. “Oh, you want me, Daddy. Come on, fuck me.”

“If I fuck you, will you go to sleep?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


“Promise, Daddy.”

I rolled over, got up and between her spread legs.

“How many?” I asked (meaning how many orgasms she’d like me to give her) like a maître d’ taking a reservation.

“Just one, Daddy. You don’t even have to move. You can fall asleep inside me if you want. I can take care of it. Just fuck me.”

If these aren’t the words of a nymphomaniac, I don’t know what are.

With a long, naturally lubricated lunge, I entered her dripping and ready pussy easily.

“Oh,” she let out, “do it, Daddy. You know you want to.”

“Shut up,” I said to her, paternalistically.

“I love it when you talk to me like that.”

Her fingers reached down between her legs and, just as she said, she massaged her clit with them as my rod lay deep inside her. The titillating feeling her fingertips on my shaft got my blood flowing. I fucked her and fucked her good for, oh, maybe a minute before she was cumming with the force of a fire hydrant. Now that my heart rate was elevated and my breathing hard and my cock harder, I felt that this was not truly sufficient for all the effort it took to get up and awake, so I continued to fuck her until she came three more times. By this point I felt like I deserved a reward. “Let me have your ass.”

“Oh no, Daddy. It hurt so much last night!”

“Let me have it, Lo. Turn over. I’ll be gentle.”

“But Daddy, you know how much it hurts.”

“I know, but you still came last night.”

“Daddy, I’m too little. Please no.”

But she turned over anyhow and spread her ass, fingering it for a little while — her digits well lubricated from her squirting. And then she let me in.

“Oh, Daddy! It really hurts.”

I went at it for a little while, descending deep into her; pressing my pelvis up against her soft ass. But she cried out, “Hard stop!”

That’s our code for “No really, I mean stop.”

I pulled out.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I just couldn’t take it tonight. Let me lick your cock instead.”

Before I could say anything, she descended again under the covers and took me in her mouth — licking and sucking and teasing with her tongue.

She then reemerged and asked me once more, “Fuck me, again, Daddy.”

She was on her knees like a little bitch waiting to be taken by a cur from behind. I completed the coupling and this time there was no turning back. At the last possible moment I pulled out of her and shot my load all the way from between her legs to between her shoulder blades.

Finally, sweet sleep.

[Excerpt from the story, “Silver Fox, Mynx, and the Hunter — Part IV: Boys and Men and. . . ,” from the blog:]

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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