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Peggy then unbuttoned and pulled down her slacks. As she bent over to pull down the tight fitting pants, Lo caught a good look of Peggy’s large, full, round breasts. They were voluptuous and firm. Lo wondered if they could be fake, but when Peggy stood up again (now only in her red thong), Lo saw clearly that they were real. Lo lusted for Peggy and had no idea what to do with this feeling. “You’re more than welcome to sleep in my bed, like you did last time,” she said and the words echoed in Lo’s ears.: “Like. . . you. . . did. . . last. . . time.” Last time Lo fell asleep naked watching porn. Is that what she meant?! Is that what she wants me to do again? Lo was devastated at the thought of how she fell asleep last time, but Peggy just continued getting dressed. She reached in her closet and pulled out a long, sleek, green satin dress and she slipped right into it. There was a zipper the length of the back and Peggy asked if Lo would zip her up. Lo approached her as she stood before the mirror and Lo slowly, carefully pulled the tab, zipping Peggy’s sexy back up in the body-conforming green dress. Lo took a good look at Peggy’s rounded ass as the dress accentuated the beautiful curve of her hips and Lo thought how much she desired Peggy and wished she could wrap her arms around her waist and tell her that.

Peggy took a good long look at herself in the mirror. “No, shit! That won’t do. Lo, be a doll and unzip me again.” Lo unzipped the long zipper and, without thinking about what she was doing, helped Peggy out of the dress. Peggy turned and said, “I have to wear a bra with that dress. My nipples are always too hard!” As she said it, she pulled gently on her nipples and said, “A blessing and a curse.” She reached into her underwear drawer and pulled out a lacey black bra. She put it on. “As long as I’m doing this, I might as well. . .” She didn’t finish her sentence, but went rummaging through her underwear drawer again. She pulled out a black thong. Quickly she pulled down her red thong and, as she bent down to put on the black one, she ever-so-quickly looked up to see if Lo was watching her.

Yes, Lo was watching, intently to see Peggy’s soft, well-groomed pussy hair pointing in an arrow down to her pink pussy lips. Lo could not believe that this woman had given birth to that ten-year-old boy downstairs. Lo just wanted to spread that pussy and give Peggy what she longed for. But the moment was only an instant. Then Peggy had her panties on and she slipped back into the green dress. Lo zipped her up again and they both looked in the mirror. “What do you think?”

“You look. . .” Lo didn’t know what to say without giving herself away. “You look fabulous!”

“You think so?” asked Peggy.

“Oh yes,” said Lo.

“How’s my ass?” Peggy asked as her hand slid over her backside.

“Um,” said Lo, and then, giving up on all pretense of decorum, she simply said, “Hot. Sexy!” as if she were talking to a girlfriend of hers from school.

“Really?” Peggy asked.

Lo turned away and, inadvertently looking at the blank TV screen, she simply said, “I hope I look half as good as you do when I’m your age.” Then she realized she was looking at the screen that indicted her last time and she turned away nervously.

Peggy came close to Lo’s ear and said, “You want to be a MILF, do you?”

Lo looked at her, shocked, and Peggy just smiled and giggled and put her fingers to her lips. “I have to get going Lo. Make yourself at home. Feel free to watch whatever you want,” she said with a little wink that created in Lo’s stomach the feeling of swallowing a cannonball. Then Peggy ran her hand across the bed covers and under the pillows and said, “Shit, I don’t know where that fucking remote is. Ah well, I don’t have time right now to find it. It must be under the bed. I’ve got to run.”

She dashed across the room to the closet, threw a few things around, and then pulled out a pair of heels. “Lo,” she said, “I can’t reach to put these on. Will you be a doll and put them on for me?” Peggy sat on the edge of the bed and lifted up her sexy leg. Lo got on her knees and as she did so she could feel her pussy squirting heavily into her panties. She prayed that it didn’t seep through and show through her jeans. She picked up the sexy, strappy shoe and gently placed it over Peggy’s delicate foot. She buckled it and then did the same to the other one. When Peggy stood up, she was now a good six inches taller than Lo. “Thanks so much. Don’t forget, the remote’s probably under the bed.”

With that, Peggy swiveled in her tight dress downstairs where she kissed Alex goodbye and she was out the door. Lo heard the car leave and all she wanted to do at that moment was run up to the bedroom and rub one out. She was wetter in her pants than if she had gone swimming. But that was out of the question. OUT OF THE QUESTION! Instead, she went into the living room and checked on Alex. He was still vegging out in front of the TV. “Are you hungry? Do you want dinner?” Lo asked.

“Na, not now. I want to see this show and then after it is. . . .” Lo didn’t even hear what else he had to say. That was enough for her purposes.

She said, “OK, um, your mom asked me to wash the bathroom upstairs so I’m, uh, going to go do that.” This elicited no response from the couch potato. Lo practically ran up the stairs, went into the sparkling white master bath, locked the door, sat on the toilet, pulled down her soaking pants and panties and fingered herself for a good fifteen minutes — coming multiple times. Cum was dripping down her inner thigh, dripping out of her pussy to her asshole. She was soaked and she soaked the floor.

She then stood up, grabbed a wash cloth and washed her pussy, ass, and legs and then wiped the seat and the floor. She tossed the cloth in the hamper and returned to make dinner. After she got Alex to bed, she ran up to the bedroom and removed all of her clothes. “She said that the remote was under the bed,” she thought to herself. She leaned over the side of the bed and began feeling around. She felt a few boxes — shoe boxes or something — and then she peaked under there. She saw the remote and grabbed it, but she was curious about the boxes. Did they contain more sexy, strappy shoes? She had to know. She opened the first box and what did she see? A big vibrator — nine inches long! She immediately closed the box. She opened another box and in it was a leather-bound book. With unease she reached for it. Her shaking hands opened the cover and there she saw page after page of hand-written diary entries. Peggy’s diary.

[Excerpt from the story, “The MILF & the Babysitter, or Pandora & Her Box,” from the blog:]

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