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It’s a challenge watching a whole movie with Lo. The other night we put on Magic Mike (her choice) and we didn’t get much past the opening few scenes where Channing Tatum wakes up in the morning from a tryst with two women, both of whom are naked, and he walks from the bedroom to the kitchen in his birthday suit. The shot is of his bare behind and one could just make out the silhouette of his giant cock and balls dangling as he walked away from the camera.

“Do me,” she said at the very next scene, her hand already down her pants.

“Lo, the film hasn’t been on five minutes yet.”

“So? Do me and we can watch more of it.”

Suffice it to say that a movie with a run time of one hour and fifty-one minutes took us three action-packed nights to get through. Each night was punctuated by a romp in the bedroom — me behind Lola as she was on all fours with her phone in her hands, scrolling through images of Channing Tatum naked, shirtless, on the beach, etc.

Then, after I got to pick the movie — The Seventh Seal — it was Lola’s turn again. This time she chose a film with Christian Bale. Of course, there’s a shower scene in it. Cut. Bedroom break. Fuck. Photos of Christian Bale naked, shirtless, in the shower, etc. Return to our regularly scheduled program.

After my next choice of melancholic cinematographic classic, she wanted to try something new, a TV show that couldn’t be more different from Lo (at least in title), “Jane the Virgin.” Congratulations to us! — We got through the first episode and a half before there was the briefest of lesbian scenes and, sure enough, Lo was grabbing me by the hand, tugging me to the bedroom to get behind her as she tumbled through page after page of lesbian pics. That night we returned to the couch three orgasms later. (Lo’s orgasms, of course. None for me, since I was not allowed. Lo said, very explicitly, “You better not fucking cum because I’m going to need more of this tonight.”)

We watched the rest of episode two and then. . . well, this takes a bit of explaining to fully appreciate. Telenovela style, Luisa and Rose used to be a couple, but then Rose left Luisa for, of all people, Luisa’s rich father! When dear old dad comes to town with his trophy wife Rose on his arm, the chemistry between Luisa and Rose is undeniable. As the three of them sit at a table at the hotel that ties all the plot lines together, Luisa dares to grab Rose’s bare knee under the table as dad caresses Rose’s arm.

That did it. Pause! Dash to the bedroom. I assume the position behind Lo’s primed pussy as she tumbles through more titties and pussies on the phone. A few orgasms later and, as she’s lying on the bed catching her breath, she tells me, “I’ve been really craving a woman lately.”

“I’m sorry to tell you this, dear, but I think that I may be a liability to your scoring.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Just that every time you meet a woman you’re interested in, I think that our relationship — open as it is — either is confusing or scares the prospect away.”

“Well, a lot of women don’t want to share me.”

“I don’t even think it’s a matter of sharing. I think it’s a matter of not seeing you as on-the-market.”

“You might be right. Maybe I should get on the market.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Tinder, on-line dating. I don’t know. Something.”

“You have my full permission.”

“I don’t need your permission. But it’s nice to know that you’re behind me on this.”

“Darling, I’ve been behind you all night, every night.”

She took out her phone and began looking through one of the lesbian pick-up sites. No doubt she saw some eye-candy that caught her fancy. “Get behind me again and show me your unreserved support.”

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