Book Reviewed — “Match, Cinder & Spark, Vol. II: MORE!”

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Just found out that the good people at reviewed Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume II: MORE!

They said, “Lo is the sort of woman that always gets what she wants.”

“What will probably sell this book from a particular standpoint is that it is chock FULL of photos of the pair serving as story illustrations. There’s a lot of care being put into this.”

“Match, Cinder & Spark Volume II: More! by H.H. is an earnest expression of a couple’s sexual energy…and that energy contains the white hot passion of one thousand suns. Each individual story along with its accompanying pictures is equal parts fun and sexy, but to attempt to mentally splice the smut with the real life antics of this power couple would be a fool’s errand. If you and/or your partner have a wild sexual side you’d like to explore on paper, to explore your wildest fantasies in the comfort of your own bedroom, you’d be doing yourself a favor by starting with this dynamic duo.”

You can see the full review here:

Match, Cinder & Spark | Matt’s Smut Vault

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