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Sunday morning. Summer. I love summer Sunday mornings. I always wake up early — the sun is up early and it won’t be like this for long, so I try to make the most of it. Coffee, daybreak, writing, quiet, solitude.

A few hours pass and I brew more coffee for Lo. I bring it to her in bed. She’s still asleep, naked above the covers. I place the coffee quietly on her nightstand. The aroma will gently tease her taste buds awake.

Later I walk in the bedroom to check on her and find her jillin’ it.

“Lo, do you realize what time it is?!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. After you brought me my coffee I fell back to sleep. I just woke up after having naughty dreams.”

“What kind of naughty dreams?”

“Dreams about cock. Lots and lots of cock.”

“Well, you have to be at work in a half hour.” Her new job requires some Sundays.

“Is there more coffee?”

“No, I drank it all.”

She pauses and thinks a moment. “How much caffeine do you think there is in your sperm?”

“Oh, I don’t know, at least as much as a shot of espresso.”

“Good, then come here.”


“I don’t have time for you to brew another pot. I’ll just get it right from the spout.””
“If you don’t have time to brew another pot, then you don’t have time to blow me.”

“I don’t have time for both, and blowing you is so much more fun.”

I approach her. Her mouth opens. She takes me — all of me — with ease. She enjoys this. She grabs her Hitachi Magic Wand and uses it on herself between her legs while she twists and licks with her tongue. Before long I am injecting her full of my caffeine infused fuel down her throat. She holds me with both hands around my hips, pulling me in closer so as to not spill a precious drop. When she’s taken every bit of me, she lets go, looks up and says, “Five more minutes.” She spreads her legs and plunges two then three fingers deep inside her as her other hand maneuvers the vibrator on her clit. I watch her. She cums, ejaculating in spurts on the sheets.

“Oh,” she says, “that’s what I needed.” She taps her puss with her hand as if to pat it as a master would pat a dog, “Good girl,” and springs up and out of bed. Within moments she’s dressed and ready to go.

“Bye, Daddio!” she calls as she rushes out the door in her heels.

“Hey! Hey!” I call back.


“You don’t kiss your ol’ man goodbye anymore?”

She dashes back to me and gives me a hot, wet kiss, open mouthed. “I’m sorry, Daddio. You’ll spank me when I get back.”

“I sure will.”

“Mmmmm, can’t wait!” she calls over her shoulder as she dashes out the door again.

[Excerpt from the story, “Nympho Tendencies,” from the blog:]

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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