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[The mini-series Mount Bliss continues from A.O.L.]

Thursday the girls got up early and met Suzanne and Collin downstairs for breakfast. Collin had an outing for the girls planned. Suzanne was to stay home, again.

After breakfast they got on the road early because it was a long drive to their destination, which Collin kept a secret. All he said was to pack a bathing suit and an overnight bag. The trip was pleasant enough through the rolling hills. They made what conversation they could, given that they were in the Jeep without a top and Lily was in the back seat.

After a few hours they arrived at the mystery spot. It was a resort hotel tucked away in the mountains with every kind of amenity. But, as they checked in and the girls marveled at the luxurious accommodations, Collin informed them that this was just where they were staying, but not the surprise he had in store for them. That was to come later.

While eating a bite in the restaurant, Lo and Lily noticed something not quite normal about this place.

“Uncle Collin,” said Lily, “Don’t tell me. . .”

Collin cast a knowing glance at Lily and then a furtive one at Lola to see if she had caught on.

“What?” asked Lo.

“Uncle Collin is bad,” said Lily with a smirk on her lips.

“What? Why?”

“I used to come here often with your aunt,” said Collin. “I thought you girls would enjoy it.”

Lo looked at Lily with a quizzical expression.

“It’s a clothing optional resort,” whispered Lily.

“Oooooh,” replied Lo as she looked more closely at the people who had attracted her attention. A lot of them were very scantily clad. But not nude.

“Ready?” asked Collin after they finished their meals.

“Where to now?” asked Lo.

“You’ll see.”

They were back in the Jeep and not too far away they stopped at a popular tourist destination.

It was an expansive underground cavern with a subterranean river running through it.

The girls and Collin descended with the tour guide into the deep, dimly lit, drafty chamber full of stalactites and stalagmites. The girls flanked Collin and held his hand so as not to get lost in the cool cave. It was like sensory depravation and every whisper could be heard echoing through the bowels of the burrowed bedrock.

“It’s creepy,” said Lo.

“Do you think there are bats?” asked Lily.

They walked on until they came to “Lovers’ Landing,” a translucent red rock in the shape of a heart that was illuminated from below.

“Stand up there,” said the tour guide, “and your dreams will come true.”

The trio went to the elevated perch and each of the girls kissed Collin on the cheek while a fellow tourist took their photo.

Later, back at the resort, the girls went down to the pool with Collin. It was good to be back in the sunshine again and the weather was warm for up in the mountains.

As they walked by the sun bathers, many of whom were nude, they found a little spot to sit so they could see and be seen.

“This is a very casual place,” said Collin to the girls, choosing his word carefully.

“What do you mean?” asked Lily.

“You’ll see.”

Later, when the three of them were in the hot tub, Lo removed her top and let her breasts glisten as the bubbling water washed over them.

A middle-aged man across from her was watching her carefully. After a while of his keen observations, he finally made a move. He approached Collin and asked something of him. Lo couldn’t hear because of the sound of the jets in the hot tub. She did hear Collin reply, “That’s not up to me. Ask her yourself.”

The man glided over to Lo in the pool and asked, “Would you be interested in. . .”

“In what?”

“Um, well, having sex?”

Lo was a little surprised.

“You married?” she asked.

“Yes,” said the man. “That’s my wife over there.” He nodded in the direction of the lounge chairs and Lo could see a middle-aged woman lying out naked on one of them. “It’s ok with her, if that’s your concern.”

Lo was intrigued for a number of reasons.

“You can come closer,” said Lo, “I don’t bite.”

The man sat next to her and soon they were talking. Lo gave her permission for him to fondle her breasts and one thing led to another. Before long they were locking lips.

Lo got between his legs and, though she didn’t let him penetrate her in the hot tub, she did feel his cock hard between her legs.

She looked over his shoulder at his wife who was watching the two of them. Then Lo turned around and looked back, behind her, to see Lily and Collin watching Lo’s every move as she slowly ascended and descended, bobbing up and down in the water, letting her tits gently flit across his lips.

After their fun, the guy got out of the pool, still hard-up, and Lo could see his full body. He was about six feet tall, heavy set, beer belly. A real “dad bod.”

Later, after dinner, Lo and Collin were dancing together in the “formal ballroom” of the hotel. It was up-scale swank, though swimwear attire or less was acceptable anywhere inside or out.

“Did you enjoy yourself today?” asked Collin in Lo’s ear.

“I did. And I am,” she replied.

“You liked the attention of that man at the pool?”

“I didn’t not like it,” she replied coyly.

They continued dancing until another man cut in. Lo graciously accepted and Collin bowed out like a true gentleman, returning to the table where Lily sat. He asked her to dance, but she passed.

After a few hours of flirtatious dancing, the trio retired to their hotel room. Collin had reserved one room with two full beds. Lo was not sure what the actual sleeping arrangements would be.

When Collin went into the bathroom, Lo turned to Lily and quietly whispered, “What does he want?”

Lily shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, “Whatever you want, it’s fine by me.”

Collin emerged from the bathroom in his pajama bottoms, no top. His hairy, broad chest, wide shoulders, and large biceps all exposed. Lo had slipped into her white t-shirt and Lily was wearing sweatpants shorts and a cut-off top.

When the bathroom was free, Lily slipped in to get ready for bed. Lo looked at Collin, who was now lying down in his own bed. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she was dumbstruck. She didn’t know what he was hoping for or expecting, nor what she was interested in pursuing at that time. She couldn’t read him. What were his intentions? Around Lo, men rarely conceal their intentions. Men immediately picked up on Lo’s vibe, so to speak. She knows how to project the message, “I am available for your pleasure.” And when men receive that subliminal message, they are unable to resist. Lo was telegraphing this message loud and clear, but not receiving the response she expected.

There was an awkward silence and then she finally said, “So you and Suzanne used to come here a lot?”

“Yes,” he said, “when we were first married, about twenty years ago.”

“Why didn’t she join us?” Lo asked, braving the obvious question.

“She likes her time alone at the lake house,” replied Collin, begging the question.

Lo was about to form a follow-up question, when Lily returned.

Now it was Lo’s turn to use the bathroom. She got up, very conscious of the fact that the t-shirt didn’t cover her entire bottom. She was in the bathroom for a long time.

When she rejoined Collin and Lily, she said by way of explanation, “Sorry I was so long. I wanted to make sure I was nice and smooth for the pool tomorrow. What do you think?” she asked as she lifted her t-shirt so they could see her freshly shaved pussy.

“Delectable,” said Collin.

Lo bent over to look through her overnight bag and pulled out some moisturizing lotion. “Here it is,” she said as she applied some to her right palm and caressed it over her soft mons pubis and between her legs as she sat on the side of the bed, facing Collin. “Well,” she said with a smile, swinging her legs into the bed, “good night.”

Lily was behind her and looked over at Uncle Collin, saying, “Oh, I’m so tired. I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight. I bet a construction crew banging away with a jackhammer wouldn’t wake me tonight! Good night.”

Uncle Collin chuckled, said good night, and turned out the light. Lo felt Lily’s arm around her waist and Lo turned to her and ran her hand down from Lily’s shoulder to her rear, touching her under her shorts. The two of them fell asleep like that.

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