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I could see that Bill and Lo had locked lips and they were passionately kissing, open-mouthed and with tongues entwining. I could hear Lo moaning and purring like she does when she is experiencing great pleasure. I could not see any lower than their shoulders, but within minutes Lo had unbuttoned her white coat and spread her legs, hiking up her skirt. Suddenly the mild-mannered Bill was like a bee going at honey as he dove face-first into Lo’s crotch. His face was buried in her lap and all I could see was Lo drop her head back as she had both hands in Bill’s hair, pushing him further into her wet and waiting pussy. She came like that very quickly. I was driving on the side roads from the hotel and I got on the highway. I knew a little, obscure exit that would take us to a part of road that was under construction so we wouldn’t be bothered at all by any passing traffic.

I drove there as Bill and Lo continued to make out in the back seat. When I pulled up onto the dirt road of the construction site and parked, shutting of the lights of the car, I turned around and looked over. Lo had told Bill to take out his cock for her. He again showed signs of being shy and he needed a little coaxing from Lo. After Lo rubbed his crotch and felt how hard his cock was under his jeans, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I saw very clearly how Lo went down on it with her mouth like an animal that had been denied food for weeks. She sucked it and licked it and bobbed on it just like she had done to me earlier that night. From my own personal experience I knew exactly how good her blowjobs feel. I told Bill, “Push her head down, she likes to go down to the very bottom. She likes to take your whole cock in her mouth. She’s very good at that.” He didn’t need to be told twice. He used his right hand to push her head down as his left found its way to her ass. He slid up under her skirt and found her asshole, which he proceeded to finger with enthusiasm.

He was deep inside there when she lifted up her mouth from his cock just long enough to say, “Spank me. Punish me.” Bill proceeded to spank her and spank her hard. Smack! Smack! cracked his palm against the smooth rounded cheek of her butt. She groaned and said, “Oh yeahhhh. Tell me what I am.” Bill told her she was a fucking whore, a slut, a little cock sucker. This made Lo incredibly wet.

As I watched the two of them in the back seat and heard Bill utter these words, the thought crossed my mind that Lo really is just like your common hooker, a prostitute, a tart, trollop, strumpet. Here she is in the back seat of a car, late at night, off the side of the road, going down on some stranger’s cock, trying to make him cum, giving her body to him for him to spank and abuse as he sees fit. The only difference between her and your common whore is that Lo loves what she does. She was dripping down her legs and she was crying out, “Daddy, oh Daddy!” with each slap from Bill. Then she lifted up her mouth off of Bill’s cock and said, “Finger my ass again.” Bill did as he was told. Lo went down on his cock with renewed vigor and paused only to say, “Daddy, finger my pussy too.” I reached around the back of my seat and found her pussy in the darkness. It was wetter than I had ever felt it before (and that’s saying a lot) and I was immediately able to insert all four of my fingers deep inside her. She moaned as Bill and I both fingered her two holes and she came once and then twice as she was going down on him.

I was truly shocked that Bill didn’t cum right then and there. Her blowjobs are extraordinary! And the full excitement of it all was almost enough to make me cum in my pants. I contemplated getting out of the car, pulling down my pants, opening up the door by Lo’s ass, and fucking her from behind as she went down on Bill, but Lo was having so much fun as it was that I decided against it. It was a good thing too because before long I saw two bright headlights pull up behind us. “Oh oh,” I said. Neither Lo nor Bill had any idea.

“What?” one of them said.

“It’s the cops.” Both of them sat straight up and fixed their attire. I turned facing forward and rolled down my window after I saw the officer get out of the car.

“What’s going on here?” he said, flashing his flashlight first at me and then in the back of the car at Lo and Bill.

“Well officer, we were trying to get off. . .” I began, “the highway, and we accidentally came. . .” I paused to think, “across this detour. We’re just trying to get to _____________,” I said, telling him the name of a nearby town.

“You’re a long way from there. Why was the car shut off?”

“We were looking at the map trying to figure out where we were and how to get back on the highway.”

At this point Bill came to my aid by pulling out his phone and showing the officer his GPS map. “See, officer,” he said, “just trying to figure it out.”

“Have you been drinking tonight?” he asked me.

I hate that question. At that point I realized that I had had two pretty strong drinks. But over what time period? An hour? Two? I had no idea. “Yes officer. I had one beer.”

“One beer?” he asked skeptically, hoping I’d crack under the pressure of the “harsh interrogation.”

“Yes sir. One beer.”

“Can I see your license and registration?” I gave him both and he went to his car. While he was away, I popped a candy in my mouth to cover the smell of alcohol on my breath and we just sat tight. He came back after a few moments and said that we should back up and turn right to get on the highway. I thanked him after he returned my license and registration. We followed his instruction as he drove further on into the woods — probably to jack off to the thought of what he just saw!

Before we were even on the entrance ramp for the highway, Lo was again kissing Bill and Bill was fingering her. “You know what she likes, Bill? She likes to taste her own juices.” Bill pulled out his fingers and allowed Lo to lick them clean. Then I said, “I bet she wants you to suck on her tits.” Lo pulled her blouse and bra down, letting her tits flop out over them as she straddled Bill, putting her eager breasts in his face.

He licked her nipples and sucked on them. She said, “bite down,” and moaned. She said, “Harder!” She moaned again.

Bill buried his face in her chest and, though I couldn’t see it, he was fingering her from underneath. His cock was dangerously close to her pussy and he started saying to her, “I bet you want to feel the head of my cock on your pussy.”

“Oh yeah,” said Lo, to my surprise. He took her and lay her down on the back seat, spreading her legs and he got himself right between her legs and pressed his cock up against her wet cunt. “No, no Bill,” she said softly.

“No?” he asked. “No. Not yet. Sit back.” He complied. “Stroke your cock for me. I love watching a guy stroke his cock.”

Bill started stroking his cock, “Oh yeah. Oh yeah,” said Lo, “I love watching cock.” She then bent over and went down on his cock again.

I said to Bill, “Bill, if you’re gonna cum, you better cum soon. We’re almost back at the hotel. This is your last shot.” I was really amazed at his stamina. I thought for sure Lo’s lips, hands, tits would have coaxed his cum out of him by now.

Lo picked up her head and said, “Stroke it again as I rub my pussy.” Lo leaned back across from Bill in the back seat and spread her legs wide. Her right leg was lying on top of Bill’s knee. She still had her cute little heels on. Bill stroked his cock as he looked on, salivating, at Lo’s spread pussy. With her left hand, Lo spread her pussy lips wide and with her right hand she was fingering her clit and her cunt.

Bill was treated to a feast for the eyes. Lo came and came again to her own digital manipulation. She so love’s to see men jerk off, but the only thing she loves more than that is to see them jerking off to her. This Bill did with enthusiasm and then he started asking Lo, “I bet you want me to cum on your pussy, don’t you, you whore?”

“Oh yeah,” responded Lo in her low, deep, sexy, guttural voice.

“You want me to shoot my load all over that hot pussy, don’t you?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, do it,” she said in response as she continued to spread her legs and finger-fuck her pussy.

He got up from the seat and almost stood over her, frantically yanking at his cock.

“Come on, come on,” Lo encouraged, “cum on my pussy. Come on.” And then finally, in an explosion of cum that fell like rain all over Lo and her dress and her stomach and her pussy, he came and came and came and came some more. Lo was shocked by how much he came on her. She had never been drenched that much by a guy in her life. . . and she loved it.

It was a good thing he came when he did because I had just turned onto the exit for the hotel. “Feel better?” I asked Bill.

“Oh yeah,” he said, barely able to talk.

“Well, here we are,” I said. I pulled around back to the parking lot and, not even knowing where his car was, I pulled up and stopped. “Good night,” I said, eager to get him out of the car now that all was done.

“Night H.H.,” he said, “We should do this again some time.”

“I’m sure we will,” I said.

Bill got out of the car and Lo slid across the seat — totally a mess with a hot mess all over her torso, and she got out to give him a hug and a long hot kiss goodbye. She got back in the car — the front seat this time — and we drove away.

“Did you like that, Lo?” I asked.

“Ummmm hmmmmm,” she moaned as she rubbed her pussy some more over her panties. She then reached over as I was driving, undid my pants and pulled out my incredibly hard cock. “Did you like that, Daddy?” she said just before she went down on it, leaning over from the passenger seat. I drove on as she sucked hard on my cock, holding it with her left hand and fingering her pussy with her right.

[Excerpt from the story, “You Are the Best Thing — My Little Street Corner Girl,” from the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume II: MORE!]

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