[In honor of all our friends, such as Cara, Hy, Catherine, and of course, Michael & Molly, who are attending Eroticon this weekend, a little fantasy of what we envision our attending it to be like. Hopefully next year.]

“LOLA” — her name lit up the marquee. As we approached the theater from the street, slick from the recent rain, Lo looked up and said, “Big, bright, beautiful, and inviting. That’s me alright!”

We were in England for the annual Literotica convention and somehow we were the headline event for this evening’s performances. Lo was giddy with excitement.

Entering the theater from the side door for performers, there was a flurry of activity backstage. Everyone was primping and preparing. Lo, herself, had tried on three different outfits and five different pairs of shoes before settling on the glittery gold sequin top, the slinky green skirt, and the flashy four-inch heels. “Green and gold,” I said, “the colors of money.”

We were there to do a reading and book signing, but Lo had plans for oh so much more than that. Her Marina Abramovic performance-art streak was activated and she had conspired with me to put on a show. We were to be a Penn & Teller style duet. She’d be Penn, the showman, and I’d be Teller, the silent sidekick. She had her props: a little wooden lectern on which she put the book, some paints, paint brushes, markers, and a sign. The sign read:

Match, Vol. I — $35

Match, Vol. II — $20

Match, Vol. III — $20

Complementary with your purchase:











Penetration of any sort


(Mild BDSM is ok)

All prices USD

After the opening acts, we were introduced to a loud round of applause. I got butterflies in my stomach and I’m sure Lo did as well. We took our places on the otherwise empty wooden stage under the hot spotlights. I stood next to Lo at the lectern with three stacks of books and my portable credit card swipe device plugged into my phone.

Lo opened the books to the places she had specially chosen for this event and read some select passages: The preface to Vol I, penned by her; the encomium to the color red; a few poems. As she read each passage in her sweetly seductive voice, she slowly removed first one and then the other strap of her blouse and let it fall, revealing her breasts. She then wriggled out of both the blouse and her skirt until she stood stark naked but for her sexy heels. The poems were read in the buff.

When she was done the music began — selections of songs mentioned in the books. I invited the audience members who had pre-purchased books to step up and have Lola sign them while they each took a turn participating in one of the activities mentioned on Lo’s sign.

The first ones in line were a bit shy and timid. They ventured a kiss or a gentle tug on Lo’s nipples while she leaned over to sign one of the gloss nude photographs of her in the book. A few others took up the Sharpie pen and wrote love notes to Lo on various parts of her body. Some wrote “Slut” or “hotwife” or “cum here” with an arrow pointing to her puss.

As the audience saw the performance taking place, those without books were eager to get in line and I began selling our inventory. Men took out their cocks and began stroking as they eagerly awaited their turn in line.

Some of them stroked it next to Lola as she signed the books and wrote cute comments about the men’s anatomy in the margins.

The first man to cum did so on Lo’s feet, filling up her shoes with warm jizz.

The next man to cum had a powerful ejaculation and managed to hit Lo’s tits with remarkable aim. He even got a bit of applause!

A woman was in line and she gave Lo a very warm kiss on the lips and then slid her tongue down Lo’s neck to her glazed breasts and cleaned off the previous customer’s cumtribution.

This performance went on for some time, until we sold out of all our books!

Unfortunately for Lo, all of this fun foreplay was merely a tantalizing orgasm tease. She whispered in my ear and I briefly disappeared off stage to grab Lo’s favorite toy from one of the event sponsor’s display: The Hitachi Magic Wand. We plugged it into an extension cord and I brought the large, white device to Lo who proceeded to use it on her clit while sitting in a high stool. She spread her legs and, within only a few moments filled with tension and anticipation, Lo finally gushed with an torrential outpour of emotion, release, and fluid that covered the stage.

After her grand finale, some stage hands appeared at Lo’s side with warm, wet towels and they cleaned her off. One of them gently removed Lo’s feet, one at a time, from her shoes and wiped them down. Another person mopped the wooden floor. Once Lo was cleaned off, she got dressed again and we walked off the stage. Before exiting, though, Lo took a long bow, but not to the audience, but to the wings of the stage, thus giving the audience one last look up her skirt.

Congratulations were showered on Lo and me from our fellow literotica friends and authors and we got ready for the afterparty.

Written by

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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