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My good friend, Dr. Robert Smith, thought I was unaware of the time Lo sucked his cock, but there he was wrong. Lo may cheat, but she doesn’t lie. In fact, she brags. Furthermore, I find her regaling me with tales of her infidelity arousing. And Lo found Robert’s erectile dysfunction not only endearing, but a personal challenge.

The next time we saw him, at a fundraiser reception in an art museum, Lo affixed herself to him. Arm-in-arm they strolled the corridors, pausing in dimly lit corners. It was a nighttime event and the university spared no expense and was eager to show off its faculty to the wealthy alumni and other donors. Because of the book I published long ago on art, I was one of the featured speakers. After a brief hello exchanged with Robert, I was left to review my notes and consult with the university president about the order of the program. However, every once in a while, I’d catch a glimpse of Lo leading Robert about, taking delight in the whispers and scandal that she was causing among our petty and gossipy colleagues. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t irk me a little bit. It would have been a totally different story if I could have been with them, observing, commenting, and teased by Lola’s cuckolding up close.

As it was, they disappeared out of my sight. I only heard later, while horizontal with Lo in the darkness of our bedroom, impaling her with my rock-hard rod, between her gasps and groans, what happened.

“I walked with him as he politely escorted me through the various galleries: Impressionists, Expressionists, Cubists, and so on. At each one he attempted to explain to me what I already knew, but I flattered him with my oos and ahs and reallys? — as if he were telling me something new.”

“You’re bad,” I said. “I bet you do that with me too.”

“No, Daddy, never.”

Her lies are transparent.

She continued, “I knew the museum very well, of course, and I eventually led him to the contemporary art gallery. I asked him if he liked contemporary art and he admitted he didn’t really understand it.”

This was a rather intellectual conversation for pillow talk. But I was willing to follow her lead.

She said in her sultry, seduction voice:

When we got to the contemporary, I brought him to see Richard Prince and his ‘Girlfriend’ series. He looked very confused and asked, ‘How can this possibly be art?’

I asked, ‘Don’t you find it beautiful? The artist was so in love with his girlfriend that he chose to photograph her nude and put her up in an art gallery for all to see.’

‘That’s exploitation,’ he said.

‘Not if she likes it,’ I said.

‘A good feminist like you? — How could you like it?’

‘How could I like being photographed naked and put on display for all to see?’ I asked to clarify his meaning.

‘I mean, how could you think that she likes it or that a woman likes it or. . .’ he stammered uncomfortably, ‘how could you like this,’ he said, indicating the large photograph.

‘You know,’ I said, ‘HH does the same for me.’

‘What are you talking about?’

‘He likes to photograph me nude and then share it with the world.’

‘What?!’ he asked, shocked.

I looked down at his crotch to see if he was getting hard. I think he was.

‘It’s called candaulism. It’s a kink. I’m surprised you don’t know of it — an educated man like you,’ I said, gripping his bicep. ‘It comes from an ancient Greek story about Candaules, the king of Lydia, who was so proud of his beautiful wife, he arranged to allow his minister, Gyges, to see her naked.’

‘Is that so?’ he said, as if he were only academically interested.

‘Yes. It turned out that the queen, Nyssia, was aware of the spying eyes and, according to legend, in order to teach her husband a lesson, summoned her husband to come to the bed and pleasure her. Of course she knew that the figure in the shadows was not her husband, but, unable to escape, Gyges obeyed the command of the queen and, in the dim light, approached the bed. All the while Candaules was secretly watching with a curious mixture of arousal and jealously. Gyges entered the bed and then entered the queen. She said all sorts of salacious things as they made love in order to drive the point of her lesson home, and that she did, wounding the suffering king with her cries of passion. Finally, at the climactic moment, the king could hold back no longer and he made himself known to both Nyssia and Gyges. Drawing his royal sword, the king made to slay the dutiful minister, but Gyges narrowly avoided the steel blade and, removing it from the king’s hands, impaled the king with his own sword. A tragic tale, don’t you think?’

‘Yes, yes indeed. And it should serve as a cautionary tale for HH.’

‘Oh, but that is all ancient history,’ I said, waving my hand. ‘What HH and I do together is very fun. Its proper term is ‘compersion.’ That is, the delight of seeing one you love pleasured by another. Would you like to see?’ I asked, pulling out my phone.

‘Perhaps later,’ he said just as we approached the Koons’ sculpture. ‘Dear Lord!’ he exclaimed as he saw the porcelain rendering of Woman in Tub, ‘What is this gallery?! The Museum of Pornography?!’

‘Oh, don’t be so rigid, and hardened in your ideas of beauty,’ I said to him as I patted him on the chest. ‘This is a classic.’

‘Oh yeah, right up there with the Mona Lisa,’ he said sarcastically.

Having my phone out, I snapped a shot. ‘It should be,’ I said. ‘You’re just priggish in your stodgy ole professor way. Don’t be such a prude.’

“I bet you weren’t a prude, were you,” I said to Lo as I continued my steady rhythmic forays in and out of her puss with my cock.

“I got 99 problems, but being a slut ain’t one.” she said.

They returned to the courtyard of the museum where I was to give my talk and I watched them sitting in the audience next to each other. Lo’s legs were crossed and she was proudly displaying her beautifully shod foot. At one point I saw them passing notes.

“What did you write to him?” I asked her.

“I just wrote that I found it incredibly sexy to see you up there at the podium in the museum giving your talk.”


“True, Daddy,” she said. “Do you like that?”

“I do.”

“And then I wrote that I was getting too wet to sit still.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did, Daddy. That’s when I got up.”

I remembered seeing her walk out on my speech. The thought of the reason why was too much for the erogenous zone of my brain to handle and I unleashed a torrent of my pent-up desire inside her.

“Oh Daddy,” she said, surprised, “Stay in me while I tell you the next little part.”

“OK,” was all I could mutter as I caught my breath.

I went to the Ladies Room and quickly took care of my craving. When I returned, I sat next to Robert and asked if I missed anything.

He said, ‘No, but I feel like I missed something.’

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘What’s that?’

‘You,’ he said.

‘Me?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I missed you when you were gone and I’m supremely curious as to where you went and what you went to do.’

‘Come with me,’ I said, ‘and I’ll show you.’

We got up and I took him to the Medieval room of the museum, and there, in the dim light, surrounded by the muted reds and blues of the stained glass windows, I sat with him at a pew and took out my phone to show him all the photos of me from the blog, most of them of me masturbating.

‘Robert,’ I said, ‘Here we are in a place of devotional art and you see all these beautiful images and the illuminated manuscripts over there?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Well, this,’ I said, indicating the images on my phone, ‘is HH’s devotional literature for me. This is the illuminated manuscript of the 21st century. Sex is no longer sinful. Sex is spiritual. And I am a sex goddess.’

“How extraordinarily pompous of you!” I said.

“You would have said the same,” she retorted.

“You know me too well. But I think I’m rubbing off on you.”

“Rub off on me, Daddy! Rub off on me!” she pleaded as I was still firmly sheathed in her dripping cunt.

“What happened next?” I asked as I leaned into her, pressing my now tumescent cock deeper. She came and she came in massive orgasmic waves. Clearly the memory of being the object of worship was pleasing to her.

“Then he took the phone and looked at it as he leaned toward me. Our lips touched and he held me tightly in his arms as our tongues entwined. I saw that, as he was kissing me, he was looking over my shoulder at the phone he held in his hand, staring at my sexy photos. I reached down and grabbed his cock and it was rock hard. His other hand reached down and felt my soft leg all the way up to my panties. I wanted so much more, but the event had just let out and we had to look presentable.”

“That’s when I found you with him walking over to me with that devilish grin on your face.”

“I thought I looked angelic.”

“A devil is a fallen angel,” I reminded her.

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