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It was a Thursday. I was at the office. All alone again. During this pandemic and sweltering heatwaves of the summer, working from the office alone actually provided both cool central air (as opposed to our poorly air conditioned apartment) and much valued quiet, alone time, conducive to creativity and, if necessary, work. Ms. Gale was working from home. My other employees were working remotely as well. I was under the impression that Lo, too, was working from home. That is, until I received an email from her.

It’s unusual for me to get an email from Lo. Text, phone call, even the unexpected in-person appearance for a booty-call are all to be expected. But rarely an email. Unless something is wrong, or the landlady has written to her demanding the rent, asking for a favor, or passing along complaints from the neighbors about the volume levels, frequency, and inconvenient late hours of Lo’s orgasmic operatic arias.

But this email was different.

“Guess where I am,” it read, enigmatically.

“At home, doing work,” I replied, unimaginatively.


“Is this Twenty Questions, or can I just ask, where are you?”

“I’m in the park.”

It was another sunny, hot as hell day in the city.

“OK.” I wrote back.

“I have my computer. I’m ‘working remotely’ from here. That’s why I’m using my email.”

“Why do you put ‘working remotely’ in quotes?”

“Guess who I’m with.”

“Bill Murray.”

“No silly! Meri!!!”

“Oh, that’s why you put ‘working remotely’ in quotes.”

“Yeah. She wrote to me this morning and said that she told her husband she can’t take being cooped up in the house with the kids any longer. She’s going to the park to get away and work. But she had invited me and so we’re both here, pretending to work, but doing a lot more suntanning than working.”

“Which park?” I asked.


“Lo,” I wrote, in the tone of voice I take with her when she’s being naughty, “I actually have work to do.” These multiple, terse emails were not conducive to getting anything done.

“Fine,” she replied, “the park next to your office.”

My office faces out onto the street, but my employee’s office, in the back of the building, looks out onto a small oval park in the midst of the other businesses.

“Do you want to come by the window and see what I’m wearing, or not wearing?”

How could I resist?

I walked across the reception room area where Ms. Gale has her desk, into the back office. I glanced out the window and sure enough I saw my little Lo, ass up, her computer in front of her, her admirer behind her, seated about ten feet away. There were streets hemming in the small sward, but full sun upon my nymph and her MILF.

Allow me to paint the scene for you. Unlike the last time these two met in the park, this time Lo came prepared to bask in the sun. She was lying on her tum, her legs bent at the knee and her feet dangling in the air. She had her computer in front of her.

Behind her, sitting in a beach chair, was Meri, watching. She sat, ostensibly reading a book, but she was really just spying on Lo. The way the two of them were in relation to each other, it did not appear that they were together or knew one another. And I was spying on both of them. I don’t know if Lo or anyone could see me watching from above. If Lo noticed my presence, she made no sign of it.

Lo was wearing nothing but a very tiny bikini top and a pink thong bikini bottom. It literally was no more than a spaghetti strap covering basically none of her ass. I was familiar with it because she had bought it on sale last fall and was so eager to wear it that she tried it on for me at home, pretending to be on the beach showing off. A fun little game for both of us!

It wrapped around from her crotch and, when placed just so, concealed only the bare essentials of her letter ‘i’ — if you know what I mean. From a distance, it looked as if she was wearing nothing at all on the bottom. And I was not the only one to think that. Sitting around the two of them on the shaded park benches were old ladies and moms with strollers and the occasional businessman out for air or a stolen glance of Lo’s delectable derrière. I could tell that the lecherous men interspersed with a few lascivious women were all trying their utmost best to give the appearance of doing something, anything else besides what they were doing — watching Lo. It takes one to know one, I thought.

Lo was keenly aware of her audience, but she was performing for only one. Meri, for her part, sat slightly askew to Lo. She wore heels, a pink skirt that stopped just short of her knees, and a grey tank-top that accentuated her large breasts, revealing lots of cleavage and that she was wearing no bra. She wore a baseball cap and dark sunglasses in addition to her mask, as if she were a movie star trying to stay incognito.

Lo’s performance was exquisite. Every once in a while she would reach back behind her and ‘adjust’ her bikini bottom, as if it was riding up her ass uncomfortably. She would pull at it so nothing was concealed, at least not to Meri, and then let it go again with an audible snap. Occasionally she would put sunscreen in her hand and run her index finger from her pussy over her balloon knot, as if to insure that those delicate parts wouldn’t burn.

From my vantagepoint, I couldn’t help but think that the sun shines from 94 million miles away for one reason only: to illuminate, warm, and tan Lo’s perfectly spherical double-orbed bronzed rear. It was as if Helios himself was looking down intently upon Lo’s sexy little ass and the oppressive, powerful rays of light were his enormous erection aching to feel the pleasure of that posterior, but burning hotter because infinitely frustrated by the impossibility of a non-material substance’s concupiscence being quenched by the corporeal object of its affection.

Lo pretended to be oblivious to it all, typing away on her computer as if deeply engrossed by her work emails.

Even in my airconditioned office, I was growing warm from the sight. Since no one is allowed to come to my office due to the pandemic, I don’t even bother putting on a suit anymore. It’s strictly t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops for me this summer. That’s not my office attire, that’s my everything attire.

I also was growing hard in my khaki shorts. Seeing Lo nearly nude in the middle of the pedestrian and otherwise non-nude plaza, literally the center of attention in the circle of voyeurs, and me, up there, voyeuristically observing from on high, with who-knows-how-many-others lurking in the windows, was appealing to my compersion perversion.

Just when I thought the scene could not get any better, an older gentleman (I use the term loosely) wearing slacks and a button-down sky-blue casual long-sleeve shirt walked over the green grass directly towards Lo. He squatted down to talk to her. She turned her head toward him and then rolled over on her back, propping herself up with her elbows. Then, for the first time I saw that she had on the bikini top with adjustable cups and she had adjusted them to a very narrow setting, exposing most of her breasts, her side-boobs bulging out.

She looked up at the man and struck up a conversation with him. I could see practically her entire chest falling out from where I sat and I’m sure that that man had a close-up view of it. I could see Lo smiling at him in her flirtatious way as he continued to engage her in whatever small talk they were pursuing.

I’m sure this gave Lo the triple pleasure of teasing the man while simultaneously making Meri jealous and me mad with admiration of her hotwife hospitality. I could see Lo glance from her interlocutor to Meri, making sure that the latter was catching it all. And I could see Meri watching with great interest.

As Lo continued to talk to the man, she seemingly absentmindedly spread her legs, revealing the tiny triangle of material covering her smooth mons pubis, and she thoughtlessly placed her hand down there as if adjusting the bathing suit or scratching an itch. This allowed Meri a direct line of sight into Lo’s labial lodestar.

I guess Lo’s male conversationalist eventually ran out of things to say. I saw him pass Lo something that looked like a business card and then say his adieu. He walked away and I saw Lo smile like the scapegrace she is at Meri and Meri smiled back. They were like two schoolgirls pulling one over the teacher.

Lo reached down between her legs and quickly pulled back the bikini bottoms for Meri to get an unobstructed view for a brief moment of bliss. In return, Meri spread her legs and, though I couldn’t see it, flashed Lo a glimpse of her crotch, unadorned by any panties. (I did later confirm this with Lo.)

From my perch I could comfortably enjoy all of the sexual psychological angles: between Lo and Meri; the older women on the periphery and Lo; the younger women on the sidelines and Lo, the men and Lo; as well as Lo’s basking in the attention of all of them just as she basked in the bright sunlight as if it were her spotlight on the stage.

The psycho-sexual dynamics had me rock hard in my shorts and just as I was contemplating relieving the tension, I heard the faint sound of keys and then the turning of the lock on the office door. Before I could scramble to see who was there (especially when no one was supposed to be there), in walked Ms. Gale wearing denim shorts and a gingham button down shirt, tied up in the middle to reveal her midriff. It covered only her shoulders and breasts, though it was unbuttoned enough to reveal much cleavage.

“Ms. Gale?” I almost shouted in shock.

“Mr. H?!” she shot back.

I was keenly aware that I had a huge erection in my shorts and that Lo and her special lady friend were frolicking outside the window by which I sat.

“Why are you here?” we both asked simultaneously.

“This is my office,” I said, authoritatively. Though, actually, I wasn’t in my office.

“I thought you put on the calendar that you were on vacation this week.”

“Oh, I had, that’s true,” I said, “but COVID put an end to our travel plans. So, here I am. And you?”

“It was too hot in my apartment to work. I only have one window unit and with the temperatures in the hundreds, it doesn’t get much colder than about eighty-seven. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I thought that, since you were away, I’d work in the office and utilize the central air.”

“I see,” I said, still too hard to stand up.

“Why aren’t you in your office?” she asked.

“Well, I, uh,” I stumbled for a plausible answer. “I got bored of the view,” I said.

“Oh, is the view from that window better? I thought it just looked out onto the park,” she said as she moved toward the window to look out. I desperately didn’t want her to do that!

She did and we both looked outside. To my great surprise, there was no sign of Lo and Meri!!!

“It’s just a different view,” I said casually.

She looked out the window, bending over, displaying her round rear to me in the tight shorts.

“You like the view?” she asked, enigmatically.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. “I rarely see it like this,” I said, looking at her ass.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said. “You should take more time to smell the roses. You’re always working,” she added as she returned to standing in front of me. Little does she know that more often than not, when she thinks I’m assiduously working on a legal brief, I’m actually writing this torrid encomium to Lola.

“I’ll take that under advisement,” I said like a judge. “But for now, I’ll let you have the office to yourself. You know, we must be socially distant.” I said it as if I were explaining to her that we need to be sexually distant.

“You don’t have to go,” she said. “I mean, you could just work in a separate office. I don’t mean to push you out.”

I was eager to catch up with Lola.

I put away the files I had been working on before Lo’s email and headed toward where I thought I’d find Lo and Meri. Five minutes into my walk, I was already drenched in sweat. I felt like I was suffocating due to the high temperatures and humidity. Making matters worse, I had to wear that asphyxiating mask! But I was determined.

I walked up the busy street from my office and was about to despair of my loss, but then I spied the two women sitting in front of the ice cream shop. They each were seductively eating their treats from cups. I took a seat not too far away from my nymph. I didn’t worry about being discovered. I had on dark sunglasses and my bandana mask. Very little of my face could be seen and, as an added benefit, Meri had never met me. To the best of my knowledge, she had no idea what I looked like.

The two of them were engrossed in conversation. I watched for as long as I could, but the sun was baking me. Eventually, convinced that I wasn’t missing anything of great import, I decided to return home, take a cool shower, and await Lo’s return.

I was on the couch in the living room when I heard the front door abruptly open and close. I heard Lo scamper down the hall to the bedroom and master bath. She too hopped in the shower first thing, but not to engage in the usual self-pleasure that she frequently enjoys in there. No, it was a quick rinse and then, from the living room I heard her masturbatory moans.

I quietly walked down the hall. The AC was on in the bedroom and so Lo didn’t hear me. I slowly opened the bedroom door and couldn’t believe my eyes! Instead of pounding her pussy with a dildo of enormous magnitude, she was sliding my Stoya Fleshlight up and down her lower lips, pressing Stoya’s labia into her own, dripping her wetness all over the prosthetic pussy. Her eyes were closed and with her free hand she was plucking her nipples.

“Lo,” I said in a gentle tone.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” she screamed as she jumped a mile. “What the hell are you doing home?!” It was almost an accusation.

“I’m sorry, Darling,” I said before explaining the surprise visit by Ms. Gale and then asking her, “What the hell are you doing with my Fleshlight?”

“I hate the COVID bullshit!” she lamented. “I want a pussy. I want Meri’s pussy. I want to fuck someone who is not you. No offence,” she said after realizing what she had said. “I just want. . .”

“No offence taken,” I said sarcastically. “How could that possibly be offensive?”

“You know what I mean. Of course I want to fuck you too, but I also want to be able to fuck others as well.”

“You have,” I reminded her. “The brothers. Remember?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, putting Stoya back on her cunt. “That’s for them, not for me. They’re young men, full of testosterone and they need my sweet release, especially in this pandemic. I spread my legs, they slip in my honeypot and unload. That’s all for them.”

“Oh, you get nothing out of it?” I asked sarcastically. “You’re just a simple orgasm donor?”

She laughed, “I get something out of it. I mean, I cum, yes. And it pleases me to be their goto girl, their flesh-and-blood Fleshlight. I won’t deny, that turns me on. I like being their easy access. Their cum dump. The thought of guys’ balls aching for my cunt and unloading into me because I can provide for them what they so desperately need is an incredible turn-on. But I want a woman. I want someone who will take time to pleasure me, give me what I want, know what I want. Not just ram it in deep and hard to prove how big and strong they are. I want Meri.”

She returned to sliding and pressing the Fleshlight’s lithe labia up against her own swollen and supple lips, causing a suction sound as her own secretions lubricated the point of contact. She reached down with her free hand and began circling her clit with her index finger. She did all this as if I wasn’t even there. Oblivious to me and all else but her imagination and the feel of her pussy slip-sliding against another pussy, she was soon squirting a stream of climactic juices directly into the parted prosthetic pussy. The receptacle, upside down, simply dribbled out the contents back onto and into Lo’s already soaked and dilated source.

She took a few deep breaths. I stood silently awaiting her command, request, or even insinuation to fill her with my meat. But, instead she reached for her phone. She made a call and said, “Hi. Yeah. Another leak. Can you come over and fix it right away?”

She turned to me and asked, “Will you let them in?”


Then the doorbell rang.

I walked down the hall and admitted the two brothers. It was the same uncomfortable silence between us as it had been before. Merely sheepish grins and a little nod of the head as they walked toward their destination. They no longer needed to be shown the way.

They walked into the bedroom, saw Lola splayed out on the bed naked, Fleshlight beside her body, sheets soaked, and they immediately dropped their pants. They didn’t even bother to take off their shoes or their shirts. Kids these days.

“Fill me, fuck me, pump me, pound me, use me, abuse me, whip me, worship me,” said Lo, spreading her legs further, bending her knees and slapping her cum-slathered pussy.

One of the boys pulled her to the edge of the bed and penetrated her. She briefly looked up at me, her head upside-down, from the bed, before her eyes rolled back. The boy was rock hard and eager. His brother stood by the bed watching, cock in hand, stroking, and patient. Within moments, the first reached his climax inside her.

Pulling out, he stepped aside for his brother to have his chance. Lo rolled over onto her hands and knees, raising her ass for him to have her. He easily slid into her soaking holes. I saw her wince just a little as he entered the tighter of the two. But soon he was alternating back-and-forth at whim. Now the other brother watched and, to my amazement, grew hard as he did so. What amazing recovery time!

After the more active brother drove his point home in Lo’s rear, he pulled out and they both watched as Lo oozed, cooed, and creamed.

Then the first returned to the pole position.

I could see that Lo, by this point, was almost bored. Her head was resting on her hands and she looked up at me, unconcerned about what was happening beyond her shoulders.

“Daddio,” she said, “will you pass me my phone?”

Her phone was on her nightstand on the other side of the bed, by the boys. I walked around the bed, past the brother who was slamming his shaft deep into my hotwife’s pussy at the time, past the other brother who was eagerly awaiting his chance for another deep dive in her, and grabbed the phone. I walked back around to the side of the bed by the door and passed it to Lo.

She pressed some buttons, preoccupied with the phone and not at all occupied with the activities behind her, and looked up at me again. “If I order a pizza, what would you like on it?” she asked in a quiet voice, as if the boys and her bum were in another room and she didn’t want to disturb them.

It seemed a most unusual question for the moment. I must have looked puzzled. “I’m hungry,” she added by way of explanation.

“Mushrooms and onions,” I said unthinkingly.

“Oh, hi,” Lo said into her phone. At the very same time, the first brother finished, ejaculating in long shots on Lo’s back. I guess Lo was put on hold briefly because she was quiet for a moment.

The second brother asked Lo, “Do you want more?” He was clearly confused by Lo’s phone call.

Lo turned her head over her shoulder and said, “Go ahead. You can have it. Try to be quick.”

I heard a voice from the phone ask, “Yes, can I help you?”

Lo’s attention was back to her pizza order as the boy behind her grabbed her hips and pulled them towards his erect phallus. “Yeah, could I get one sausage pizza and one with onions and mushrooms?”

The boy behind her returned to his favorite alternating ass/puss, ass/puss plunging. I could see him spreading her cheeks with both hands as he pulled out and pressed in.

“Medium,” said Lo into the phone and then looking up at me she asked, “Medium big enough for you?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, two mediums,” she said into the phone again. “OK. Yes. Delivery please. Great. Thank you.” She hung up and put the phone by her side.

Allowing her head to fall into the pillow, she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart, allowing her paramour to use his hands in other ways. He reached under her and grabbed her doughy tum and squeezed.

“You going to cum?” Lo asked.

He grunted.

I guess she could feel him building. “Come on. You got two in you, don’t you? You like my ass? You like it,” she said. She moved her fingers to her ass and felt him sliding in and out of her. He was ready. She was giving him a hand-job as he entered and exited her posterior. Lo’s instincts kicked in and she turned abruptly and opened her mouth to receive his fill. He grabbed his cock with one hand and her head with the other, pulling her mouth onto his shaft. He began to cum and then pulled out of her mouth and sprayed the rest on her face. She was drenched.

She looked up at him and asked, “Feeling better?”

The first brother already had his pants on. The second, who had just finished, reached down to pull up his from around his ankles.

“Thanks Lo,” he said.

“Say hi to your mom,” Lo said.

“Enjoy your dinner,” he replied.

They let themselves out.

Lo fell backwards and, lying on the bed, she looked up at me and asked, “Will you get the pizza and tip the delivery guy?”

“Maybe you should.”

She contemplated that idea. “Like I am?”


When the bell rang, she walked to the door, dripping from the boys’ icing on her face and shoulders, and, opening the door, took the two pizzas in hand and gave a few dollars in tip.

I awaited her return in the dining room.

“What was his reaction?” I asked as she placed the pizzas on the table.

She laughed.

“What?” I asked.

“It was a woman.”



“What was her reaction?”

“A cross between shock and disgust.”

“Too bad.”


“I thought you were going for shock, awe, and arousal.”

“I’ll take disgust.”

She grabbed a slice of pizza. No plate. She didn’t even sit down. She stood by the table, naked, and ate it with fervor. “Sorry, Daddy,” she said, mouth full.

“Sorry for what?”

“What I said before. You understand, though, don’t you?”

“Yes Lo,” I said, sincerely, not sarcastically. I felt love, compassion, and patience. “But,” I added, “you need to clean up Stoya and the sheets.”

“I will,” she said, obediently.

I had a slice of pizza and cracked open a beer.

“Is there a reason you had the boys rather than me?” I finally asked.

“Yes,” she said, with no explanation. She continued eating.

“Care to enlighten me?”

“I like to be used.”

“You didn’t even cum.”

“No, because I wanted Meri. But, I’ll cum later to the thought of them and this afternoon.”

“With me or without me?”

“If you’re lucky, both.”

After dinner, she strutted to the bedroom to clean up. I followed.

“What a mess!” she said at the sight. “Isn’t it wonderful?!” She dove into the bed. “It smells like sex.”

“Just like you,” I said sarcastically.

When she got up to strip (the bed that is, since she already was naked as the day she was born) I asked her, “Who was that man talking to you in the park?”

“Oh, him?”

“Yeah, him.”

“Just a creep. He just wanted a closer look at me.”

“You sure gave it to him.”

“You saw?” she asked, flattered that I took in her stunning act.

“Yes, I saw. What did he give you?”

“His business card.”

“What sort of business is he in?”

“He says he’s a photographer and he asked if I would be interested in any boudoir photography done of me.”

“Really? Where’s his card?”

She bent over by the side of the bed and dug through her little beach bag. “Here it is.”

She gave it to me.

“I see,” I said, reading it. “You going to take him up on it?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me to?”

“Let me think about it. Did you and Meri have a good time?”

“What do you think?”

“I think she’s at home doing exactly what you just did.”

“Eating pizza?”

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