[The following story appeared in the January 2021 Issue of Ethical Non-Monogamy Magazine, or ENM for short.]

“Happy birthday!” said Lo in a sing-song tone.

I rolled over. It was early. Earlier than Lo gets up in the morning. She wanted to make the day special for me since she knew that we couldn’t have a party or celebrate in any way that resembled birthdays past.

“Wanna have birthday sexy?” she said, rubbing her large breasts up against my bare back in bed, swinging her right leg up and over my hip and sliding her pussy up and down my hip.

“Not now,” I said like a real ingrate.

“Oh, don’t be like that. Let’s get it on. You’ll be the oldest person I ever fucked. Again.”

“You sure about that?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Just checking.”

I slid my legs over the side of the bed and sat up. I sat for a while contemplating the day before me. I’m not a very social or sociable person. That’s Lo’s department. But this COVID thing did drive home just how much I actually enjoy being with people.

This year there would be no party, no rowdy crowd, now carousing. Just a few cards. Maybe a phone call or two. I had already told Lo, absolutely NO Zoom party.

I stood up slowly and made my way to the bathroom.

“Leave it open!” Lo called, as usual. She has a fetish for seeing a man pee.

I shut the door behind me.

When I emerged from the privy, I found Lo on the bed, legs spread, finger placed between her labia.

“Ready Daddio?”

“Not now, Lo.”

She rolled over and stuck her bum in the air. “Birthday spanking?”

I patted her behind gently as I walked by it, exiting the bedroom to go make my coffee.

It was a weekday and so I went through my usual morning routine to get ready for work.

Lo, to my surprise, got dressed and was ready to go out the door before I was.

“Forget to buy a card?” I asked sarcastically. It was cruel.

“Yeah,” she said, “I’m going to buy a condolence card since you seem to be set on mourning everything you don’t have.”

She left and I suddenly felt very alone. Having Lo around to spout off my spoiled whining to was better than having no one around.

I ate breakfast, got dressed, hopped in the car, and drove to the office.

There would be no one at the office, again, thanks to COVID. Everyone was working remotely.

I climbed the stairs to the floor that my office is on and turned to walk down the long hall to it when, looking up, I saw that the door to my office was open and, sitting there, framed by the doorway, was a sexy blonde wearing, it appeared, nothing but her black facemask.

I practically rubbed my eyes thinking I was still dreaming. Was this a femme fatale straight out of a fifties’ movie? Was I going to walk up to my office and she’d sit there, light a long cigarette in an even longer black filter, and speak to me in a sultry voice? “Mr. H. I would like to hire you to sue my husband. It’s a hard case. Do you like it when it’s hard? I know I do.”

I walked slowly down the silent hallway. Her eyes were trained on mine. I got to the doorway. She uncrossed her legs and spread them wide. I could see now she was wearing merely an extreme micro bikini. I stopped at the threshold.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Happy birthday, Mr. H,” she replied.

Before I could ask how she knew it was my birthday, how she got into my office, or even who she was, she added, “Why don’t you come inside and shut the door behind you so we can have some privacy?”

I took a step in and closed the door. It was then that I saw, inside my office, just out of sight from the doorway, was Lola, sitting in the waiting room chair. Oh, thank God!

“Lola,” I said in my Ricky Ricardo voice.

“Hi Daddy! Surprised?”

“What’s going on here?”

“This is Candie. She’s a strip- er. . . exotic dancer, and she’s here to perform for you.”

“For me?”

“Well, for us.”

Candie stood up and just smiled. She stood in the middle of the reception area on the hardwood floor in her tall stripper heels.

Lo turned on some music, Candie’s playlist, I imagine.

I smell sex and candy here
Who’s that lounging in my chair
Who’s that casting devious stares
In my direction

Mama this surely is a dream

Very appropriate, especially since her long blonde hair did smell like candy — cotton candy. I sat down in the leather club chair where Lo had been and enjoyed the show. She danced for a bit in her teeny-bikini, and then the top came off. I saw her nipples were very hard. That’s when I realized it was chilly in the office. Lo had opened the windows to keep the air circulating. Can’t be too careful.

To my surprise, Candie’s bottoms, what little there were of them, also came off. As they did, Lo found her way to me and slid me out of my jeans. She reached down to see how hard I was. Very. She got between my legs and went down on my rod like it was her candy. I put up no resistance.

Lo looked up at me and said, “You like, Daddy?”

I looked down at her and said, “I do. But I’d rather have you.”

That didn’t take much convincing. Lo stood up and, as if she were on stage with Candie, removed her blouse, bra, skirt, and panties. She kept her heels on. Then she sat on my lubricated lingam and I eased into her dripping yoni. She was facing away from me, toward Candie. Lo put her right hand down to her crotch and made small circles on her clit while gently rising and lowering, as if riding a horse English style. Candie was clearly performing for Lola and only secondarily for me. She seemed to like what she saw and, judging from how wet Lo was, Lo enjoyed Candie’s performance just as much.

Candie sat on the floor and diddled her own pink parts. Her breasts were small and perky. She was probably Lo’s age or maybe a little younger. She was confident in her performance. I whispered in Lo’s ear, “Where’d you find her?”

“I’ll tell you when you’re older,” said Lo.

“I am older, today!”

“Sit back and enjoy the show.”

I did just that. I was too self-conscious to cum. But Lo wasn’t. Thank goodness the chair was leather and the floor hardwood. Easy clean-up.

When her performance was over, Candie again wished me a happy birthday and thanked Lo. She said, “I haven’t worked in months. This was really helpful. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

She got dressed as Lo used paper towels and all-purpose cleaner on the chair and floor.

Candie let herself out, wearing a long leather trench coat like a character out of The Matrix.

“Well, well, well,” I said to Lo. “Do you have any more surprises up your sleeve for me today?”

“You’ll have to take off all my clothes again to find out.”

“All your clothes are off!!!”

“Does it look like I have anything up my sleeve?”

“I imagine you have more creative places to hide my birthday gifts.”

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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