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Tuesday night we had dinner plans with an old friend for 6:30. I picked Lo up from work at 5:30 and we got caught in some rush hour traffic on our way home. “Oh, forget it. Let’s just go to the restaurant,” she said, frustrated at the delay. Lo has little patience for anything. Perhaps “little” is an exaggeration. No patience is more accurate.

“But you wanted to change,” I said. Little did she know that I had been lusting for her all day and that by “change” I meant “fuck.”

“Oh, whatever,” she said.

I drove us home and we got there by six. Once we were in the bedroom, I said, “We’ve got just enough time for a quickie.”

“What?!” she laughed.

“Come on,” I said, reversing our usual roles, “just pull down your pants and bend over and I’ll do you good.”

Some women never take no as an answer. When the question is sex, Lo never gives no as an answer.

She pulled down her pants and panties and they all bunched up around her shins where she left on her boots.

“Come on,” I said, “take it off.”

“No,” she said, “do me like this. It will be fun.”

I pushed her gently and, with her feet all wrapped up, she fell backwards onto the bed. I climbed on top of her and began kissing her mouth, her face, her neck. I then turned her over, pulled down my own pants, and gave it to her from behind.

“Daddy,” she called out, “I was gushing today at work. At one point I had to get up from the conference table and go to the ladies’ cause I actually thought I peed myself. I was so wet.”

Within a few moments she was cumming in waves. “I’m squirting! I’m. . .” She couldn’t complete her thoughts. When she was done and I was still rock hard, we both had to change.

As she removed her boots, she said, “Mmmmm, that was a great way to work up an appetite. I had kept my pants, panties and boots on cause I thought we’d be quicker getting dressed after, but now, I must get out of these wet panties and into a dry martini.”

We went out to dinner and all through it Lo’s right hand and her legs were fooling with me under the table.

When we got home, she was already unbuttoning her blouse as I unlocked the front door. By the time we got to the bedroom she was naked. “I wanted you all night,” she said.

“But you had me before we went out for dinner,” I countered.

“That was just an appetizer. Now I want the main course.”

I got naked and she went to work on my cock with her mouth. Up and down and all around she licked, sucked, and devoured.

She spread her legs and I drove it home and it felt like diving into a warm pool. “I’m constantly gushing,” she said.

As I was doing her, she whispered in my ear. “Daddy –”

“What Lo?”

“I think I know why I’ve been so wet at work.”

“Why’s that, Lo?”

“Cause I have a crush. There’s a woman I work with and she’s so pretty. She has beautiful tits. Every time I look at her I get wet.”

“And all this time I’ve been thinking that you were wet cause you wanted me.”

“I’m sorry Daddy. Are you mad?”


“Today I had to leave the room and take care of my craving in the bathroom.”


“I know, Daddy. I’m so bad. I’m a bad, dirty girl.”

She came and came hard — in strong, powerful waves — so strong that she actually shot me right out of her.

“Please, Daddy,” she begged, “don’t stop!”

“I’m not. Your pussy pushed me out.”

I got back in. She was still convulsing and squirting. I fought to stay in her tightening little pussy as she screamed and then I pulled out and came all over her chest.

“Oh God,” she exhaled, “I needed that.”

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