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Lo’s trysts with Robert continued on a fairly regular basis. He’d text. She’d encourage him to come. He would. But as his drop-ins became more frequent, the novelty of it began to wear off for Lo, and perhaps for Robert as well. And so they would engage in different, ever more elaborate conceits to involve me in their affair. I shall mention just a few of them here.

Though I sat merely yards away from where they were going at it in the bedroom, one time Lo called me on her phone from there to the living room. I could practically hear her talking, even without the use of the phone, yet she spoke to me as if I was far off in another town.

“Daddy, do you want to know what Robert is doing to me now?”

“What’s he doing, Lo?” I asked, nonchalantly.

“He’s behind me, fucking me doggy-style. His cock is so long, it’s hitting my spot perfectly,” she said, following it up with a long moan that I could hear perfectly in the living room.

Another time, as they were going at it in the bedroom, Lo took a selfie. She was doggie-style, he behind her. She made a big ‘O’ with her mouth as if she were in ecstasy. She texted the photo to me.

A different night, after I showed Robert into the bedroom and I was about to turn to leave, Lo stopped me. She was naked under the sheets. Robert was fully dressed and anxious. Lo said, “Wait, Daddio.”

“Yes,” I asked, like a dutiful servant in a nineteenth century English manor house.

“Tonight I’m going to give Robert my ass,” she said.

“And?” I asked politely.

She fumbled in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. “Will you grease me up?” she asked, pulling down the sheets, turning over, protruding her ass in the air and pointing to her special spot.

Devotedly, I took the lube and covered my index finger with it and proceeded to spread it all around her target as she moaned and wiggled her ass. I then inserted my finger in and out as Robert looked on. “Like this, Lo?” I asked.

“MmmmmHmmmm,” she said, “More.”

I continued. She orgasmed, collapsing into the bed.

“That will be all,” she said dismissively. “Robert, I’m ready for you.” And she slid on her tum so that her legs were spread on the floor and she was bent over at a ninety-degree angle on the bed. I saw Robert unbuckle his belt and undo his pants as I slowly closed the door. I heard Lo moan as he entered her and I walked down the hall.

“Daddio,” I heard her call once more, just as I got to the living room.

I returned and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” said Lo, struggling to speak.

I entered the room. Robert had already entered her. Lo looked up at me.

“Daddio,” she said.


“Do you want to fuck Stoya while Robert fucks my ass?”

“If that gives you pleasure,” I said.

“Where is it?”

“She’s in the closet.”

She?!” she said, “Now it has a gender?!”

“She’s a vagina. Of course she has a gender. She goes by the pronouns: She, Her, Hers.”

“It is just a vagina.”

“I don’t reduce women to only their genitalia,” I said, aware of the irony of my statement.

“Well, grab your vagina and pull out your cock,” she said.

I got my Stoya Fleshlight and unzipped my pants. Lo applied the lube to my cock and then held Stoya in her hands as I penetrated her (that is, Stoya’s) vagina.

“That’s it, Daddio. You fuck Stoya while Robert fucks my ass,” she said with clear delight. She shut her eyes and enjoyed the ride. In a remarkable chain reaction, Lo began to cum and then both Robert and I came, making for a splendid triple play.

These odd requests and variations were the exception, however, not the norm. The norm was a five or ten minute shag, one orgasm achieved by each party, and then on went the clothes and out the door went Robert.

One night Lo had already said yes to Robert’s request to come over, but as he was on his way, she remembered that she was supposed to make a call overseas for work. She was planning a major event and had invited some big name people to join. She had to make the call and it wouldn’t be a short conversation.

Lo was already on the phone with her connection abroad when Robert arrived. I explained to Robert the mix-up when he walked in and he asked, “Should I wait?” looking uncomfortable about the prospect, and also a bit disappointed and a tad upset. Spoiled man.

“No,” I said in reply. “Lola said you could quietly sneak in.”

Sneak into what? The bedroom? Her snatch? Both apparently.

Lo was naked, standing up, bent over a desk, one hand holding the phone and the other a pen as she took notes. She used the pen to point to her ass and indicated where she wanted Robert. She then put the pen perpendicularly over her lips to indicate, “Shhhhhh.” Robert didn’t even fully undress. He just pulled out his rod and mounted her, slowly and easily. She continued her conversation as if nothing was happening behind her. He slid in and out, using her wet snatch for his pleasure until he finally came deep inside her. He put his pud back in his pants, zipped up, washed off, and blew a kiss goodbye to Lo as she continued to take notes, cum dripping down her inner thigh. After I saw Robert out, I got a warm washcloth to clean her off. When she was finally done with her business call, she joined me in the bed.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“Enjoy it?” she asked back, surprised. “I didn’t even notice. I was too focused on the phone call.”

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