Dear Federica M Micheli & FreezeFrameFanatik,

I have actually enjoyed your back-and-forth, though, from a reader’s standpoint, it “sounds” like you are yelling at each other, which is unfortunate. I think you both have a lot more in common than differences and I’m glad to see those commonalities emerge as you carried on the debate in the comments. It sounds as if FreezeFrame has been burned by porn consumption of a partner and perhaps Federica has not, but there’s no need to resort to ad hominem rebukes (“You’re young.” “OK Boomer”) to accept that people have different experiences and interpret their experiences differently and to have some compassion for those who have been hurt and some empathy for those who, if they haven’t been hurt yet, probably will be in one way or another.

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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