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Lola returned from her jog in her tank top and short shorts. Winded, she stood over me and managed to say, “Meet me in the bedroom.”

“Take a shower,” I said, eager to lick her from toe to head.

“No, have me now.”

“Take a shower,” I repeated.

“I’ll be in the bedroom, naked on the bed. Either you fuck me or I’ll fuck me.”

A few moments later I got to the bedroom and she had already begun to caress her glistening pussy lips.

“I thought you liked me dirty and sweaty?” she asked, looking up at me from the bed as her fingers continued to work her puss.

“I want you wet and clean.”

“Well I’m wet. And I’m not even dirty.”

“No, just your thoughts are, I’m sure.”

“Come here and I’ll tell you.”

I slowly eased my way down on her.

“I’m not dirty or sweaty,” she repeated.

“Just horny,” I joked.

“So horny,” she said, grabbing my cock and guiding it back and forth over her pussy lips, just as her fingers were doing. “When I was jogging, there was a man who was jogging in the opposite direction, towards me. I could see that he had no underwear on. I could clearly make out the shape of his enormous cock.”

“I bet you turned right around and followed him,” I said as her hands now guided my entry into her and she moaned a little.

“No,” she objected. I waited till I saw him circling back around toward me. Then I pretended like my sneaker was untied and bent over to tie it.”

“You’re bad. What did he do?”

“He slowed down and watched.”

“Did you jog together?”

“No, I ran home to have you!”

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