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The light was red. The wallpaper was red. The tablecloths were red. And the candles were red. A live jazz trio played at the other end of the bar. We sat in plush, tufted red leather chairs drinking martinis. Lo’s bare knees were exposed, her legs crossed, her short skirt inching its way up her thighs. She looked at Jim with wide eyes as he told us about the plans for their wedding which was only a couple of weeks away. I sat across from Jim and Lo, nursing my drink as they talked animatedly. They were fond of each other. I was enjoying the beauty of the two of them as the liquor transformed the dive bar to a dreamscape.

“I can’t believe that in little more than two weeks, you two will be married!” said Lo, grabbing Jim’s hand as she said it. “Married!” she repeated.

“Are you going to have a bachelor party?” I asked. “A big send-off to say goodbye to your days of freedom?”

“I already had it,” he said.

“What?!” asked Lo, surprised. “When? Tell us!”

Jim told us that the previous week he had gone back to his hometown to spend a long weekend with his college buddies fishing at a remote lake.

“Fishing?” asked Lo, skeptically.

“Yeah,” said Jim.

“No strip clubs?” she asked.

“No,” said Jim.

“Oh, I get it, they came to you at the cottage.”

“No. No strippers. Nothing like that. It wasn’t a weekend in Vegas. It was just friends spending time together. Fishing.”

“Well,” said Lo, “shouldn’t you have a proper last hurrah?” As she said it, she indicated with her tongue what she had in mind.

“Where’s Lily?” I interjected. As much as I enjoyed seeing Lo seduce Jim, I also wanted to give him a moment to think it over. He seemed so much like a deer in the headlights.

“She’s in New York. Actually, for her bachelorette party.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, very matter-of-factly. “What’s she doing for it?”

The trumpet player had just ramped up his virtuosic solo and was now growling with the horn. I looked over at him for a moment. My eyes returned back to Jim. He was in agony. He looked at me. He couldn’t look at Lo. He said, “She’s with her friends.”

“What’s she doing? Having a party with her girlfriends from college?”

“No,” said Jim. “She’s with. . .” he paused, “she’s with her guy friends. She’s having her ‘last hurrah.’ A crazy orgy or slut-fest with every guy she’d slept with when she lived there.”

“You’re kidding!” said Lo, putting her hand on Jim’s hand and laughing.

“No, I’m not!” he said, frustrated, embarrassed, angry.

“Well, good for her,” said Lo. “I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic to you or anything, but fuck! Good for her, you know. Fuck the patriarchy!”

Jim laughed, despite himself.

“But if you didn’t get your slut-fest for your bachelor party, then let’s make it happen tonight,” she said, sliding a little closer to him.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to inform you, dear reader, that none of this was done without Lily’s knowledge. In fact, it was done with her blessing, her planning even. She thought that there was no one better than Lo to help Jim with his self-esteem and jealousy sprouting from their having an open relationship in which only one party had any traffic entering her open door.

Lily thought it best that Jim not know that she was in cahoots with this plan and allow him to enjoy the feeling of seducing Lo, or being seduced by her.

Jim looked to me as if to ask my permission.

“No pressure,” I said, “but I’m fine with it if you are.”

We paid our tab and I drove the two of them back to our place. They sat in the back seat, making out. This was a very familiar scenario for Lo and me by now. I could see her reach down for his cock.

“Lo,” I said as I pulled up to our place, “we’re home.”

I shut off the car. Lo held Jim’s hand and led him in.

“You two have fun,” I said as I fixed myself a whiskey on the rocks.

I listened as best I could, but I didn’t hear anything. I picked up a book and began reading on the couch in the living room. Lo is usually louder than that, I thought.

About twenty minutes later I heard the squeak of the shower knobs being turned. I thought for sure I’d hear the sound of Lo’s voice soon to follow.

Not only did I hear her voice, but I saw her lovely image as she walked into the living room wearing only one of my old t-shirts.

“What brings you out here, dear?” I asked, looking up from my book.

She sat close to me and, in a whisper, she said, “He came.” She was disappointed.


“Yep. In the car.”

“Oh, Lo,” I said in a tone of sympathy for her loss.

“I hardly even touched him. I just rubbed him maybe once or twice.”

“And that’s it. He’s done for the night?”

“He’s very embarrassed. He’s taking a shower now to clean up. He thanked me, but I think he wants to go home.”

“Hmmm,” I said, taking it all in. “I guess I’ll take him home then.”

“But Daddio,” she said as she reached to unbuckle my belt, “what about me?”


“I’m the do-gooder here who’s left high and dry.”

“More like all wet.”

She fumbled with my belt buckle. “Please, Daddy. Let me have it.”


“Please. Just one look.”


She took out my hard member. She lowered her mouth on it.


“Just one lick.”

“You said ‘look,’” I rebuked her.

As I did so, she eagerly took me deep in her mouth. She slid her lips off my rod and then straddled me on the couch, riding my cock up and down. “Just one. . .”

She wanted just one something. She was going at it when Jim returned, dressed, from the bedroom. He sat down in the chair across from us. He watched Lo rise and fall and she looked at him seductively. She grabbed her tits and flicked her nipples with her fingers.

She maneuvered me so that I was now sitting behind her and she was reverse cowgirl on me, looking right at Jim with her legs spread. “Come here,” she commanded to him.

He obeyed, walking right up to her, between my spread legs and hers. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down to give her a kiss.

I could feel Lo’s pussy clench on my cock and I knew what was coming next.

“You might want to step back a bit,” I said to Jim too late.

Lo was moaning and rubbing her clit as she lifted up off my cock and squirted, soaking Jim’s slacks.

“Jim,” she said, when she regained her senses, “just stay the night.”

“I appreciate the offer. . . and everything,” he said politely, “I really do, but I think I should just get going home.”

“OK,” I said, fumbling to replace my protruding member into my underwear, zip up, and buckle my belt uncomfortably.

Lo had left the room to get some paper towels and was on all fours on the hardwood floor, her ass partially exposed, cleaning up the puddle. She looked up at Jim. “You’re welcome to stay, but if you want to go, HH will drive you.”

“It’s ok, I’ll walk,” he said, “It will be good for me to get some air.”

Lo got up and hugged him, and I said, “See you at the wedding.” I immediately regretted those parting words.

He let himself out and Lo cuddled up next to me on the couch. “Poor Lily,” she said.

“Yeah,” I concurred.

“You don’t know the half of it,” said Lo.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, not only did he cum after only two strokes, but he’s tiny.”

“You only saw him after he came.”

“Daddy, I’ve seen a lot of cocks in my day. I know a tiny cock when I see one,” she said as she lifted her pinky in the air and said, “Smaller than this.”

“Well, at least they love each other,” I said.

“Love can fill a lot of gaps in a relationship,” said Lo, “but there’s one hole that needs more than just love.”

“What a true romantic you are.”

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