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“Have you been to any strip-clubs lately?” Lola asked as I fucked her.


“Watch any porn?”

“Only with you.”

“Jack off?”


“When’s the last time you jacked off?”

I continued to fuck her as my mind went through my mental calendar trying to remember. “Darling, I think it was with you.”


“You asked to see me stroke it. I opened the computer and looked at all your sexy pics, your naughty pics, your sweet pics, and jacked it to them right in front of you.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, working up to an orgasm, “I remember that.”

She came.

After some moments her breath returned to normal. I was still on top of her, her legs spread, her inner thighs very wet. I rested for a moment and then I whispered in her ear, “But I’d like to go to a strip-club.”

Her body didn’t respond to mine. I continued my thought. “I’d like to see you there, stripping. All eyes on you. I’d be in the back and I’d watch as you danced on stage, did some tricks on the pole.”

Now she was returning my thrusts. “What would I be wearing?”

“You’d come out in a dress, but it would be a special dress that you would tear off at the beginning of the second song. You’d be in heels and you’d have a thong and bikini top on under the dress. Guys in the front row would wave dollar bills at you and you’d slink your way up to them and for each dollar, you’d peel back your little thong covering your pussy and let them have a peek before placing the dollar in the side strings of the thong.”

Now she was working up to orgasm number two. I let her have her moment of bliss in silence as her imagination took my conjurings to another level. When she came back down, I continued. “After your three songs, you’d walk through the tables of the strip joint and see who wanted at lap dance. The guy sitting next to me would offer you a crisp fifty dollar bill and you take it. Pulling your tits out of your bikini top, you pull his head to your breasts and let him lick and kiss and suck your nipples. I can see by the look on your face that you like it. You open your eyes for a moment and look at me and you are doubly enjoying the fact that you’re getting to do this in front of me. You then turn around and sit on his lap. You slide your pussy back and forth over his hard cock that is in his pants until you can feel him ejaculating under you. You get up and look down and see his cum soaking through his slacks and you feel it’s a job well done. You allow him to kiss your tum one last time as you walk away.”

By now she was cumming harder than the previous two orgasms combined. I pulled out, feeling myself on the cusp of overflow and I went to lie on my back to let the urge subside, but, as soon as I was flat on my back, I felt Lo’s lips coaxing my orgasm out of me into her mouth. It was a surprising and delightful conclusion to our fantasy night at the club.

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