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I have heard from many fans of mysexlifewithlola — both men and women — who tell me how much they love to read and re-read each story. Such complements are indeed welcome, but the most rewarding responses are from women who write to say how Lo has changed their lives. Women write that they finally feel comfortable with their own sexuality after reading about Lo’s sexual liberation. Yet other women write in saying how they read such-and-such a story many times and each time it brings them to orgasm as they self-pleasure. Indeed, it seems, the majority of my readers — to my surprise actually — are women. I am glad for that and glad that people all over the world find affirmation, liberation, fornication, and masturbation as a result of my love song to Lo.

[Excerpt from “Per-Verse,” from the blog:]

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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