Express Yourself

It was Mother’s Day and Lo was bent over the bed, looking at her phone. Her red dress was flipped up and over her hips, exposing her ass and lovely pussy lips. I mounted her and she told me the following story:

‘Fuck!’ I heard her call from the bathroom. A few moments later, ‘God damnit!’ I was nervous.

I was feeding the little one in his high chair and the other two were watching TV.

‘Can I help?’ I asked through the closed door.

‘Yes,’ I heard after a moment. ‘Lola can you come in here?’

I slowly opened the bathroom door to find her, the mom whose kids I’d be babysitting that night, struggling with her manual breast pump, trying to express some milk for the baby. Her long green gown was folded down over her hips, leaving her torso completely exposed. She was clearly stressed.

‘Lo,’ she said, ‘I can’t get this damn thing to work. It’s not sealing properly around my nipple or something. I know this is awkward, but can you. . .’ She didn’t finish her sentence. She thought of how to say it. And then she just came out with it. ‘Can you hold the bottle for me over my nipple?’

I wasn’t one to say no to her, ever. I walked up to her. She unscrewed the suction cup top of the bottle off and passed the container to me. I held it up to her breast, shyly at first. She used one hand to pull on her long nipple and then she used both hands to gently squeeze her breast. It was awkward, to say the least, with me standing in front of her half-naked body as she milked herself.

She looked right at me and said, ‘Thank you. I’m already late and that thing is so cumbersome to use.’

‘No problem,’ I said, smiling foolishly. I had a crush on her since the day I met her. She had frequently gotten naked in front of me, as if it was no big deal. But now she was taking things to a different level. I looked at her big, full breasts and I almost leaned in to suck them myself.

The bottle was about half full and she said, ‘My fingers are cramping from this. Would you mind?’

What?! She wanted me to milk her?! Would I mind? Nothing would make me happier at that moment, except, as I said, sucking her tits myself.

I got behind her and she held the bottle to her other breast. I gently squeezed with both hands. She used one hand to pull on her nipple and get the milk flowing. Soon I was expressing her like a pro, squirting it out into the jar. She was so full, so ready.

She said, ‘Oh, God that feels good,’ in a way that sounded like I was making her cum. She added, ‘You have no idea how painful it can be to skip a feeding. It just has to come out.’

It was all over way too quickly. She dried off her nipples. A task I would have happily done with my mouth. And then she put on her special bra and I helped her with her dress, zipping her up from the back.

‘Thank you, Lo,’ she said as she put the nipple on the top of the bottle. ‘Hopefully that will be enough for tonight.’

As Lo told me this story, she was looking at various videos of lactating women and I was going at her from behind. She had never before told me her kink for lactation, but I was very, very glad to hear it.

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