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Fap. Jill. Vibe. Flick the bean. Solo time. T.C.B.

However you call it, Lo does it. And she does it more than any woman I’ve ever met and more than most women whose rumored self-pleasure sessions have reached my ears.

That said, it came as no surprise to me when I heard. . . well, just sit down, get comfortable, and I’ll tell you.

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Lo had gone on her date. I was home, alone. At least she had had the courtesy to jack me off before leaving. But what to do with my time? You see, dear compassionate reader, when Lo goes off like that, it puts me in the greatest state of tension and anticipation. If only I could be there on all of her dates, sitting at the bar, watching from afar.

But Lo needs, deserves, and wants her space. I get that. And, to be fair, the eager expectation is more than half the fun. The other half is hearing her tell the tale to me in bed.

Still, that gap between her departure and arrival must be filled. A hard, very hard task.

I can’t just go out with friends. My mind would be preoccupied. And what if I missed Lo’s return?

Reading is futile. My every wandering thought is of Lo, and the thoughts wonder frequently, just like Lo.

Writing? Well, sometimes that is a good pastime.

But on this occasion I got up to some mischief.

You, my faithful reader, are well aware from long ago that Lo is insanely jealous. Not just of my attention, not just of other women, but of literally anyone who might remotely rival her in my eyes. Hence, she was frequently frowning upon my watching Weeds, and especially Mary-Louise Parker, whose character, Nancy Botwin, not only intrigued me, but reminded me of Lo in a number of ways.

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Somehow, during Lo’s late night adventures most likely, I managed to get through all the episodes of that series. And for a good long time, nothing replaced it. . .

. . . until SMILF came along with its very Lo-like star, Frankie Shaw.

Lo and I had watched the first episode together, but when Frankie got down and dirty, Lo hit the power button and said, “Nope. No more for you.”

“But. . .” I tried to protest.

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“But nothing. If you’re getting hard watching, then I’m shutting it off and you and I can go to the bedroom and get fucking.” And that’s just what we did.

Now that Lo was out, and most likely getting fucking with someone else, the image of Frankie Shaw on the “recently watched” option of the T.V. menu was calling to me and I thought, “This is ridiculous. This is more than a double-standard. This is cruel and unusual punishment.” So I hit “Play.”

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My suspicions were borne out; Frankie Shaw is just like Lo. When she frantically scrolls through the photos on her computer with one hand down her panties, it was a replay of a vignette I had seen so many times with Lo in the starring role. In my mind, though, Frankie Shaw was fapping it to, scrolling through all the desultory images of Lo fapping it to who-knows-what — probably to Frankie Shaw, if I’m being honest, since Lo loves to condemn with me that which she condones privately.

I only got through another two and a half episodes before I saw the headlights of a car out front stop and let out a passenger. It was Lo. I could tell by the swivel of her hips as she walked. The T.V. was off before she was in the house.

“Hello,” she called from the door.

“Hello,” I called back.

She peered in the unlit living room. “Sitting in the dark?”

“It’s my best light and greatest comfort.”

“Well, it can be dark in the bedroom too,” she said, walking down the hall, her leather boots on the wood floor sounding like seductive music to my ears.

I got up and followed her and said, “You bring the light,” as I turned on the nightstand lamp to see her. Upon reflection I added, “You know, that’s where Lucifer gets his name.”

“What?” she asked, looking at me quizzically.

“Lucifer, it literally means, ‘carrier of light.’ It is said that he, like Prometheus before him, had stolen the holy light of God and ferried it to humans. Artists for millennia have understood that light to be metaphoric for creative inspiration, not literal light. That’s what you are, my Lucifer.”

“Well, get in bed if you want to fuck like the devil.”

I waisted no time. I hopped under the sheets as she stood next to the bed looking at herself across the room in the full-length mirror.

“Good date?” I inquired.

She took off her black leather jacket and removed her shirt. No bra. She was wearing a bra when she left. It must have been a good date.

She bent over, took off her boots, and then slid out of her skirt. Still no panties.

Her naked body eased up next to me and she whispered in my ear. “Did you miss me, Daddy?”

“I always miss you when you’re gone.”

“Did you wonder what I was doing?’

“Of course.”

“What did you do while I was out?”

“I’m more interested in what you did,” I said. (See what I did there?)

“Slide in me and I’ll tell you,” she said.

As I complied, she moaned and said, “I missed you, Daddy.”

I guess I have a type.

I entered her and, truth be told, all I could feel was how very wet she was. It made me think of the scene from SMILF where Frankie Shaw is having sex with the tall, big, basketball player, surrounded by all the other guys from the team, and he says, “Am I in you?”

Just as I thought that, Lo said, “Can you feel me, Daddy? Am I loose?”

“So loose,” I said, “Like the opening of a tent flapping in the wind.”

“Well,” she said, “you don’t have to be so explicit about it.”

“I wasn’t explicit,” I said, “it was a simile.”

“Here’s a simile: Get in my ass, it’s just like my pussy, only tighter.”

I laughed and followed her instruction. She moaned.

“Your ass is a vice,” I said. “That’s a metaphor.”

“I thought you meant that my ass is a vice, like gambling or liquor,” she said over her shoulder.

“It’s that too, and so many other things.”

“Oh yeah, what else?”

“It’s the seat of my love for you.”

“Look, Daddio, I want to get fucked good, hard, long, and hard. I want cock, right now, not poetry, so get up there and give it to me.”

“You said hard twice.”

“I want it twice as hard.”

I gave her what she wanted and said, “And I want to hear about your date.”

Once she was good and pumped, she began talking in between gasps for air.

“I showed up, looking slutty, smelling sweeter than cotton candy, and wetter than a flower in the rainforest.”

“Who’s the poet now?” I asked.

“Shut up and keep pounding.”

“Keep cumming and carry on,” I said, feeling her gushing.

“He was a perfect gentleman. He stood when I approached him.”

“I’m sure he stood at attention.”

“And he had saved me a seat at the bar. I sat down and after he got me my drink, I swiveled toward him and spread my legs so he could see, very clearly, what I was wearing under my skirt.”

“As I recall, you weren’t wearing anything.”

“That’s right, not even a merkin, as you had suggested.”

“I still think the merkin was the way to go.”

“Maybe next time, dear, but this time I was quite exposed.”

“Quite the exposé.”

“But not quite the big reveal. Not yet anyway.”

“I’m listening.”

“Yeah,” she said, “but not fucking. Deeper Daddio.”

I grabbed on to her ass with both hands and spread her as far as she would go for maximum insertion. She moaned deeply.

“Don’t get lost in your orgasm,” I warned, “I’m just as deeply invested in your story.”

“I asked him if he felt like eating.”

“The ambiguity of your question is delicious.”

“He paid the tab and we walked out of the hotel bar. I thought we were going to go to his car, but as we were in the lobby, we saw the guests of a wedding filtering into the ballroom. He stopped me and said, ‘I have an idea. You look too good not to show off. Let’s go.’ And then he took me by the hand and we crashed the wedding party.”

“Very impulsive.”

“We danced for a good hour before the food was served. He twirled me and dipped me, sweeping me off my feet.”

“Giving great views of your gams, I’m sure.”

“My what?”

“Never mind.”

“From there we went to the hotel room he had ready.”

“Just for a nightcap.”

“In the elevator up to the room, he kissed me passionately and his right hand began going up my skirt.”

“I bet the elevator wasn’t the only thing going up.”

“In the hotel room he sat me down in the chair and asked if he could make a request.”

“What was that?”

“He wanted to watch.”


“He wanted to watch me finger myself, with my clothes on. He said that his wife has a fear of fapping. She never does it. And it’s one of his favorite fantasies — women masturbating.”

“Well, he found the right woman, alright.”

“That was no coincidence. He had been reading the blog for a long time. He tried to get his wife to read it, to open her up to new ideas.”

“And, did it?”

“He said it didn’t. I told him, ‘Well, I’m wide open.’ That’s when he could resist no more and he fucked me good, hard, long, and hard.”

“There you go again,” I said.


“You said hard twice.”

“Well, he was hard. I was easy.”

I couldn’t take it any longer and I ejaculated deep inside her.

“Lo, you are the poet here,” I said as I slowly pulled out. “You pain such vivid images in my mind.”

“And now that you’ve dipped your pen in my inkwell, I’m sure you’ll write all about it.”

“I’m full of ideas.”

“And I’m full of cum. Get me a towel.”


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