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[The mini-series “Mount Bliss” continues.]

Since the story of what happened that week was leaked to me piece-by-piece through various curt emails and similarly brief phone calls, punctuated by alluring photos with suggestive texts, I’ll just tell you the story that I heard when Lo and I were finally reunited together at Collins lakeside cabin.

Tuesday night Lily, Lo, and Collin returned to the farm-to-table restaurant to have the meal that they had helped harvest earlier that day. Lo was dusty and disheveled due to all the work, but the restaurant’s dress code was quite lax. They had what Lo described as one of the most scrumptious meals of her life. It was just the three of them at a small, candle-lit table. Collin regaled them with stories.

Back at the cottage, Lo and Lily went to bed early again, exhausted from all the day’s activities. Lo repeated her solo performance of the night before, telling Lily as she rubbed one out how hot she finds Lily’s Uncle Collin. She went through a little fantasy of spending time with him in a hotel room somewhere away from her Aunt Suzanne.

The next day was a crystal clear blue sky reflected in the still mirror-like water of the lake. Collin, pleased and almost proud of the weather as if it was his handywork, said they’d spend the day on the boat. Lo and Lily got into their bikinis and, after breakfast, they got into the speedboat and departed, without Suzanne again. She and the dogs, Shadow and Bandit, were on the dock as the boat pulled away. She wished them a fun time and returned to the house as the trio sped off, sending ripples across the lake’s surface.

When they got to the middle of the lake, Collin stopped the boat and turned to the girls, asking, “Want to have some fun?”

Lily’s eyes lit up as she grabbed the tubes and threw them behind the boat, careful to avoid the motor. Lo was confused, but Lily literally showed her the ropes. The two of them got on top of the inner tubes and held on to the rope, tethered to the boat.

“Don’t go too fast!” called Lily to Collin. Then she showed Lola the hand-signals for: faster, slower, stop.

Collin gave the thumbs-up sign. Lily turned to Lo and asked, “Ready?”

Not sure what was going to happen, Lo gave a frightened nod.

Lily gave the thumbs-up sign back to Collin and away they went.

The tubes bounced off the waves made by the boat as they scudded across the surface of the lake, slowly at first, but with gradually increasing speed. Lo held on tightly and was having a fun, if terrifying, time.

They danced across the nearly vacant lake, making large figure eights and tight circles. But then Lo felt something that made her apprehensive. She could feel the bottoms of her bikini sliding off with the resistance of the waves splashing over her. She put up her hand on her head to indicate stop, but Collin didn’t see until it was too late. About fifty yards back were her yellow bikini bottoms floating on the water. She was lucky they floated. Actually, she would have been find either way I guess.

When they realized what had happened, Lily and Collin had a good laugh. Lo let go of the rope and swam, her naked bum bouncing in the water, as she retrieved her bottoms.

She put them on in the water and tied the strings tightly.

They continued the tubing adventure until, when Collin stopped the boat again, Lo lifted up her head to listen to what he was saying. She couldn’t hear him over the sputter of the engine, so he did pantomime. Then she realized that he was telling her that her top had fallen down. The waves had pushed her bikini top down below her tits. They laughed again at her public exposure.

When the trio returned to the cottage and docked the boat, the girls decided to lie out and sunbathe.

Collin joked that since Lo’s bikini was so averse to staying on her body, she should just tan in the buff. Lo took him at his word and asked, “Is that ok?”

“Sure,” he said with a wide grin.

Both Lo and Lily removed their bikinis and lay out in the noontime sun while Collin and Suzanne waited on them hand and foot.

At one point, when Collin and Suzanne were inside, Lo turned to Lily next to her and asked, “Don’t you feel a little awkward nude in front of your uncle?”

Lily looked at Lo, smiled mysteriously, and simply said, “Nah. It’s no different than being naked in front of my dad.”

Lo went back to sipping her G&T wondering what that meant.

The rest of that day was spent lounging around the house, swimming, playing badminton, horseshoes, and cornhole, all in the nude outside while Suzanne and Collin, dressed, looked on like two proud parents. A few boats slowed down as they passed about a hundred yards from the shore, enamored of the view, no doubt. That night they all stayed in and watched a movie. Of course Collin chose, Blue is the Warmest Color, which neither Lo nor I had seen, despite all the adulation and criticism it received.

By the time they watched it, Lo and Lily had showered and were dressed, but that didn’t stop Lo from stroking her pussy surreptitiously under a blanket during that eight minute long steamy sex scene. She wondered, of course, what Collin or Collin and Suzanne were scheming by putting that particular movie on for “the girls” to watch.

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