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Within a few days Lo had contacted the front-runners and set up phone interviews. In the e-mails three of the finalists responded with a phone number, though one contestant dropped out due to lack of response. It was also at this stage that Lo and I thought that it would be fun to tease the contestants by letting them have a peek at the prize, so we told people about Anyone who was still interested in a phone call (and that was all three of the remaining contestants) just had to find a mutually good time for a hot and sexy chat.

It is with trepidation that Lo informs her prospects about the blog. “Don’t, Daddy,” she said, just before I was about to hit send on the e-mail with the link.


“Cause, they’ll think I’m a freak. It’ll scare them off.”

“Lo. Seriously?”


“Lo, I have to say, for all your experience, I don’t think you really understand male psychology.”

“What do you mean?”

“Any man who reads about you is going to go out-of-his-fucking-mind. You are what every man thinks is his dream.”

“What do you mean, ‘thinks’?” she asked, perturbed by the qualifier.

“I mean, I truly doubt that any man would be able to handle you.”

“Maybe I just didn’t find the right man yet.”

She was trying to get my goat and doing so very successfully. For all my encouragement of her cuckolding ways, part of the high I get from it is the fear that she might actually find a man (or at least a cock) that satisfies her. As long as she’s in love with me, wants me, needs me, and comes home to me — her daddy — then I’m ok with this arrangement. But there is always the lurking threat of being replaced by someone else and that I couldn’t handle. So, in a weird way I rely on Lo’s insatiable desire to keep our relationship happy. Once she is satiated (by someone else), I’m done for!

She saw my face blanch and she cruelly toyed with me, “I mean, Daddy, if I could find a cock like this,” she pulled out her suction-cup dildo from the nightstand drawer, “I think that might do the trick.” She began teasing her lower lips with the tip of the synthetic cock. She slowly penetrated herself, but then stopped abruptly. She got up and stuck the cock to the tiled wall in the bathroom and backed into it.

“Come here,” she called.

I went into the bathroom. She was bent over and as her ass slid up to the cold tile and then away from it, her hands fumbled with my belt buckle. She undid it and pulled out my cock and began sucking it.

“Sit down,” she instructed.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub. She went down on my cock as she fucked herself with the dildo.

“This is what I want, Daddy. I want you and a great big cock to fill me up as you watch.”

Soon she was slamming her ass all the way back into the wall and screaming. Her moaning and calling were intense and she couldn’t keep her mouth on my cock, so she took it in her left hand and held on tight as she came.

When she was done, she started walking to the bedroom to get dressed, but she suddenly stopped, squeezed her legs together, and, looking down at the small puddle on the wood floor, she said, “Whoops! I squirted.”

As she cleaned up her little mess, she continued with the conversation as if we weren’t ever interrupted. “I guess the guys will like it, but what about that girl? She’s so young. She’ll definitely think I’m freaky-deaky.”

“Well,” I said, “to be fair, she should know what it is she’d be getting into with you.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

[Excerpt from the story, “Get Your Freak On!” from the blog:]

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