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Lo had a crush on a young man in her French literature class. As it turned out Lo was a wiz at French and also a keen reader of literature. The object of her attention, a boy named Alan, however, was not as blessed as Lo with natural ability in the subject. Looking back on it, as Lo said to me, Alan was nothing like her usual type. He was tall, a bit dorky and nerdish, not very fashion conscious, and he was far thinner and lankier than most men she found herself lusting after. But, there was one thing that attracted her to him despite all these drawbacks — he paid no attention to her. At first Lo wrote this off as a deficiency or flaw on his part, but it slowly, over the course of the semester, grew to almost mythic proportions in her mind — to the point that she just had to conquer this apathetic geek.

So one day I proposed a little quid pro quo with him. It was mid-terms and I knew he was sweating about his grade. He knew I only got A’s in the class. I told him I’d read over his mid-term essay and make all the necessary corrections and that he would have to do something for me. I told him I was really busy during the day, but he should stop by my dorm that night with his essay.

I put on my little red plaid mini skirt and I put my hair in pig-tails. I had a white button-down blouse and my knee-high stockings on. When he showed up he didn’t even notice. [She made a sad face when telling this to me.] Can you believe it? Well, he sat down in my chair and I sat on the bed. I crossed and uncrossed and re-crossed my legs for him, hopefully giving him a quick peek at my red panties. I looked over his paper with intensity. I made some corrections, and then I got up and put it on the desk in front of him. He looked at it and I bent over far so that my breasts were practically falling out of my blouse and into his face. I went over each correction and told him, very slowly, exactly why it was wrong. He just nodded and said, ‘Ah, I see.’ Well, I hope he saw! [She pouted.]

When I was done telling him all this, he looked at me and said, ‘Thank you so much, Lo. You’re a life saver! What can I do for you?’ I thought he was never going to ask. I went over to my closet and I bent over very far, certainly far enough to flash my thong at him as I pretended to look for something. I grabbed a few pairs of shoes from the floor and brought them over to him. I was sitting on the bedside again and I put on one pair and said, ‘What do you think?’ I lifted up my legs, I got up, did a little twirl, sat down, lifted my leg and put it on his lap. He looked dumbfounded. ‘OK,’ I said, ‘How about these?’ I did the same thing with another pair and he again was a blank stare.

‘What do you need me to do?’ he asked, stupidly.

‘Come back tomorrow night and I’ll show you,’ I said out of frustration.

The next night he came back and this time I was wearing only a t-shirt over my panties. I let him in saying, ‘Oh, Alan. I forgot you were coming over here tonight.’

‘Do you want me to go?’ he asked. Moron. Of course I didn’t want him to go. And of course I didn’t forget about our date.

He came in and I quickly went over to the computer that had porn on it and I shut it as if I was caught in the middle of something.

‘What was it you needed?’ he asked, naively.

‘Alan, let me suck your cock.’


‘Please,’ I begged as I got on my knees before he even knew what hit him.

‘Lola,’ he said, confused.

Silly boy, as I found out later, he thought that I was offering to do him a favor when he had come there to do me a favor. Little did he realize how much of a favor he would be doing for me if he would just pull out his cock and let me suck it.

‘Come on,’ I said as I was on the floor moving my hands slowly up his pant leg.

‘Lola, I, uh, I would, uh, I am involved with someone,’ he finally blurted out inelegantly. I think he was making it up, who knows why, but it was the one and only time I was ever rejected. . . . Before you, that is, she said with a combination of love and loathing.

[Excerpt from the story, “Love and Loathing,” from the blog:]

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