Friday Morning Fantasy

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Friday morning and Lo was sleeping late. I had to be at work early and so I went into the bedroom to kiss her goodbye. Not finding her in the bed, but hearing the shower running, I opened the door to the master bath and called, “Lo?”

“Ahhh!” I heard screech from behind the shower curtain — a scream of sudden surprise so unexpected that I jumped.

Lo pulled the curtain back and there she was, standing in all her naked, wet beauty with the shower head wedged between her legs. “You scared me to death!”

“You scared me!”

What do you want?”

“I just came to kiss you goodbye.”

“Well, shit, I was just about to cum.”



“Well,” I stammered, “carry on.”

“No, no. Fuck. Goodbye,” she said, leaning a bit to kiss me goodbye.

I leaned toward her, habitually, but then stopped myself. “Wait a second.”


“Were you jillin’ it just now thinking about Dean?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.”

“You were! You totally were!”

“Go! Get going to work. You’re going to be late!”

“Good-bye!” I said, turning without a kiss for her.

“Are you mad, Daddio?” I heard her call after me.

I made no response. When I got outside, even with the window to the bathroom closed due to the cool October air, I could hear her moaning from within the shower.

Did she finish or didn’t she?

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