Cum, Daddy

I felt her snuggle up to me — her warm, naked body sliding over mine. I felt her breasts on my back, her right hand on my hip. Then she slid that hand further and further toward my already erect member. When she clasped it, I could feel the forearm, wrist, and left hand pulsating between her legs up against my lower back.

“I had such vivid sex dreams again, Daddy,” she whispered in my ear. She didn’t know if I was awake, but she had the rapt attention of the part of me that was up. “We were at a party,” she continued, “and there were three women, including me, and five guys, one of whom was you. At one point I said, ‘Oh, I really want to get laid.’ I don’t know why I said it, other than I was horny, but everyone took it as a cue to get naked. They did and at first the other two women — blonds in their twenties, practically identical — starting going at it on the bed. The four other guys were around the bed watching them while you and I were on a large chair. You were sitting and I slid my ass slowly down on your hard, erect cock. I was so very wet and as I was riding you, I rubbed my clit, pussy lips, and the shaft of your rod. I began gushing all over my palm.

“The other guys saw us and one-by-one they turned toward us and surrounded us, grasping their dicks in their hands, jackin’ themselves off as I looked on longingly. The sight of them got me even more randy than I already was and I came in waves on your lap as I licked my lips to the sight of them. I leaned forward and took each of them in my mouth as you continued to fill me. My tits were hanging down and I held them and pulled at my nipples as I gave each guy a turn with my mouth. Eventually I sat up and watched them as one-by-one, each jacked it for me, cumming all over my tits, face, and especially my puss. The feel of their cum on you and your balls as you fucked me got you off and, last of all, you came inside me.”

By this point she had rolled away from me and she had spread her legs and stuffed her hand up in her to the knuckles inside her wet snatch. She plunged in and out of her pussy until she came — in waves, just like she had described — all over the bed sheets.


Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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