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Duotone balls. If you don’t know what these are, allow me to explain. They are similar to Ben Wa balls, both of which are made for vaginal insertion. But Duotone balls are attached to each other by a small string and some people use them for anal insertion as well. The concept behind both Ben Wa balls and Duotone balls is that these balls, about the size of a half-dollar in diameter, are actually metal balls encased in another hollow ball made of smooth rubber. The inner ball rolls around in its casing, bouncing against the sides of the outer ball and thus creating a vibration. There are two such “double balls” and these two balls will bounce against each other causing the inner balls of each to create a double vibration.

The first time Lo used this present we were going out to eat with friends, followed by dancing at a club. My little Lo inserted the balls at home and then slid on her thong panties. We hopped on the subway and went to the bar where we were meeting friends. The subway is a great place for these balls because the inevitable rocking and bouncing of the far-from-smooth-ride causes the balls to vibrate and produces an odd sensation that is akin to being fucked in public without anyone knowing. There my little Lo sat on the subway having her pussy massaged from the inside while I sat next to her watching her face contort with pleasure as the balls did their thing.

We then got to the bar, met our friends and talked over drinks. When at rest the balls don’t really do anything except, on occasion, make Lo realize how tight her little pussy is. But when we went out dancing — now the balls were fully activated! Lo never danced like that. I think she achieved orgasm about four or five times while on the dance floor and this just made her all the more hungry for cock. She was grinding with me and anyone else she could find. On occasion I would park myself at the bar and have a drink and just watch my little horny nympho go at it on the dance floor.

Eventually she slowly sidled up to some guy and got his attention. Then she started dancing close to him; making seductive eyes at him and running her tongue over her sparkling teeth. Next she turned around and popped her little ass out at him and enticed him to grab ahold of it, which he did. She then was grinding right into his pelvis and made sure she felt his cock growing harder as her ass and pussy rubbed it up and down through his pants on the dance floor. She then turned around again and did a little dance move where she went down, almost on her knees, in front of him as she opened her mouth. She continued like this for a while until she encouraged him to put his knee between her legs so that she could rub her hot little pussy on it back and forth, feigning a dance move, but really getting off like a bitch in heat.

Her little mini-skirt went up and he looked down to see her tiny pink thong being pressed and pushed aside by his knee. She then turned around and danced close to him, pulling his hand from around her waist and pushing it down to her ass. In this way she encouraged him to not only grab her ass, but to move his hand surreptitiously to rub her pussy and asshole from behind, gently teasing and pushing against her as they danced together. I could tell she was having an orgasm there on the crowded dance floor. Once she was done, she came back to the bar. She said to me, “We have to go before I take this guy around back and suck his cock off. It’s either him or you. Which is it going to be?” So I took her back home.

On the subway ride home her balls were still driving her mad with desire as the subway bounced its way along the track. As is typical for a Saturday night in our college town, the subway was crowded with drunken revelers either on their way back home or going from one bar to another across town. My little Lo and I were lucky to get a seat and she, pulsating with the pressure of her pussy to be fucked, slowly moved her right hand from her knee, up her bare leg to her inner thigh and, very, very gradually stuck out her index finger to her clit and began rubbing it over her panties.

Now I’m sure little Lo in her slightly inebriated state thought she was being sly, but I, who had more of my wits about me, was not only aware of what she was doing, but also aware that the young couple sitting across from us was watching this entire show. Lo had her eyes shut and only opened them from time to time to see if anyone was watching. (Perhaps she was secretly hoping that someone was. No, actually, I’m sure she was hoping this — the little slut.) The couple across from us was trying to pretend to be oblivious to it — it is, after all, bad etiquette to stare on a train. But I could see, in my own sly way, that they both were well aware of Lo’s antics. The gal was watching with a sense of disgust and she was making faces to indicate that she was appalled by Lo’s finger feeling her wet panties. But the guy was clearly enjoying the evening’s entertainment. At one point his girlfriend hit his knee to express her displeasure with his voyeurism, but that didn’t stop him. They eventually got off — off the train, that is. But my little Lo continued to touch herself despite (or because of) the audience she had.

Eventually it was our stop and we scurried through the sultry August air to the apartment where Lo got completely naked and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard with her balls still in her. I did so and let me tell you, the feeling of those balls knocking around is extremely pleasurable on the cock. They are a bit hard to the touch, but the vibrating sensation is something to be experienced.

[Excerpt from the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl, available at]

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