Hi Average Don Juan,

I became aware of this column because of the kind words in the comments by the lovely Vienna De Vega. I read through the letters and here are my two cents worth:

Mr. Hubby with a Exhibitionist Wife: Though, as Vienna De Vega has suggested, you might want to check out the sexploits that HH & I get up to, we are a different couple than you two. He gets off on my getting off to all the cumtribute pics I get from fans. It sounds like you don’t. That’s ok. What’s important is recognizing your needs and her needs and trying to find some place that is a compromised middle-ground. Talking is the first step. Maybe, as Vienna suggests, you might want to read our stories together, pausing to discuss what turns each of you on and off. But good, clear, honest, direct communication is the key.

p.s. — Tell your wife we wouldn’t mind being on her mailing list. downloladown@gmail.com

Kylie with the Mini-man-member: HH is 8", but that isn’t always enough for me, so I occasionally have him slip on a sheath that he owns which adds girth and length to his cock. Average Don Juan’s advice is also good if that’s what you want, but if you want your g-spot to be hit while he lies on top of you making love to you, the sheath is the way to go. Do your research so you get one that doesn’t fall off during sex. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. downloladown@gmail.com

And finally sexless Renata: Again, direct and honest communication is the way to go. If hubby had a healthy libido before birth, he probably still does now, but there is some psychological block going on. A sex coach or couples counselor might be helpful if he isn’t able or willing to open up to you directly.

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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