Hi Meaghan Ward,

Censoring sex and sexuality is so infuriating! I had thousands of followers on Tumblr and then when it disappeared, I moved to MeWe and had over 11,000 and then got shut down by them. I created a new account and a Pinterest (for my tamer interests) and now the Pinterest is suspended due to some, unidentified violation. Medium is not only the place where we (HH & I) can post our sexy stuff (within limits), but also get paid for it! I did get one warning that one of my photos was too risque, so I had to go and take down all of the stuff that was too “revealing” for Medium members. For the full, uncensored smut, you can always find a fun read and revealing photos on our blog — mysexlifewithlola — that also was taken down once by WordPress, but is now up and running independently.

p.s. — I SO want to know what that kink is that you’re afraid to write about. You can tell whisper it in my ear by emailing me: downloladown@gmail.com

Love your writings!!!!



Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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