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We got an e-mail one day from a woman claiming to be a producer for a major cable production company. They wanted to do a documentary — about us! Well, more specifically, about our kink — cuckolding and hotwifing.

After a few back-and-forth e-mails verifying that this was legit, arranging a time for a phone interview and so forth, one Sunday morning Lo and I were sitting on the living room couch when the call came in. It was a beautiful day, the sun bathed us with light and Lo and I finally had a quiet morning of sipping coffee and talking, interrupted only by this call.

Lo put down her coffee, looked at the phone and said to me, “This is it,” with some excitement.

Lo answered the call in her soft, seductive voice — much different from her usual, chipper daytime voice. “Hi, this is Lola,” she said.

The volume of the phone was up loud enough that I could hear everything being said on the other end. The woman introduced herself and made some small talk about the documentary and how she found us before launching into the usual questions we get in interviews — How’d we get into this? How long have we been doing this? How old are you? Are there any jealousy issues? Etc. Lo answered all the questions in good spirits — even though I might have disagreed with some of her answers.

But then the woman shifted gears and began asking more down and dirty questions. It went something like this:

Q — How often do you masturbate?

A — At least three to four times a day.

Q — How often do you have sex?

A — With H.H. or with other men, or in general?

Q — Well, let’s start with H.H.

A — At least once a day, but usually twice.

When the woman began asking these questions, Lo slid back on the leather couch and slid her hand down her pajama bottoms. I watched and enjoyed the show (as could anyone walking by on that glorious Sunday morning).

Q — How often do you have sex with other men?

A — Well, you know, it’s not only men. It could be women.

Q — How often do you have sex with others?

A — It hasn’t been as frequently lately — I’ve been really busy with work — but I’d say about once a month.

Q — Is H.H. there all the time?

A — Sometimes, particularly with the guys.

Lo was rubbing her pussy lips up and down, slowly, looking at me as she did so, getting more seductive with her phone voice. I absolutely love her phone voice.

Q — Does H.H. get to play?

A — Oh no! Never.

Q — Would he like to?

A — He says I’m more than enough for him.

Q — Would you like him to?

A — Well, I will admit to fantasizing about that now and then.

Seeing and hearing Lo, I couldn’t help myself — I put my hand down my pants and began stroking my long, hard cock from the other end of the couch. Lo licked her lips looking at me.

Q — Had you ever done this before, in any other relationships?

A — No, never.

Q — Did you want to?

A — I will admit, I’ve always had fantasies of being fucked by many men.

I pulled my protruding member out from its confined space in my pants so that now Lo could see me graze it from bottom to top. She squirmed out of her pants as she held the phone to her ear, allowing me to watch her pleasure herself.

Q — Is that still a thing for you?

A — What?

Q — Getting fucked by many men.

A — Oh yeah. H.H. and I have been trying to find two, three, maybe four guys to do me at once. One guy I hooked up with had a cousin and I told him to bring him along, but some folks are weirded out by that. Another guy I dated for a while had a crew of men working for him. I used to fantasize about going down to their workshop and seducing them all right there.

Now Lo was fingering herself with one and then two fingers. I couldn’t resist any longer. I got down on my knees next to the couch and began licking her slit where she had been stroking it. She breathed with heaving breaths, but she made a valiant effort at steadying her voice for the interview.

Q — I noticed you have a lot of pics of yourself on your blog. Is that also something you’re into?

A — Exhibitionism?

Q — Yeah.

A — Oh yeah.

Lo was speaking both to me and to the interviewer.

Q — You like it?

A — Mmmmm, I love it.

Q — What do you like about it?

A — I like knowing that there are men and women out there who get off to my pics and the stories H.H. writes about me. Sometimes they send us pictures of themselves, jackin’ and jillin’ it to me. Sometimes couples read the blog together. H.H. and I love it when couples write to us and tell us how we’ve helped them in bed. It’s like a public service, you know? They’ll also send us pics of the two of them getting off to me. It’s something I used to do before H.H.

Q — What is?

A — I used to find random couples in chat-rooms and we’d have a virtual three-way.

Q — Like Skype-sex?

A — Yeah, but before there was Skype.

Q — So you were a cam girl?

A — Yeah, but I didn’t get paid for it. I just got off from it.

Hearing Lo tell this story again got me all riled up. I sat on the couch and gently guided Lo so that she was now lowering her wet, sexy self down on my massive member. She was facing out the window, away from me, her phone to her ear. Up and down she glided, using her legs and one arm to help her, as if doing a slow, aerobic exercise, naked in our living room.

“It sounds like you’ve got a pretty high libido,” remarked the interviewer.

“Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm.” That was all Lo could manage as she was cumming all over me.

“Are you getting off right now?”

“Ohhhh yeah!” Lo finally let out loudly, with relief. There was a long pause on the other end of the phone as Lo came audibly.

When she was done, Lo said, “I’m sorry.”

. . .

After Lo hung up with the interviewer, she hopped off the couch and onto her knees, put her face up and in between my knees, and popped my hard, wet cock into her mouth and went at me with all she had until I came and came hard all over her face.

She looked up at me, licking her lips, wiping her cheek, and said, “You have no idea how much fun it would be to do that to you with a crew filming us.”

“Lo, sometimes you astound even me.”

“You like that, Daddy?”

“Oh yes.”

“Good. Now come to the bedroom and fuck me with my dildos.”

[Excerpt from the story, “Jackin’ & Jillin’” from the blog:]

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