I Want to Drown in Lola Down

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[The mini-series, “Mount Bliss,” continues from “Shadow of a Doubt”.]

“Yes, Daddy. Yes,” she said as I fucked her. She was flat on the bed, spread eagle, pulling her ass cheeks as far apart as she could with her two hands as I lodged my lustlever as far in her lubricated lovehole as possible. After so long of being apart, we were finally together, no matter the circumstances of how that came about. I had desired her. I had dreamed about her. I had been deprived of her. Now I wanted to be depraved with her. She was already there. I was along for the ride. We were two feral fires fucking.

“My ass, Daddy,” she said over her shoulder.

I pulled out and reentered in the desired spot.

A few lunges deep down, down in Lola Down.

She opened up for me like a brilliant rose in the heat of an August sun-shower.

“My cunt, Daddy,” she said.

I pulled out, still dripping from all the fresh spunk that was slathered on my rigid rod from her previous “lover,” and descended again down deep between Lola’s labia. She was full like a warm pool and her lubricant and loose lips made it so that, in comparison with the tight quarters from where I reamed her in the rear, I could hardly feel her hugging my manhood.

“Turn over,” I commanded as I pulled out of her and lorded my staff over her body like a saber.

“First go in my ass again,” she requested.

I complied. While I was in there, she and I contorted and twisted, legs this way and that, a pull and a turn, but we managed to transpose into anal missionary position so that now she had her legs wrapped around my hips as I delved into her dark recesses down under.

“Alternate,” she commanded.


“Back-and-forth from my ass to my pussy and back again with each thrust. Please.”

I did as she pleaded. She wanted to be used in the worst sort of ways. I had lost track of how many times she came. Or was it all just one orgasm? The sheets were soaked as she kept gushing each time I uncorked her geyser to fill her other hole. I was truly amazed at my own stamina. How long could I last? Especially after a week of abstinence. But following her commands took concentration and skill which prevented my mind from focusing on how much of a cock-hungry cum-slut Lola was.

“I want you in my mouth,” Lo said, begging to be degraded even further.

I pulled out of her ass and sat on my haunches, my cock pointing intently toward the sky.

Lo spun around on all fours like a dog at its bowl and began licking from base to tip before enveloping the entire elongated, taut organ into her mouth all the way down to the back of her throat. She devoured it with desire.

Her debauchery and debased disposition, her unabashed and naked carnal corruption, her wild, animalistic craving, intoxicated by its own brazen disregard for society’s norms flooded my spirit with its dark light — the lure of antinomian revelation in which all dichotomies disappear and thought dissolves back into the primordial sea of the body from which it first emerged and hovered over the surface of the deep.

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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