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We were out on a double date with Mark and Stephanie. Despite, or perhaps because of, Lo’s slutty ways, especially around Mark, they invited us out again after the beach experience. They had hired a sitter for their kids and this time it was just the four of us at a local restaurant. Because it was so crowded that Friday night, we took the first table we could get — a high-top in the bar area.

Lo was wearing her sexy little black skirt and heels with a neon blue blouse that had one too many buttons undone, revealing her cleavage and part of her lace bra. She was sitting kitty-corner to Mark, and when she laughed, she would put her hand on his forearm, his knee, or touch his bicep. She did this in a friendly, yet flirtatious way.

After the day at the beach with them, there was no way they would be surprised by this. I was wondering to myself if they were actually interested in propositioning Lo, or both me and Lo, but were too inhibited to come out and say it.

If Lo was trying to get me jealous with her fawning over Mark, she was doing a good job of it. Usually I’m not the jealous type — especially not with a hotwife like Lo. But Mark was too perfect. He was smart — a teacher in fact — and handsome, he worked out at the gym and was in tip-top shape, he had a perfect smile, and he was about four inches taller than I. As if that wasn’t enough, Lo was perpetually reminding me of how large his cock is, as she ascertained through his pants and his bathing suit. If he had any flaws that made his wife not want all that every night, I was unaware of them. To make matters worse, Lo kept on inquiring of him about his personal habits. “How do you stay so fit? How do you keep in such great shape?” she asked, as she rubbed her hand down from his broad shoulder to his elbow.

He, for his part, was lapping it up. He went on and on about his workout routine as Lo licked her lips just imagining it.

What Stephanie felt or thought during this, I don’t know, but in order to avoid any bad feelings, I inquired of Stephanie how her work was going and how the kids were doing. It was boring polite dinner talk. I really wanted to blurt out and ask her, “What do you think of my little slut making moves on your hunky husband?”

However, all this flirtatious frivolity came to a screeching halt when Julie approached our table. Julie is a woman who moved to our neighborhood recently and has earned the ire of Lo. She is just about Lo’s age with a teenage son, which means that she must have been pregnant when she was about 16. She’s single and she gives Lo a run for her money. She’s tall and has an All-American look about her that says she’s nothing but innocent sweets and smells of apple pie. She uses this to her advantage in order to charm every guy she meets. She hasn’t spoken more than the casual hello to Lo (or any other woman in the neighborhood), but will go out of her way to chat up any of the men on our block.

Julie happened into the restaurant alone, but I doubt she planned to leave it that way. Seeing us — or rather, seeing me — she approached and gave me a warm hug hello with a kiss on the cheek. To the other three, she merely waived and flashed her sparkling whites at them. I felt Lo kick me hard in the shin under the table. I was glad of it. After all the torment she had given me thus far that evening, it was my chance to return the favor.

Though Julie was only going to say hi, I asked what brought her to that restaurant that night. She said that her son was at a sleepover and that she just felt like getting out. Much to Lo’s silent consternation, I insisted that Julie join us and get to know Mark and Stephanie. At first Julie declined the invite, but I insisted.

“I couldn’t possibly. There’s not enough room at this table,” she said.

“Nonsense. I’ll make room for you right here,” I said, sliding my stool over and grabbing another one for Julie so that she was very cozy between me and Mark.

Lo’s eyes were shooting ICBM warheads at me. Ha!

Despite Lo’s displeasure, the addition of Julie really helped the evening’s conversation. The awkward pairing of Lo and Mark trading googly eyes at each other while Stephanie and I tried to pretend like nothing was happening was disrupted by Julie’s asymmetrical addition. Now Lo was forced to pay attention to me at the expense of her romantic overtures to Mark. I enjoyed that very much.

The night came to an early end for us because Lo insisted she had to get home “at a decent hour” in order to prepare for some fictitious event. When I began to express perplexity at this excuse, I received another swift kick to my other shin. I wasn’t sure how I’d walk home on those two injured legs of mine.

As soon as we were out of the restaurant, Lo stormed off at a brisk pace ahead of me.

“What?” I asked insincerely innocent.


“Lo, come on. Slow down and talk to me. What’s the matter?”

“You know very well what’s the matter,” she said from ten feet in front of me.

“No I don’t. What’s the matter? Come on? Please slow down.”

She waited for me.

Oh, Julie, there’s plenty of room for you. You can come here and sit on my lap,” she said in a mocking manner.

“I did not say that.”


“Does it upset you?”

We had just arrived at our apartment. We got inside. She went right to the bedroom and got naked.

“Mmmmm, you look good,” I said.

“This,” she said, sliding her hands over her sexy body, “is not for you.”

“I suppose it’s for Mark,” I responded.

“It’s for anyone except you,” she said curtly.

I got naked and into bed and she slid under the covers next to me and shut out the nightstand light.

From the darkness I heard, “Daddy, do you like her?”


“You know who.”


“Yeah, Julie, that slut.”

“Careful Lo, ‘slut’ is a compliment in your book.”

“Only for me. And you’re only for me. You hear me?”

“Yes, Lo, I hear you.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock and began rubbing it. “This is mine. You got that?”

“Yes Lo.”

I was getting hard. She dove under the covers and began sucking my cock. When she reemerged, she asked, “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well get behind me and fuck me.”

I did as she commanded. She was wet and willing. She came within seconds of penetration.

“Why do you want me?” she asked when she caught her breath.

“Because Lo, I’m like a dog. If you reach down between my hind quarters and fondle me and suck me till I’m hard, I’m going to want you.”

That had her cumming again.

“Either I get to have you,” I said, “or I’m going to be left painfully hard-up and full of liquid desire for you.”

She loves the thought of me (or men) suffering physical anguish in the groin for her sweet release. This made her climax a third time.

“Cum in me. Use me. That’s what I’m here for. You don’t need anyone else. Just me and my cunt. Fuck me, you horny dog.”

I did as she commanded, filling her full of my froth.

She fell forward and I cuddled her.

“Daddy, do you love me?”

“So much,” I said.

“Then why do you make me so jealous?”

“Honestly Lo, it’s just to reassure me that I’m still your favorite. I don’t mind sharing you, but I do really fear losing first place to someone else.”

“Daddy, you’re silly. You know that more than half the reason I flirt with other guys is because I want you to fuck me fiercely. I want you to fight for me and subdue me with your cock. Make me know that you’re my Daddy.”

Hearing her talk like that got me hard all over again and so I mounted her again and asked her what she was.

“I’m your bitch. I’m your horny, slutty, dirty bitch.”

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