Interview with “Anal Ambassador” Siswet

Lola Down
6 min readAug 7, 2021

Siswet turned out to be incredibly friendly, down-to-earth, and, well, open. Obviously she’s open.

Lola asked her all sorts of questions, some with unexpected answers.

Siswet is known for her extreme anal insertions. She is legendary. She has a huge following and is also cute as a button. Her “button” is also particularly cute as well. It’s hard to believe that such enormous dildos can fit into that tiny, tight, button. Lo asked about that.

L — Does it hurt? I mean, you definitely are on the “extreme” end of anal​ insertions. Does doing what you do hurt? or do you like it?

​S — Well, sometimes it does hurt a little. It depends on the size, but as long as it’s not too much pain it’s nice. A bit of pain is okay. But mostly it doesn’t hurt.

L — How did you discover this unique talent of yours? At what age were you when you started exploring anal insertions?

​S — I was 18 when I started anal exploring. Of course I started with only a finger and a really small buttplug. I think I started with bigger toys when I was 20 or something.

If you have watched any of Siswet’s videos, you know that her most popular ones are the ones where her dogs just wander onto the scene as she’s filming her cam show. They seem curious and loving as Siswet goes about trying to squirt and insert.

L — How many pets do you have? They often appear in your videos. Is anyone else around when you make the videos?

​S — I have two small dogs, Pomeranians, and I have an Amazon parrot. I love them. Usually I’m alone when I make videos. Other people aren’t around, just the dogs.

There are a lot of rumors out there about Siswet’s relationship status. As you all know, Lola loves to reserve anal sex for other men, knowing that that is the one thing that makes me jealous. She loves to make me jealous and hold out on me. We were wondering what Siswet’s relationships would be like. Would she only want anal sex — so called A.O.L. (anal only lifestyle) — or would vaginal sex be more novel and intimate for her.

L — Current relationship status?

​S — I don’t have a relationship.