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Monday was upon us again and nothing feels quite as good at the end of that day as curling up in bed on a cool autumn evening to a warm, naked body. I was already rock hard as I clung to Lo for warmth.

“Daddio, your feet are freezing!”

“Don’t you know that none of my blood gets past my erection to warm them up?”

“You are so ridiculous,” she said as she grabbed my protruding penis and said, “Let’s make our own heat by rubbing our bodies together and seeing if anything catches fire.”

We went at it till we were both sweating and she came with wave upon wave of ecstasy. I kept going and she was almost at the summit of her second when I came and deflated her anticipation.

“Damn it! If you’re going to cum, at least have the courtesy to let the lady go first. Aren’t you a gentleman? Is chivalry really dead?”

I was approaching unconsciousness and her complaints were heard but not registered, like sounds around the pool heard by one underwater.

Soon enough I fell off to sleep but my slumbers were interrupted periodically through the night to the tumble, sound, and light of Lo’s masturbatory excesses. How many times did she pleasure herself that night to the various pornographic images on her phone? I don’t know. She wasn’t counting. All I know is that I was kept up by the activity beside me and by Lo’s occasional fondling and sucking on my member until past midnight. I awoke the next morning at 4 a.m. for no apparent reason other than my body’s memory of Lo’s body — my compass was pointing in a very pronounced fashion directly at Lo.

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