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It’s getting late and I wonder why Lola’s still asleep. I walk into the bedroom and find her naked, her fingers between her legs, watching a video on her phone. She doesn’t stop, as she usually does when I interrupt her solo-time, so I sit in the chair and watch her. She looks up from the bed and says, “Do you mind?”


“I’m not masturbating to put on a show for you. I’m masturbating because I have to cum before I go to work and I have to be at work in fifteen minutes. I trying to get this done here.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you.”

“You are stopping me. I just want to fuck myself and finish.”

“Go right ahead.”

“Grrrrr,” she grumbles, dropping the phone, pulling out her dildo and stuffing it in her wet crotch with both hands. In-and-out, in-and-out she furiously pounds herself until, thirty or forty seconds later, she slides the twelve-incher out of her and ejaculates a spray of cum all over the bed.

As she catches her breath, I say, “Feeling better?”

“Yes. No thanks to you.”

“It was a win-win. You came, I got to see you cum.”

“I would have cum faster if you hadn’t interrupted me.”

“I’m sorry, I was just checking on you because I didn’t want you to oversleep.”

“Well, I’m up.”

“And now, so am I.”

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