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Lo met Gerald. Gerald, though not on a sports team, was an avid bodybuilder. He worked out in the school gym every day, drank his protein shakes, and admired his biceps and abs in the mirror incessantly. Frustrated with the stalemate between her and Teddy, Lo’s attention soon was diverted to the finely sculpted arms, shoulders, and torso of Gerald. Without much effort, Lo managed to catch his eye. It seems that every large, strong, powerful man is eager to find a tender flower to pounce upon, and for Gerald, Lo presented just the look of delicacy and softness that he wanted. Soon they were up late at night chatting together on the internet. He, across town (since he didn’t live on campus) and she in her dorm room. The chats started innocently enough: “Hey, what u up to?” but Lo quickly directed them to topics of sex: “My roommate is such a sex maniac. Do u know what she did last night? She. . .” And then Lo would put in a line such as, “But I really shouldn’t judge cause I haven’t had it in such a long time. I am so horny right now, there’s no telling what I’d do if a man walked through my door.” Gerald would then ask leading questions like, “What would you do?” Lo would go into detail and add, “OMG, I am getting myself so wet. I can’t keep my hands away from my pussy.” This would inevitably lead Gerald to tell her what he would do to her and how and ask her what she would like and tell her what she should do.

At some point Lo admitted that she likes “giant cocks” and really likes to be “spread” and have “my tonsils tickled by the tip of a cock. Oh, that is, if I had tonsils! LOL.” After a couple of nights of this banter, Gerald finally got the nerve up to tell Lo, “I can’t take it anymore, I’m coming over.” Lo was so thrilled (for she couldn’t understand why he didn’t rush right over the first time, or the second, or the third, and instead just chatted on the other end until, after she had cum numerous times, he finally brought himself to climax) and she immediately ripped off her pajamas and, when the knock at the door sounded, she answered in nothing but her high heels.

In came Gerald and Lo immediately got on her knees and put her mouth over his cock before he even could take his pants off. To her surprise, she didn’t feel him rock hard. She maneuvered him to the bed, sat him down, and rubbed his crotch, thinking this must get him off. But no. She could bear it no longer. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down. She then slowly used her teeth to pull down his underwear. To her amazement, just as Teddy had far exceeded anything she’d ever seen in a man’s genital largesse, Gerald far exceeded anything she’d ever seen in a man’s penile paucity. She had never seen anything so small except, perhaps, on pre-pubescent boys. It was barely an inch in length and that was fully extended! She almost let out a gasp and/or a laugh, but her pussy had so prepared for this moment that she dared not ruin her only chance at penetration (however slight) now that she had it at hand. She used her index finger and thumb to hold the little specimen and she put her mouth right over it, covering the whole thing the way one might pop one of those ring candies in one’s mouth. She sucked it and slurped at it, realizing with ever greater disappointment how much she really enjoys the struggle to fit a good sized cock down her throat.

Soon thereafter she had Gerald put on his condom and though it fit like a raincoat five sizes too large, she sat on the drooping rubber and tried to get herself off. This did not work and no matter how she tried, neither of them was feeling it. It made it all the worse that Gerald’s endowment was so disproportional to the rest of his oversized muscular frame. When she looked at his arms and chest, the intensity of her desire increased only to be disappointed and frustrated at the reality beneath the waist. She cursed him under her breath when, either out of embarrassment or sheer lack of experience, he didn’t even attempt to bring her to orgasm by means of his fingers or mouth. Dissatisfied, she resorted to lying on the bed and fingering herself till she came without even as much as acknowledging Gerald’s presence. Emasculating as this was for him, he collected his clothes from the floor, dressed, and left without even a goodbye to Lo, who continued to fondle herself as he departed.

[Excerpt from the story, “What Matters,” from the blog:]

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