Lola Down Gave Me What I Wanted

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I’m a writer. Like every writer, I crave being read. But more than that, I’m an writer of erotica and I crave women. . . to read my writings.

I love it! I love it even more when women physically enjoy what I write.

And I’m ecstatic when I receive a reply from my women readers telling me how they loved what I wrote. (Hint, hint.)

Lola is one such woman; a woman who I truly respect and admire. She’s one of my most beloved followers.

Recently, I wrote about my desires as an erotic writer. I wanted readers — men and women — to react with excitement to my articles. I wanted them to imagine me and enjoy me.

And Lola did it. We discussed our experiences and life’s adventures (and misadventures xD). I knew there was something special in her.

I loved how open she was with me. How cool she was in discussing everything with me. We both just felt it. We both wished to know more about each other.

And one day she did the unthinkable.

A little bit backstory: I wrote an article on how to send a dick pic. She read it. She loved it. She sent me one.

As I was about to open it, I had this gush of blood in my body. I wanted it more than my boyfriend’s dick pic. Sorry, boy! xD

There it was. That rush of blood had intensified.

I saw her enticing fingers. Her fingers slightly pulling her panties down. Pulling them just enough to drive me crazy. Not allowing me a full view, but just a peek. That peek which is even hotter.

I saw that there was a dildo in her panties. That dildo was one of the best I had seen. Nothing special about the toy. But how enticing it was! How I wished to play with her cock.

How I wished that I could pull those panties a bit more! Just a little bit more!

There’s more!

On her beautiful tummy, just above the panties, she had written erotically, “Cum here”!

That was one of the best invitations ever. I guess, if I would’ve been a guy, I would have easily obliged. I would have just done it, no questions asked.

I could not control my body. I dipped my fingers into my jeans and had to do what I had requested other women to do on reading my articles. I loved every moment of it. I loved every bit of it.

I’ll be clear. I want more. Lola Down, I want more!

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