Lola in the Strip Club

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Though we had planned on catching a Broadway play or musical on Saturday night, we revised the itinerary and went instead to a very fancy “gentlemen’s club” in midtown. This wasn’t any dive strip joint. This was a high-class establishment with the crème de la crème of dancers. We sat next to each other, though I was tempted to allow Lo to operate on her own, and before long Lo was sauntering up to the stage to give bills to the women she liked and she was ordering lap dances for herself. One of the strippers took Lo and me to a secluded private corner of the club in order to give Lo her lap dance. As she gave Lo the dance, the dancer’s intentions of moving us to a less conspicuous corner became clear. In the main part of the club, by the stage where we were sitting, everyone could see us — patrons and bouncers included. But here the performer could have her way with Lo.

She slowly eased her way down Lo’s body, pressing her perky breasts and nipples directly in Lo’s face. She took Lo’s hands and encouraged Lo to apply them to her body, caressing the dancer’s ass and legs. As she slithered over Lo, she inconspicuously pulled Lo’s strapless dress down over Lo’s breasts, exposing them so that they could rub up against her own. She then got down between Lo’s legs and gracefully pulled the hem of Lo’s dress up and up, rubbing her soft hands over Lo’s thighs and then sitting on Lo’s lap and rubbing her ass deep into Lo’s crotch. All the while, Lo licked her lips and ran her tongue over her teeth in that sumptuous way that indicates that Lo is hungry.

When the lap dance was over, the stripper gave Lo a little kiss as she accepted Lo’s payment for the entertainment. We continued to watch the various dancers perform from our remote niche and, in the darkness or our corner, Lo fingered herself, making herself cum with the images of the dancing girls and the fresh impression that the lap dance left on her mind and body. After she climaxed, we were ready to make our exit. But, to my surprise, Lo got up and, lifting up her dress, sat on my lap and proceeded to give me a lap dance. I saw various bouncers walk by, unsure as to what to make of the spectacle. They were, no doubt, supposed to stop things like that. Patrons can’t give lap dances. But, perhaps because Lo was so attractive, they let it go without interruption. Lo practiced on me all she saw and had had practiced on her by the other performers. She was a natural at it. She slid her thong-clad ass up and down over the crotch of my pants trying to get me to cum right there. She allowed me to grab her breasts. And though I couldn’t see her eyes, I’m sure she was looking seductively into the eyes of the other hard-up men who frequented the club.

Unable to take any more, the two of us exited the club and hailed a cab. To my surprise, Lo was stroking her pussy and had pulled her dress down below her braless breasts in the back seat of the cab. She grabbed my hand and forced it to her pussy lips in order that I would feel just how wet and ready she was. Then she continued to finger herself and she brought herself to a muffled orgasm as the cabby occasionally glanced in his mirror. He could see her breasts, but what she was doing with her hands was concealed from his sight.

[From the story, “NYC” in Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl.

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