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What is it about the forbidden that attracts us so much? What is it about the dark, the dirty, the debauched that tugs us like the gravitational pull of a black hole?

The other day Lo surprised me at my office for an impromptu lunch date. I was at my desk conversing with my secretary, Ms. Gale, about work. In popped Lo.

“Hello,” I said, confusedly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” apologized Lo, “I didn’t know you were meeting. . .” She didn’t know what to say. I could tell by the look in her eyes, she didn’t just want to eat lunch.

“We were just finishing up,” I said, looking at Ms. Gale, wondering if she could see in Lo’s eyes what I saw. “Why don’t you go on lunch, Ms. Gale,” I suggested.

Without fuss, she packed up her purse and left the office.

Within seconds of the door shutting, Lo walked over to it and locked it.

“Lo. . .” I said in my cautionary tone.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“Lo, this is my place of business.”

“So,” she replied defiantly, “we’ve gotten busy here before.”

“Lo, it’s noontime.”

“No better time than the present.”

She walked up to me and grabbed my crotch commandingly. She gave it a little squeeze.

“What did you come here for?”

“I came to cum.”

I sighed heavily.

“Do you think that Ms. Gale has a thing for you?”


“The way she looks at you,” Lo said as she got on her knees and began unbuckling my belt, “I think that she’s very attracted to you.”

“Now that you mention it,” I began. Lo stopped her actions immediately and looked up at me with that “I’ll cut-a-bitch” look in her eyes.


“Well, I occasionally find her glancing down.”

“Glancing down?”

“You know, from my eyes, down to my crotch.”


“I’m not making it up. It makes me very self-conscious.”

Lo resumed her actions like a dog digging for a bone. She pulled out my meat and held it firmly. “Well,” she said, “who really can blame her? You can see this massive thing a mile away. It does attract attention, especially in those tight suits you wear.”

“Really?!” I asked, aghast.

Lo was already filling her mouth with me and couldn’t respond. She got me good and hard and then, just as I was almost ready to explode, she stopped.

“What the hell?!” I couldn’t help asking. I heard myself ask it — demand it, really — and I thought of how entitled I sounded when, just moments ago, I was discouraging my hungry little vixen.

Lo stood up in front of me and slowly took off each article of clothing she had on, one-by-one, until she was butt naked in front of me. Her eyes remained fixed on me as if she were a on a stage, seducing the audience.

“You like, Daddy?” she asked as her hands ran over her breasts and pinched her nipples, making them erect.

I nodded.

She turned around and sat on my lap. I was in my large, leather executive chair. It rocked and tilted perfectly so that my cock slid right in and tickled the top of her special spot. She put her arms out on my desk and held on as I rocked back and forth for her, my trousers wrapped around my ankles on the floor.

Then I saw her hands move to my computer keyboard. She was surfing the web. Really? I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing. Looking for evidence of an affair with Ms. Gale perhaps? But then, up popped a screen full of images — naked men, naked women — a Tumblr page of pornography. Lo scrolled down and clicked on this and that as her left hand played with her clit and grabbed my balls.

She came and came in waves with muffled moans.

When she was done, she slowly got up and got on her knees to take me in her mouth again, cleaning me off, getting me off.

Suddenly there was a knock at the locked office door.

I pushed my chair forward and pushed naked Lo under my desk. She kept her mouth on my cock.

“Hello?!” I called out.

“Mr. H.?” someone responded, “I’m here for our 12:30 appointment.”

I had completely forgotten that I had a client coming in. “One moment. I’m with. . . another client. Be right there.”

Lo went at me even more vigorously than before. She stayed in the little cubby area under my desk, out of sight, as if the client could possibly see her from behind the door. I put my hands on the desk and I saw the images that Lo was looking at — so many of them were open on multiple windows of my computer. I closed out of them and navigated to Lo’s Tumblr page. I looked at her lovely body — her pixilated pussy, her dazzling digital display — and I felt my manhood swelling with a powerful impulse. Then, below the desk, I was injecting Lo’s mouth — throbbing, pounding, spewing my seed. I fought with every ounce of resistance I had to swallow the screams I wished to unleash as Lo, below the desk, swallowed every ounce of surrender I offered up to her hungry lips, tongue, and throat.

When I was done, I exhaled in a long, silent breath. I could hear Lo struggling to swallow and then she was panting.

From under the desk she emerged, naked as the day she was born.

“Lo, you have to get dressed!” I whispered.

“I know! Give me a minute. You practically just drowned me. Do you know how difficult it is not to spill a drop?! Jeez, where’s my thank you?”

“You’re welcome, how’s that?”

“Fuck you!” she said.

“You just did, now you have to scram.”

“I’m going.”

As she got her clothes on, I could see the outline of my client through the opaque glass of the door. Finally she was dressed. I walked her to the door. I unlocked it and greeted my client.

“Thank you, Ms. Down,” I said to Lo as if she were a client. “We’ll be in touch soon.”

“I hope so,” she said, licking her lips. “Please tell Ms. Gale to review my case — all the figures, you know, because I think that she underestimated the strength of my position.”

“I will, Ms. Down. Goodbye now.”

My client walked in and as I was closing the door I saw Lo stick out her tongue at me like a bratty little girl.

I walked into my office to greet the client and when I went to pull up his file on my computer, up popped all the naughty pics of Lo! Luckily the client couldn’t see my computer screen. I enjoyed the view for a moment before closing the internet browser.

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