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The next morning, I got up at 6:00 am (as usual), still hard as a rock (as usual), and I went to make my coffee and do some reading (as usual). A couple of hours later Lo emerged and, when we got a moment alone, she told me that she had to wrap herself in the bed sheet like a toga cause she couldn’t find her panties or tank-top when she woke.

We spent a fine day on the slopes and the only remarkable occurrence was when Lo and Kate were together on the lift. Kate brought up the film, Love Actually, and started asking Lo all sorts of questions about if and when she thinks that she and I will get engaged, married, have kids, etc. Lo, thinking to herself that this is really none of her friend’s business, simply said, “I haven’t thought about that. I’m happy with HH now. I’m happy with how things are.”

Kate listened in disbelief and chimed in about how she and David “though we’re not engaged now, I know he’s going to propose to me — I mean, we’ve looked at rings together — and I know we’re going to get married. I’m already planning it out. And I know we’re going to have, like, three kids together.”

Lo almost lost her lunch right there on the lift. Lo is not old in years, but she is beyond her years in wisdom. She thought to herself, “This girl is in for a lot of disappointment in life.” It occurred to Lo that Kate might have wanted to know about Lo’s plans, but only if those plans conformed to the culturally scripted narrative that Kate had apparently bought hook-line-and-sinker. More than that, Lo realized that the question was really just giving Kate the opportunity to brag about herself and her relationship.

The fact that Kate felt the need to brag, that she felt so very confident of her future with David, that she was so shocked by Lo’s dismissive attitude toward the cultural norms and expectations, all indicated for Lo that Kate was actually quite insecure about all of this. When Lo was relating this incident to me she said, “It reminds me of that horribly outdated, sexist ad campaign for the jewelry stores, ‘If you want to keep her, you’d better put a ring on it.’ Lock that shit down! Except in this case, it’s the reverse. Kate is trying to lock David down. And I can tell you right now, he ain’t the lock-down type. I can see already either she’ll be successful at getting hitched to him and they’ll live a horribly boring, miserable life together, or he’s going to get out of this relationship before putting a ring on it. Either way, Kate is in for some harsh reality.”

“Oh, Lo,” I said, “whatever happened to your belief in love, in romance, in fate, destiny, and happily-ever-after?”

“Shut up!” she said, conveying in her two words so many things that don’t need to be spoken between us: she knows what love is, and she also knows that it doesn’t always follow the script that is so ubiquitously reinforced in so many subtle and blunt ways. She also knows that people who strive to conform their lives to ‘the script’ rather than allowing their hearts and heads to be emptied of preconceived notions in order to have love fill it in its own way, its own time, with its own potion, are doomed to have their hearts broken.

Later that day, after a dinner, a few drinks, and a card game, in front of everyone, including Lo, Kate asked me, “So, what happened with your marriage?” It was a rather blunt and tactless question, but I answered it as honestly as I could — nothing there that Lo hadn’t already heard, but nothing there that she wishes to revisit. Kate followed up my rather bleak assessment of my failed marriage with, “But there must have been something you saw in her at first?” Again, I tried to explain, but before I even got to my main point — that two people can grow apart, especially two people who get married early in their lives — she interrupted with, “I’m just so afraid of divorce. I never want us to get divorced.” As she said this, she put her hand on David’s.

I almost broke out laughing, but managed to stifle my amusement at this well-meaning but utterly clueless pea-brain. You’re not even fucking engaged, let alone married! Lo squeezed my hand, thinking the same thing. That poor, poor David.

Nevertheless, David and Kate were putting us up in this lovely cottage on the mountain and they were our hosts. I can tolerate blissfully ignorant illusions in others. And, besides, it was high time we were heading out to the Jacuzzi and heated, indoor pool. We all changed into our bathing suits and ventured out for the 50 yard dash through the snow and cold to the rec room at the center of the cluster of cottages.

We got in and there were about five or six people sitting around in one of the three Jacuzzis. We grabbed the second one. The guys all got in first, clumsily and with a bit of rough-house, followed by Kate and Lo who, each wearing a bikini, gently slipped their bodies into the steamy water. Lo sat next to me and my hand instinctively rubbed her thigh under the bubbles. Much like last night, she grabbed it and directed it toward her special spot. As she spoke and laughed, she was simultaneously pulling her bikini bottoms aside to guide my fingers up and in. All I did was tease her a bit and after a while in the scalding soup-like water, we got out.

Lo was the first to get out and I could see that her white bikini had become semi-transparent after getting wet. I imagine that everyone else could see it too. She may as well have been naked.

All of us jumped in the significantly cooler pool. Oh, the water felt so good after our first outing for the season on skis!

Lo and I swam close to each other and I could see that David was behind Kate, grabbing onto her by her breasts. The three other fellas just made chit-chat amongst themselves. Lo kept reaching down my drawers and pulling on my cock, trying to make me hard. She whispered in my ear that she wished we were alone so we could skinny-dip together. That’s when I whispered to her that she basically was. “What?” she asked.

“You’re bikini — it’s see-through.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not. Look.”

She stood up in the 4’ water and looked down. She could see her nipples right through.

“Oh my God! Do you think. . . ?”

She didn’t have to finish. I just nodded. Yes, of course they could see.

“Oh well,” she said after a moment. “Let ʼem.”

A little later we all went back in the Jacuzzi to warm up before making the trek through the cold again. Lo was the last out of the pool and thus the last in the Jacuzzi. Everyone had their eyes trained on her as she slowly, seductively got in the water, knowing full well that they could see her — all of her.

When we got back to the cottage, Lo hopped in the shower “to warm up.” I knew exactly what she was doing in there. When she got out, she texted me from the bathroom, “Finished — 3x. Now have me!” I received the text where I was sitting, in the living room, drinking my whiskey. I quickly excused myself saying that I was tired and I was going to get a good night’s sleep.

I met Lo in the bedroom, stark naked, and I had my way with her on the bottom bunk. The damned thing squeaked terribly, but neither she nor I cared any more. As I was going at her, she was whispering in my ear, “Did you like, Daddy? Did you like seeing me in my bikini? Did you like how the boys were watching my ass? Could you see my pussy?” She knew what this taunting did to me.

Apparently Lo’s seductive ways had their effect on the boys as well because not soon after, they filtered their way into the little spare bedroom. The lights were off and as soon as the door opened Lo and I froze in place.

She and I were accustomed to the lack of light, but the guys, entering from the well-lit living room, left the door ajar so that they could find their way. Lo and I feigned sleep and she watched the three of them pull off their shirts and drop their pants — all very clearly to her, though concealed by darkness to them. I could feel her puss convulsing on my cock as her excitement grew.

One by one the guys slipped into the adjacent bathroom, brushed their teeth and so forth, and then returned to the bedroom. They got in their beds (including the bunk above ours) and then Lo did something surprising. She got up, stark naked, and began looking for something in the suitcase strewn on the floor.

“Lo!” I whispered.

“Oh, don’t worry, Daddy-O, they’re all asleep.”

“What in God’s name are you looking for?”

“My t-shirt. It has to be here. The pink one.”

She knocked something over. A clunk followed by a rattle of the bunk-bed metal. She giggled. Did I mention that we had some champagne with dinner and some harder drinks after the swimming?

She finally found her t-shirt and put it on. She walked out into the kitchen/living room area and got some water. When she returned back I could see in the dim light the two guys on in the twin/trundle looking up the bottom of her t-shirt, barely concealing the nothing that she was wearing underneath.

She walked into the bathroom, turned on the lights and began brushing her teeth with the door wide open, bending over to rinse out.

When she finally came back to bed after putting on this spectacular display of planned nonchalance, in the darkness Lo and I could hear and almost see the two across from us and the one above us jackin’ it in their beds. This was an incredible turn-on for Lo. She loves to be the object of imagination almost as much as the object of attention. And she found it a personal challenge and an affront to her sex that these boys had, up until that point, appeared uninterested.

I drifted off to sleep as her fingers found their way to her clit to rub one (or more) out before the night was through.

[Excerpt from the story, “Dangerous Curves,” from the blog:]

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