Many Dimensions of Pleasure

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I feel as if I’m not doing justice to Lo in this blog. I’m not portraying the multi-dimensionality of her personality, making her a rounded character, a full person rather than simply one-dimensional; a flat character whose entire personality can be summed up in one word: nympho. In reality Lo possesses much more depth than this. She is complex, deep, smart, and is interested in a lot of things in addition to sex. Allow me to elaborate.

First and foremost, Lo is a thinker. For the longest time I thought she was only introverted and introspective. I had no idea of her full and rich social life. Whenever I saw her she was on her own, a loner, and lost in thought or a book. As I’ve gotten to know Lo, I realize that her complexity and mercurial personality prohibits any simple descriptions. She is very social — perhaps the most social and sociable person I know. Yet, all of her social connections give her pause and she reflects upon who she is and what her relations with others mean to a degree beyond that of most extroverts. She loves to read — and not just my salacious writings, but all sorts of novels and poetry. She adores Jane Austin. She’s mad about Dickens (no pun intended). She waxes rhapsodic about Steinbeck. Though I know, through conversation with her, that she has read all those authors whose praises she sings, I rarely see her reading a book. When I do, she is usually in bed with the nightstand light on, naked, the book held in one hand and her other rubbing her pussy. It’s as if the book is merely a prop for her erotic seduction. And, as if to make my temptations worse, her hard-copy reading of choice lately has been literotica anthologies. These books fill her head with images like the proverbial sugarplums of children’s imaginings the night before Christmas.

Secondly, being the sensuous person she is, she loves food, drink, live theater, music, and all things having to do with the senses. She is Epicurean through and through. She studies the restaurant sections of magazines and newspapers. If a new eatery opens to good reviews, she is there within the week to decide for herself whether it deserved the accolades it received. If anything — from the food, to the service, to the way the napkins are folded or the décor of the walls — is not to her liking, it can spoil the entire experience for her. Her standards are supremely high. Or, as she often says, quoting Oscar Wilde, “I have very simply tastes, I demand only the best.” For her a night out at a fine restaurant is the perfect foreplay. Nothing arouses her more than excellent food, superb wine, and the exchange of lust-filled glances across an intimate table in a crowded room.

Thirdly, and related to the previous entry, Lo loves to cook, bake, sauté, and savor her own home-cooked meals. Frequently I will come home from a long day at work to find Lo dancing around the kitchen wearing nothing but a frilled apron, tied around her back, a lacey thong, a black or red bra, and very sexy high heels. The house will be filled with the delicious aroma of onions and mushrooms sautéing in a wine sauce, or a delicate concoction of ingredients baking in the oven. She’ll have a glass of champagne within arm’s length to facilitate the process and on the table will be another glass of champagne for me along with fresh fruits diced beautifully and an array of cheeses with crackers for me to dine on while the meal reaches completion. (Plating is very important to Lo.) She gives me a big hug and kiss hello and says, “Oh Daddy! I’ve missed you today.” “Well, well, what do you have cooking?” I’ll ask, and she’ll often go into quite some detail about some dish, the name of which I’ve never heard before. She pulls on my tie and undoes it, running it between her legs. Then she undoes my leather belt and hands it to me as she bends over by the kitchen sink and raises her butt in the air saying, “Daddy, spank me, please.” I will give her one or two hard whacks to her delight, and then she asks me to sit and eat and drink while she just finishes up. I dutifully follow her instructions and take in the lovely scene — more lovely than any restaurant could possibly provide — as she scurries from oven to sink to fridge in the kitchen, all the time in her high heels. Yes, Lo is a true feminist and it is not to be forgotten that for her this is fun. This is her little way of playing dress-up and having a good ole-fashioned sex game before the meal. The meal is simply a continuation of the game and then the desert (both literal and figurative) is the completion of the gameplay.

Stemming from both her intellectual and sensual aspects of her soul is her love of art. Lo has an appreciation for all of the arts — visual arts, music, dance, hand-crafts, and, as I’ve already mentioned, literature. Perhaps her second favorite form of foreplay — right after either going out for a good meal or cooking one — is going to a museum. Something about the public forum where so many strangers are amassed, yet all of them are studiously trying to pretend like they are not there, makes Lo all the more randy for some sort of public displays of affection. At fine art galleries and museums — especially at exclusive showings and openings — the art aficionados often deck themselves in their sexiest (yet most tasteful) attire, making them as interesting and attractive as the art they are viewing. During these exhibits Lo will wander off to view some work or other and allow me to spy her from afar. Then we will reconnect and she will wrap her hands around my arm as she pulls me to see the work that has gotten her twitterpated. Of course Lo always attends these events in outfits that make her more lovely than the art and more lovely than any of the patrons of the arts attending and so it is a double or triple pleasure for me to have this sexy young thing on my arm leading me around like a gentle, but enthusiastic nurse caring for her geriatric patient.

Music is perhaps more important to Lo than the visual arts. She loves music of all sorts — many of which are not to my tastes, but de gustibus non est disputandum, as they say. Often Lo will squirm in the bucket seat of my car as she dances her little ass off to some song on the radio. At clubs and concerts, she can’t help but dancing, and she even tries to get my old, stodgy bones up and moving to the music by gracing my cock with her hand or grinding into my groin with her ass as she dances. Seeing guitar players and drummers move their agile hands, creating music, seducing the crowd gets Lo into a frenzy of sexual energy. It has not happened yet, but I’m sure that given the right circumstances — a hot night, good music, soft grass — Lo would snap up the opportunity to have sex in the great outdoors at a rock concert.

Reviewing all of Lo’s interests, hobbies, and passions above, it may strike you, my dear reader, that, though I began by trying to demonstrate Lo’s multifarious personality and to illustrate how she is not merely one-dimensionally restricted to an obsession with sex, Lo’s other pursuits are peripherally related to sex. Or rather, Lo’s extra-sexular activities, though pleasant in themselves, lead to sexual arousal and enhance her sex-life. In light of this fact, I would like to take issue with dear Papa Freud. In his theory of civilization and human psychology, there is one drive — the sex drive, “Eros” or “the libido.” (This was an early theory of his, put forward mainly in “Beyond The Pleasure Principle.” He complicated this theory with the death drive, or Thanatos, which I have discussed elsewhere.) According to Sigmund, all forms of human creativity and diversions are merely a sublimation of this primary drive. The sex drive gets sublimated due to either its inability to be satiated (reality principle) or due to social forces, pressures, and conventions that make its direct pursuit unacceptable (super ego). In opposition to this theory (a theory that has held sway both in the lay populous as well as among the scientific community) I would like to propose the case of Lo as empirical evidence of Freud’s accurate observation and faulty inference.

Rather than sublimating the sex drive into other activities and pursuits, Lo enhances and enriches the sex drive with a panoply of life-affirming endeavors. This is still making the sex drive the primary drive of human nature (a mistaken and incomplete premise with which I take issue), but rather than viewing all of our other, seemingly non-sexual, activities as a poor compensation to the hungry soul for what it really wants, this theory suggests that all those other activities are supplements and embellishments of the main thrust of the soul.

[Excerpt from the story “Lo’s Many Loves,” from the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume II: MORE!]

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