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“If you could have me anyway you want me, how would you have me?”

“I think you know.”

“No, I don’t. Tell me.”

“You know.”

“Please, Daddio. I want to hear you tell me,” she said seductively, pulling at her nipples as we lay in bed naked, next to each other.

“There’s one way that I really like to have you.”

“In the arms of another man?”

“Well, that too, but that wasn’t what I was thinking of just now.”

“Tell me. In the arms of another woman?”

“There’s that as well, but. . .”

“The arms of another man and another woman!”

“My my, is this your fantasy or mine?”

“Well, it’s yours, but for my pleasure.”

“Isn’t it always for your pleasure?”

“No!” she protested, “I do things for your pleasure.”

“Only when my pleasure brings you pleasure.”

“That’s true. But stop beating around the bush and tell me.”

“Interesting turn of phrase since the way I’d like to have you is. . .”

“Ooohhh! I know what you want. You want my ass, don’t you Daddy?”

“What gave it away?” I asked sarcastically.

She wiggled her ass in the air and said, “Well, you can’t. Not tonight.”

“You say ‘Not tonight’ every night!”

“That’s not true.”

“Well, tell me something.”

“What’s that?” she asked, excited.

“Did you used to give up your ass more frequently than you do with me?”

“MmmmHmmm,” she said with a smile and licking her lips.

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, before you, with some of the fellas I dated in college. . .”

“Dated?” I interrupted.

“Well, fucked.”

“That’s more like it.”

“I used to take long, hot, steamy showers while they lay on the bed.”

“I bet you did. And I know what you did in those showers too.”

“That’s right. I’d cum and cum loudly about two or three times while I got myself all nice and clean and him all nice and hard.”

She stopped to pull on my cock and feel how hard I was at the time.

“You like my story, Daddy?”

“Oh yes. Go on.”

“Well, when I was done, I’d come out of the shower and into the bed and I’d lie on my tum while my ass was in the air, like this.” She put her cute bum up so she looked like a little inchworm.


“And then I’d motion to my lover-for-the-evening to grab the body oil from my nightstand and give me a good massage with it. He’d rub it into my calves and my lower back and I’d keep on putting my butt up in the air and I’d direct him where to go. If he didn’t find his way, then I’d put my hand back there like so.” She moved her hand over her ass cheek and began massaging her special spot. “And then I’d finger myself until I came and then ask him — whomever he was — if he wanted to do the same. I’d instruct him and direct him until he got me all revved up and then I’d tell him to get behind me and I’d make sure he slid into my puss first to get him nice and slick and then I’d direct him right. . . there.” She let out a moan as she fingered her special spot even deeper.

“I remember those days when you used to go crazy — demanding that you wanted A to P and back again. You’d even go A to P to M!”

“Ah, young love. How romantic of us. Right?”

“Why don’t you do that anymore?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes.” The truth was, I was afraid of her answer. But I still wanted to know.

“Well, Daddio, I’ve never had anyone as thick as you.”

“Come on!” I protested in disbelief.

“No, really. I’ve had longer, but never thicker! You stretch me till it hurts.”

“I thought you like that.”

“Sometimes. But I need a lot more practice.”

“Well, let’s get to it,” I said, pulling her little princess plug out of her toy drawer.

She took it from me and put it in.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

“No,” I said.


“I said no. You have to be punished for all your sins.”

“I like the sound of that,” she said.

She got on all fours and as I spanked her bottom, the lyrics of the song “Take Me to Church” played in my head:

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

She delighted at each open-handed smack of her bottom and I could feel her getting wet.

“Have me now, Daddy,” she pleaded.

I flipped her over on her back and spread her legs. I worshiped her like a dog, using my tongue and lapping up her sweet nectar.

I reached below the bed and pulled out her Remus as another verse of the song chimed in my ears.

Drain the whole sea
Get something shiny
Something meaty for the main course
That’s a fine looking high horse
What you got in the stable?
We’ve a lot of starving faithful

“No, Daddy!” she pleaded. “I want you.”

“First I’m going to fill you up.”

She accepted her sentence like a proud princess on the rack.

When she was stuffed beyond a reasonable amount, I pulled out the lengthy and thick dildo and replaced it with my hard rod.

“Fill me up, Daddy,” she whispered.

“I am,” I said.


She had already cum twice and now I was slipping and sliding inside her. I could feel the princess plug protruding from below. I flipped her over again so that she was on her hands and knees and I was thrusting behind her and with each thrust my torso pushed the princess plug in a bit deeper.

“I’m cumming!” she called, “I’m cumming in my ass!” Oh, how I longed to hear those words. I thrusted with greater speed and more intensity until she collapsed, falling forward on the bed and, with both hands between her legs, she tried to prevent her flood gates from bursting, to no avail.

The sheets soaked, she asked me, “Did you cum?”


“Do you want to cum?”


“Well, too bad.”


“Because abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“Darling, I am hardly abstinent.”

“You’re hard alright,” she said, looking at my member.

“Did you like it?” I asked.



“Because I like that when I’m good I get spankings and when I’m bad I get more. . . a lot more,” she said, looking at the Remus horse dildo lying next to her on the bed.

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