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May is wedding season. I cannot tell you how much Lo despises the month of May for this reason. So many of her girlfriends are taking their vows and “settling down,” but Lola sees it as simply settling.

I happen to like the month of May. May reminds me of Lo — for she is May to my December. Like it or leave it, we were invited to a wedding in May. One of Lo’s close girlfriends was marrying one of the guys who, prior to meeting his bride-to-be, had a thing for Lo. Who are we kidding? He still has a thing for Lo. He was one of Lo’s college friends who was lucky enough to go for a long ride with Lo in the car late one night. I told you that tale and so there’s no need to reiterate it again here. Suffice it to say that anyone who has met Lo never forgets her.

So, early one Sunday morning Lo and I put on our Sunday best. She wore a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline and also a plunging back revealing that this dress simply could not be worn with a bra. Underneath she wore her little pink thong. Her heels gave her a delightful lift and revealed the curvaceous shape of her instep.

We got on the road early and drove through the hilly country-side. It was a beautiful spring morning and all the trees were in their first full blossoming. As we drove along the winding back roads of the New England landscape, Lo put her feet up on the dashboard, hiked up her dress, and started rubbing her clit. “I’ve been horny since last night. You fell asleep so early. I had to troll the posts on Craigslist to find some guy who had his number posted. I found one and luckily he was able to get me off, but it wasn’t enough. God, I’m so fucking horny right now! How the hell am I going to be able to sit through this God-awful ceremony?” Her legs were up and her panties were down around her knees and the oncoming cars could have a perfect view of her crotch if they simply took notice of the passenger area of my car. “Can I go down on you?” she begged.

“No!” I said. “These are dangerous roads.”

“Well, find a spot to pull over. I need your cock in my mouth. Pull it out and pull over.”

I drove on till I found a part of the road with a shoulder where I could park. It was close to a farm with horses running in the fenced-in paddy. We were surrounded by woods. Lo leaned over, unbuckled my belt buckle, unbuttoned my slacks, unzipped them and pulled out my hard cock. She went down on it like an animal swallowing its prey whole. I pushed down on her head because I love the feel of her lips up against my body around the base of my cock. Her long black hair draped over her face and felt soft on my skin. She continued like this for a while as she fingered her pussy. Then she abruptly pulled off and said, “Get out of the car.” I looked at her puzzled. “Just do it!” I obeyed her demand.

We got out of the car and I went over to the passenger side. She crouched down in her heels there on the dirt shoulder of the road and sucked off my cock. Her dress hung down between her legs and she pulled it up to be able to manipulate her pussy. A car passed. She didn’t care. After some time she stood up and bent over the hood of my car and lifted up her dress from behind. She pulled down her panties and looked over her shoulder at me. “Fuck me.” Nothing else needed to be said. I mounted her from behind, pressing her torso into the hood of the car. I began thrusting at her in the crisp, cool spring air. My breath had gotten so hot and intense that I could see it misting as I rapidly inhaled and exhaled. Lo’s tits had fallen out of the plunging neckline of her dress and were now drooping on the hood of the car, her nipples becoming erect from the cold of the metal. I fucked her hard for about a minute and she came with a startling scream. The horses in the paddy turned and ran. It’s like she’s a fucking force of nature!

I pulled out of her as she lay listless on the hood of the car. It looked like I had murdered her or something. I went to put my hard cock away as a car drove by, slowing down to look at the scene of the crime. Lo slowly peeled herself off of the hood and put herself back together. We got in the car and followed the directions to the function hall.

The wedding wasn’t being held in a church or religious space. To save money and family fighting the couple decided to get married in the function hall in which they were having the reception. The place was a sprawling building on a lush, green property with a lake and a few gazebos. It was lovely. We walked in and had to pass a number of anterooms and other function rooms in various stages of being assembled for other events before we found our party’s room. We went in and waited in line with the other guests to sign the guest book. The bride and groom were waiting by the guest book greeting their invitees as they got to the front of the line. Finally it was our turn and Lo gave a hug and a kiss to both bride and groom as I shook their hands and introduced myself. Then I picked up on something that only the groom also saw. Lo bent over the book to write our names in it and, as she did, her dress plunged down revealing her braless breasts hanging down within her loose-fitting garb. I was to Lo’s right and I actually couldn’t see this wonderful opportunity, but I had seen how the dress fit on her and simply from the rapt attention of the groom’s eyes on Lo’s chest I deduced what it was that must have caught his eye. I couldn’t begrudge it of him. Her breasts are beautiful and if one is going to show them off like that, others are going to look. And furthermore, the poor sot was about to enter into vows that would, theoretically at least, make such beauty forbidden to him. Let the condemned man have his last meal — a feast of his eyes upon my lovely Lo’s breast. Oh Lo, you temptress, you sadist, you slut!

We found our way to our table and introduced ourselves to the motley guests with whom we were seated — a sad conglomeration of suburbanite couples who must have the dreariest of sex lives. Just imagining sex with any of them was enough to make one’s stomach turn. But they were all pleasant enough and, of course, Lo was the life of the party as well as the center of all the men’s attention as their frustrated girlfriends and wives looked on with contempt.

We sat through the ceremony and people ooed and ahhed and cried and laughed and all those things the audience is expected to do at a wedding. During it, Lo took advantage of every opportunity to try and stroke my cock over my pants and rub her foot up and down my leg. Apparently she hadn’t had enough out in the fields. Does Lo ever have enough?

After the ceremony was over, but before brunch was to be served, Lo and I took full advantage of the open, full bar. The band played and we danced and we stopped to refill our glasses and we danced some more. Lo became frisky and grabbed at my ass in front of all the guests. She nibbled on my earlobe, kissed my neck, put her fingers through my hair, and, before this all got way too out of control and far too graphic for some of the octogenarians in the crowd, I whispered in her ear, “Meet me upstairs in about two minutes.”

I then discretely walked through the labyrinth by which we had arrived at party’s wedding, retracing my steps up the stairs, through the long corridor, into the empty beer hall, back past the other function room that the girls were preparing for a wedding later that day, back to the coatroom. At each new vestibule my eyes searched with intensity, scrutinizing the manifold possibilities: Could we fuck here? What is the likelihood of someone walking in? Where would we do it and in what position? Unfortunately my top three choices — behind the long bar, in the coatroom, and on the lovely white couch of the foyer, seemed just a bit too risky. The foyer was right out there in the open for all to see. An attractive prospect, but also one that could get us arrested. Behind the bar seemed perfect, but the beer hall was attached to the function room where the employees were busy little bees preparing for the party later that night. They were walking in and out of the beer hall carrying plants and plates and the like. The coat room seemed perfect — it was big, dark, and apparently abandoned. However, it was also right next to the main entrance of the place and I had no idea when the next party was to begin and if anyone would be looking to check their coats. I could just picture Lo and me in there fucking like rabbits and someone saying, “Boy, boy! My jacket.” I would extend my left arm and grab it while my pelvis thrust into Lo’s pussy from behind. “Yes sir,” I would say, as the man rushed his family away in horror! No, that would not do.

So there was only one last option. I met Lo at the top of the stairs and I said, “Follow me.” I led her to the bathrooms on that floor — luckily not the one our party was using — and escorted her into the men’s room. She stopped before entering and said, “Are you sure there’s no one in there?” “Yes,” I said. “Positive. No worries.” We went in and we went for the stall furthest away from the door. There were only two stalls and one urinal in this cramped space, but we had to make do. We got in and Lo immediately went to work unbuckling my belt, undoing my pants, pulling them down and getting on her knees and taking my manhood in her mouth. There she was next to the white porcelain toilet going down on me like an animal. She did that for a while before she hiked up her dress and bent over the toilet and pulled my cock into her wet pussy from behind. I fucked her as she stood over the toilet uncomfortably. I pulled her dress up over her shoulders and her panties were down by her knees and I fucked her rapidly and hard until she came. She did her best not to scream, but she still couldn’t help it. She let out a muffled screech and her hands closed tightly into a fist upon the tiled wall.

She pulled forward, letting my cock out from her dripping pussy and she turned around. She sat down on the toilet (her panties still around her knees and her dress up around her waist) and she took my cock into her mouth again. Her right hand moved down to her clit and she began fingering herself right there on the toilet as her head bobbed back and forth on my shaft. Back and forth, back and forth she went, taking me all the way into the back of her throat and then out again until I finally exploded inside her hot, wet, starving throat. I came so much that cum was dripping from the corners of her mouth. She tried her best to swallow my hot mess as quickly as she could, but I kept cumming inside her, filling up her cheeks with my sweet drizzle. Finally she got it all down and wiped her chin.

We went out of the stall and she was trying to clean herself up (her panties still down around her knees) as a man walked in and saw her there in front of the mirror. “The Ladies’ Room is out of order,” Lo said without hesitation. The man turned and walked out, excusing himself. Lo finished her quick freshening up and we both walked downstairs back to the party. I leaned over to Lo and asked, “Feeling better, darling?” “Oh yes,” she said, licking her lips.

[Excerpt from the story, “Dancing Around the May Pole,” from the blog:]

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