Monday Masturbation Mayhem

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[Continued from Breeding Farm]

Monday morning and, as I was putting on my suit and tie for work, Lo was masturbating herself silly in the bed beside me.

“Planning your vacation with Collin?” I asked sarcastically in between her orgasms as she caught her breath.

“You could get in on this, if you wanted, Daddio,” she said, spreading her pussy lips for me to see.

“Someone around here has to go to work,” I said, a bit bitter.

“You only need a minute,” she said, trading barb for barb.

The truth was that I did want her. I wanted her terribly. I’m sure she could see that too. But I was still sore that she was going for a week, without me, to be with Collin at one of his enormous houses up in the country. I was in a state of angry agitation. Denying her cunt my conjugal company was the only corporal punishment I could inflict upon her. But, I must admit, after her fifth or sixth orgasm, it did seem rather ineffectual. The best I could do was say, “Strip the bed of those soaked sheets and remake it before you leave. Thanks.”

With that I left. No, not even a kiss goodbye. I was a real curmudgeon.

As it happened, Jim, Lily’s husband, couldn’t go that week either. Just the two ladies, Lily and Lola, were going up to the country to visit Uncle Collin for a week. Jim and I had planned on joining them Saturday morning and then we’d drive back to town in two cars on Sunday.

That night I got a call from Lo saying she and Lily had arrived and it was “Amazing!” We didn’t chat long because she said they were “busy” — leaving me to wonder what they were busy doing, but Lo promised to email me in the morning.

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