Mount Bliss: Tuesday’s Tale

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[Continued from “The Invitation”]

True to her word, Lo did email me the next morning. Just before noon I received the missive. She said, briefly, that she and Lily had arrive around 1:00 in the afternoon the previous day and that the cottage is very cute. It’s a two bed, two full-bath place on a vacation destination lake, surrounded by woods. But, according to Lo, it is far from “a small cabin. We’re not talking Thoreau, here,” she said. Each of the bedrooms had its own fireplace and the bathrooms were as large as our master bedroom at home.

She said that she and Lily were greeted by Collin and his wife. Wife?! I had no idea he was married and apparently neither did Lo. Of course Lily did know, but she had never mentioned her aunt to us. According to Lo, Collin and his wife, Suzanne, have a strained relationship. More often than not, Lily would see Collin at family events and not Suzanne. There was always some plausible excuse, but Lily was never very close with Suzanne; Collin being Lily’s father’s brother. But she was at the cabin for this visit. Lo said she was nice enough, though neither Lily nor Lola knew she’d be in attendance.

After they arrived Monday, Collin and Suzanne had a large lunch ready for them and they ate outside. The weather was perfect — in the seventies, sunny, remarkably no mosquitos! After lunch, Collin showed them around the area. They took his Jeep and drove to town, up the mountain, and down into the little artist community nearby. Lily sat in front and Lo in the back until they stopped for ice cream at one of Collin’s little out-of-the-way places that only locals know about. It was about halfway up one of the mountains by a little lake and it had a great view of the larger lake below where the cabin sat.

After their ice cream — Collin’s treat — Lo sat up front. “Want to do a little off-roading?” he asked. The girls were up for a bit of an adventure. So they took the dirt trail down the mountain. “Hold on,” said Collin with a wide grin on his face.

The ride down the mountain was bumpy and Lo really thought they were going to flip the Jeep over. At one point, Collin reached out his large hand and, using the excuse of protecting Lo as they went over a big bump, he pawed her breast. She, in her excitement, grabbed his hand and held it tightly as it rested on her bare thigh.

When they got to the bottom of the mountain and back on the road, Collin turned to her and said, “Are you ok?” as he rubbed her smooth leg.

“My heart’s racing just a little,” said Lo. He kept his hand on her leg the rest of the ride home.

When they got back to the house, Collin brought in some wood from outside.

“Are you going to make a fire?” asked Lo.

“Later tonight,” said Collin.

“But it’s so warm,” said Lo who was in a crop-top and short-shorts.

“It will cool down tonight. We’re up in the mountains and the temperature has some dramatic swings.”

Suzanne made them all alcoholic beverages and they sat out on the lawn, in the waning sunshine of the day, sipping their tall, cool drinks and chatting before dinner. Suzanne is in her mid-fifties, younger than Collin, and in very good shape. She has shoulder length black hair and likes to wear tight jeans. They have no kids together, just a large brown and white dog, named Bandit, who was running in the yard, carefree, and a small black dog named Shadow who lay under the table in the shade.

“Tomorrow, we’ll go out on the boat,” said Collin. Lo’s eyes lit up. She loves a man whose sole purpose is to entertain her.

They had a big meal inside and then Collin lit a roaring fire. They sat by it, but it made the girls sleepy and soon they were headed off to bed. It was a California king size bed that they were sharing. Once they were both in it and the lights were off, Lo turned to Lily and said, “Your uncle Collin is really something.”

“Yeah,” said Lily, “He’s always been a lot of fun.”

“But so handsome too. Men’s magazine handsome.”

“I’ll admit, I always had a bit of a crush on him,” said Lily. “Is that weird?”

“No, not at all,” said Lo, before turning on her back and silently stroking herself under the covers. “Do you mind,” asked Lo, “if I really quickly rub one out? I kinda need to in order to fall asleep.”

Lily didn’t mind. Lo, luckily, didn’t squirt.

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