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There’s never a dull moment with my Lola. No sooner does she discover a new kink than she moves on to a newer one. Among others, double-penetration was a favorite in years past. For a while it was being tied up and fondled by men — having them pull on her nipples, slap her, and wave their spears in her face. She was taken with my sensual massages followed by fisting for a spell, anal self-manipulation, bestiality, asphyxiation, degradation, and exhibitionism. Then it was a fascination with water-sports. Associated with that last one, lately she has a penchant for sitting on the porcelain throne and taking my member in her mouth as she micturates. I have to admit that some of these kinks also got me off and my becoming aroused by them added fuel to Lo’s fire.

From Lo’s last lusty fetish she developed a technique of masturbating while on the cathedra — pulling and stretching her labia till they were painfully extended like pliant pink flower petals of an elastic rose. As of late she has taken to entering the bathroom and participating in this form of self-pleasure/self-torture with the door wide open so I can see. Late one night, after a grueling day at work and little sleep the night before, I came home to find my Lo engaged in this activity. She was already calling out with cries of confused sensations as I pulled at my necktie and removed my shirt. She looked up to see me and I could see her squirt all over the rim of the seat.

Now, on any other night of the week this would have been sufficient for me to go into the bathroom and turn her round over the throne and pound her from behind. But on this particular evening I was dead tired, worn out, and simply didn’t have it in me to give her what she wanted — what she always wants.

I dropped my pants and I could see the look of anticipation on Lo’s face. But then I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and she looked up from her perch on the seat and said with a pout, “Daddy, aren’t you going to have me?”

“Not tonight Lo,” I replied through my toothbrush motions up and down in my mouth.

“But Daddy, I waited so patiently for you,” she said.

“I see,” was all I said, followed by a sarcastic, “Patiently.”

“You’re right,” she said, “I’ve been a bad girl. Spank me,” she said with excitement and verve as she jumped up and bent over, placing her hands on the wall like someone being arrested.

“No Lo, not tonight.”

“I’ve been so bad Daddy, I deserve it.”

I walked out of the room and got into bed.

She followed me. I was lying on my back. She dove under the covers, found my hips, removed my pj bottoms, and placed her hot, wet mouth over my flaccid member, taking it in her warm mouth and caressing it with her tongue, lips, and pallet. It grew unbidden by my weary mind. The rest of my body felt fatigue and I could feel all my other limbs yelling in anger at that one, truncated limb, saying to it, “No! Play dead! Stop it! We just want to sleep! You go to sleep too! You’re always causing trouble for the rest of us!” But it was no use. The limb that Lo had in her mouth had no ears for hearing their complaints. It happily allowed itself to be tossed and caressed by Lo’s loving lips.

“You see, Daddy, you do want me,” she said, relenting just long enough to inform me of this.

I lay there, still as could be, allowing my mind to drift off to dreamland. In the darkness I felt her climb on top of me and descend upon me like a woman mounting her Sybian. She rode my hard cock, using it just as if it were her own personalized toy — rubbing her clit as she posted up and down, bringing herself to a screaming orgasm once more. When she was done, she leaned over, bringing her face close to mine, and kissed me gently on the lips saying, “Thank you Daddy, I needed that.”

[Excerpt from the story, “The Kinks,” from the blog:]

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